Illegal Immigration Reform

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is a deliberately misleading and manipulative name for what is nothing more than “Illegal Immigration Reform”. There is nothing comprehensive about the current bill under consideration in regard to our immigration policy, but there is much “reform” concerning illegal immigration.

This issue was manipulatively framed long ago when immigration reform became synonymous with amnesty, even in the minds of the GOP. Consequently, there is little attention being paid to immigration as amnesty is the only political football being passed around, regardless of the quarterback.

The pre-requisite for an attempt at true immigration reform is a secure border, but that has become a bargaining chip for amnesty rather than a requirement. Catering to 11 million illegal immigrants, a very small percentage of people in the country, cannot be considered “comprehensive” in anyone’s mind, but it has become all there is.

What about assimilation? Past immigrants came here for a new and better life, eager to adopt this country as their own. All they wanted was an opportunity, and assimilation was a means of increasing opportunity. Handouts were an embarrassment to those immigrants willing to work if only given a chance. Assimilation was eliminated by the “progressive”, non-judgmental attitude of society and needs to be re-instated.

“Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free…” is engraved on the Statue of Liberty, but it is not a law and it is not part of the Constitution. Times have changed and we are forced to be more discriminating about who we allow into the country. Does the comprehensive immigration reform bill insure that immigrants are desirable, or just that they are poor, tired, or illegal? Should not those who have skills to offer be put ahead of those who have none?

Many current immigration policies in dire need of reform are being ignored by the current bill and will be further abused due to the consequences of amnesty. When another “comprehensive” bill is needed to address those problems in the future, the current bill’s inadequacies will seem obvious. By then, however, those unaddressed problems could grow too big to fix.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “Illegal Immigration Reform”

  1. Bruce Says:

    The immigration controversy is the result of moral decline in
    politicians, business lobbies, and other groups who only care about their own selfish goals. America is leaving the belief in “rule by law” and adopting “rule by man”.
    How many times will conservatives be stupid and accept amnesty first and border security second?


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