Entitlement Programs are Financing Holy War

The Western world, bathed in political correctness and bowing to the god of diversity, is financing its own demise. Fearing being judgmental, many western governments have adopted an attitude of moral equivalence that allows terrorists to use entitlements to wage holy war

Radical British Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary was caught on tape urging followers to “Claim your Jihad Seeker’s Allowance”, also known as state benefits, in order to wage holy war as he does. He mocked those working for a living, bragging about his state provided take-home pay that is more than some British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan earn.

According to The Sun, Choudary lives in a $500,000 house and earns an equivalent taxed salary of approximately $50,000/year from housing benefits, council tax allowances, income support, and child benefits. He preaches to followers: “You must hate in your heart”, urging Muslims to kill David Cameron, Barack Obama and the leaders of Pakistan and Egypt. This is allowed, and financed, by the British government.

Unconditional acceptance of political correctness and diversity is rotting the very core of Western civilization. The common good, as well as common sense, has been abandoned in favor of “progressiveness”, the new religion for those abhorring religions. As the cartoon character Pogo once wisely said, “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

Runaway entitlement programs are doing much more than providing sustenance for those who are truly in need. They are creating a culture of dependence which breeds contempt for the hand that feeds. They are providing enemies with a safe haven for plotting. They are becoming an addictive drug, allowing those addicted to grow in number and vote, as a block, for more of the drug.

Our enemies are not stupid – we are. Wake up and smell the rot.

David J. Hentosh


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