Liberal Media Stuck on Race

This week the Zimmerman trial saw a huge setback for the prosecution, and the rush to prosecute brought about by political and media pressure is to blame. As it stands now, there is little to convince anyone that Zimmerman didn’t act in self-defense when he shot Trayvon Martin. That, however, has not made a dent in the pre-conceived guilt the liberal media has bestowed upon Zimmerman. The racial storm the media caused is certain to cause more damage.

Once Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make their camera appearances, facts no longer matter for the liberal media. The Zimmerman trial is now solely a matter of race and nothing can reverse that determination. Liberals on TV have to self-righteously deny the prosecutions’ trial setback because it is now a political talking point and they cannot stray from their agenda. It HAS to be about race.

The left’s obsession with race has done nothing but increase racial tensions over the years and it often seems that their intent is to do just that. The race card is used to stop debates in their tracks when there is no substantive point to their position and it is used to elicit emotional votes for Democrats. Playing on liberal guilt has been a successful far-left tactic and, therefore, not one they are willing to give up.  Continuing racial tensions is a means to an end.

There will certainly be increased racial tensions after this trial. If Zimmerman is not convicted, there will be anger and riots in a black community convinced by the media that he is guilty of a racial crime. If he is found guilty, there will be no riots in the white community (which will overlooked by the liberal media) but there will be anger and resentment that justice may have given way to racial appeasement. Trayvon Martin will join O-Jay, Rodney King, and Tawana Brawley as symbols of racial disharmony.

President Obama, the hoped-for “post-racial” president, set the tone right from the beginning by clearly insinuating this was a racial crime. He has done more to inflame racial tensions than any other president and the liberal media love it. The race card keeps them in the game. Without it, they would have folded long ago.

David J. Hentosh

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One Response to “Liberal Media Stuck on Race”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Drug heads need sugar between fixes. Travon was coming from a store after buying candy. He was wearing a hoody, walking in the rain in an area with a history of break-ins. I too would have thought that Travon was a suspicious person. Drug heads often act irrational which could have led to the fight. Race was not part of the tragedy.


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