Barack the Blameless

The blind faith many display for Obama is not a new phenomenon. There have been many throughout history put on a pedestal by adoring followers, but none have been able to live up to the expectations such belief demands. Some sustained belief by fear and some by deceit, but all depended on denial from followers for survival. With assistance from the media, denial continues to shield Obama from all blame, allowing blind faith to continue long after it has been proven to be unwarranted.

From Peter Kirsanow at NRO

When gas prices broke $3.00 in 2007 the media, fueled in part by daily Democratic press briefings regarding  Bush/Cheney/Big Oil rapaciousness, were in full cry…But the current occupant gets a pass from the media and the public even when his policies have clearly unfavorable consequences. The payroll tax goes up and Obama supporters are stunned to find smaller paychecks, despite the president’s repeated assurances that they’d never see any of their taxes go up — not one dime. Obamacare is passed and not only does the cost of health-care coverage spike, but millions will lose their employer-based health coverage, despite Obama’s assurance that if you like your coverage — and your doctor — you can keep them. Obama spends nearly a trillion on shovel-ready jobs and four years later the effective unemployment rate is more than double what he promised when the stimulus passed…in the minds of a large swath of the public, any present maladies are completely detached from anything the administration has done or failed to do. The bad things are the fault of someone or something else, and will be rectified just as soon as Obama gets to it. Don’t know when, but soon.

…something similar occurred in the Soviet Union in the 1930s when some Russians, particularly the intelligentsia, steadfastly refused to assign blame for their (far more severe) travails to Stalin…when thousands of their comrades began disappearing, the faithful felt certain that, if only Stalin knew, all would be remedied. When millions began to perish from manufactured famines, the believers maintained that all would be well once someone got word of the crisis to Uncle Joe. Surely, he would do something. If only he knew.

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