Only Reverse Can Take Us Forward

The 237-year experiment in freedom that is the United States of America could end, and many changes that are occurring in the name of “progress” are contributing factors. We need to shift into reverse in order to re-establish the positive momentum we once had or we will bring about our own demise.

We have lost sight of the “common good” that was once our solid foundation. By putting individualism on a pedestal, we have catered to the demands of a minority at the expense of the majority and shattered that foundation into pieces. We have become a hyphenated nation where “America” comes second.

It is backward to declare oneself to be an Africa-American, an Asian-American, a Polish-American, an Irish-American, or similar. Coming to this country, immigrants should be expected to become Americans. We need to reverse that hyphen and declare ourselves to be American-Irish, American-Polish, American-Asians, and American-Africans. The basis for immigrating is to become an American.

Unrealistic efforts to make life “fair” for all have resulted in attempts to redistribute wealth to those who have earned nothing. It has created class warfare. The American Dream has turned into free government assistance for life at the expense of others rather than an equal opportunity to become self-sufficient. It must be reversed if we are to survive.

Dismantling our entire health care system and substituting an inferior, bureaucratically flawed and more costly system in order to provide health care for 10% of the population that is un-insured is indicative of our disregard for the “common good”. Allowing a small percentage of women to “take control of their bodies” at the last possible moment has degenerated into murderous abortions and a disrespect for human life.

The traditional family unit that helped build this country is now being redefined (and attacked) in an effort to appease less than 10% of the population who are demanding more than the acceptance they fought for – and won. Family values that guided America’s growth are being shed and replaced with personal gratification by any means.

It is not progress. It is erosion and we must reverse our course if we wish to advance.


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2 Responses to “Only Reverse Can Take Us Forward”

  1. Bruce Says:

    I agree that we need to reverse current social trends in America. What are your ideas?
    I feel guilt for the current social decay of our values. I was busy living the good life; buying cars, electronics, doing what made me feel good and not paying attention to my community. Forty years of nea-comrades indoctrinating public school students that socialism is good and capitalism is bad is a result of my bad behavior.


    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

      Unfortunately, I think it may be too late to recover what we once had. The next presidential election will entice voters to “make history” again and elect a woman, Hillary. That could mean a 16 year span of runaway liberalism that would solidify all that Obama has loosed upon the country. We have all let it happen, thinking the good life would never end and we may be the last generation to know America as it was in its glory. It can never be the same again. I, too, feel guilty for letting it happen and not taking the “enemy within” seriously.

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