Women in War – Or War on Women?

Pentagon Chief Leon Panetta is removing the military’s ban on women in combat units. This move resembles a “war on women” (almost literally) more than anything the left has erroneously accused the GOP of doing. This is not surprising since the left always accuses others of sins they commit themselves.

This move will surely be considered a “win” by feminists claiming to want equality, but exactly who wins here? If the goal was to have equal gender representation in the body bags coming home from a war zone, it is highly doubtful that women burning their bras in the 60’s were aware of it. It is further doubtful that most young women today are eager to learn the art of combat or feel much empowered by having the equal opportunity to fight and die for their country in faraway lands.

As another domino falls in Obama’s “transformation” of America, we continue on the path to emulating other countries around the world rather than leading. The necessity for some countries to have women in combat units does not exist for us, but Obama’s personal ideology demands all be the same, just as feminists demand the sexes be the same.

Perhaps Obama will further emulate other countries by re-instituting the draft. Will he and feminists then rejoice in seeing young women plucked out of society and forced into military service? Will it be as liberating as the guilt feminists have caused in many women for wanting to be stay-at-home moms?

Feminists are increasing pressure on young women by demanding behaviors acceptable only to them. Obama is increasing pressure on society with policies chasing unrealistic personal goals. The excess of liberalism is “transforming” America into a nightmare rather than a dream. Is this really the direction America wishes to go?

David J. Hentosh


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