Obama Feeds the Fire

Outrage in the black community after the George Zimmerman trial verdict is being stoked by the media and so-called “leaders” such as Al Sharpton, but that has been the norm for years. What isn’t the norm is for a president to speak out in such a way as to further that outrage rather than calm it.

Obama’s ill-timed remarks from the White House are sure to fuel the fires raging over the Zimmerman trial verdict. Right or wrong, demonstrators will now feel vindicated in their anger and be emboldened to continue demanding…well…whatever it is they are demanding. Many are not quite sure what they are demanding but the president made it clear that they should be angry and he blessed that anger from the White House. It’s just what the country needs: more divisive anger.

This “post-racial” president who we were told would transcend race has done exactly the opposite. The Zimmerman case was not about race until the media, particularly NBC with its doctored 911 tape, made it so. With his initial remarks about Trayvon looking a lot like what his son could have looked like, Obama jumped on the manufactured race bandwagon right from the beginning. Now, he has moved to the driver’s seat of that wagon.

Criticism of the Obama administration for being out of touch and in denial is proving credible once more. Obama’s blindness to the dangerous powder keg this trial has become dovetails with his blindness of Obamacare’s continuing dysfunction. Railing against Stand Your Ground laws which had no part in this trial, Eric Holder, too, displayed blindness to reality and jumped on the media bandwagon.

Following the media’s lead is not leadership. Serious discussions on race relations are needed, but with emotions running so high, a true leader would find a way to calm rather than inflame those emotions before attempting discussions. We desperately need that kind of leadership and, sadly, we are not getting it from Obama.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “Obama Feeds the Fire”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Obama deliberately wants to create tensions and unrest among different groups in our country. Those preconditions are required to produce political change or revolution. Obama has declared he wants to “fundamentally change” America.


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