Gambling on a Dream

Every time a new “benefit” of Obamacare kicks in, we are sorely reminded of Pelosi’s infamous remark: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”. Had Pelosi, Obama, and all the Obamacare cheerleaders read it beforehand, they would have been more prepared to defend the negative impacts that continue to pour out of this poorly written and hastily passed dream bill. As it stands now, they look foolish trying to defend an indefensible dream.

All President Obama wanted was to pass the bill and fulfill his personal political agenda. Consequently, he is now in constant defense mode, seemingly surprised by what falls out of the bill. He has been handing out exemptions to companies unable to handle the economic impact and his administration is totally unprepared to implement many of the bill’s provisions.

Now, Obama has decided to delay the bill’s employer mandate until after the mid-term elections, to 2015, in order to relieve campaigning Democrats of the burden that provision brings. It is a blatant political maneuver and an admission of the bill’s failure from the man still engaged in “selling” the bill, using taxpayer money, to the American people.

Obamacare has been voted on and is now the law. It is pathetic that this administration is still engaged in “selling” a law to the people, and it is even more pathetic that this administration has the audacity to delay, change, or ignore parts of this “law” as it wishes to fit its political agenda.

The fiasco this “law” has become is obvious and the damage it will cause is just beginning. Unfortunately, we, the people, deserve it. Obama was elected, twice, by people wanting to make history rather than make sense. That history will reveal to our children how we foolishly gambled their future on a dream – and lost.

David J. Hentosh


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