The Enemy Within

A perfect example of the existence of our “enemy within” was provided by Andrew Sullivan over the weekend. When asked by Chris Matthews if he thought the US would be a superpower in 20 years, Sullivan honestly answered that “With any luck we won’t be”. This elicited laughter from Matthews’ liberal guests who were unashamed to be in agreement with the wish that the United States loses its prominence in the world.

Bringing down America (i.e. the United States) has been a goal, adopted from Communism, for the far-left for years, but it has been looked upon as an innocuous idea held only by a fringe element of society. Unfortunately, that fringe element has grown and become emboldened by the election of Obama who expressed his own dissatisfaction with this country and instituted a personal agenda to change it to his personal view.

Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” was not taken literally by far too many liberals interested only in social, “progressive” issues. Making history and putting someone in the White House sympathetic to their issues turned them into partisan backers of Obama’s agenda. That agenda legitimized far-left, anti-American ideas that are now blindly being backed through partisan political inertia.

Wanting to be the best and working towards excellence have been envious American traits for hundreds of years, making this country a world power and a world leader maintaining the torch of freedom for all. It is pathetic that anyone here could wish we lose that standing and become just another nation falling victim to socialized mediocrity and attracting immigrants looking for handouts rather than opportunity.

Idealism forces one to focus on mistakes rather than accomplishments and that leads to contempt. Obama legitimized that contempt and it is now imbedded in his transformation agenda that blind followers have embraced. The enemy is, indeed, within and unless the blinders come off, our demise is evident. It is already in the making.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “The Enemy Within”

  1. Bruce Says:

    America was created by Christians, our legal system is based on Judeo-Christian ethics. Our internal enemies hate those facts. Free people, seeking to improve their lives, created inventions and innovations that improved the wealth of America and shamed socialist and totalitarian countries.
    The NEA, electronic and print media, and our government are leading the assault against Christianity. The book “The Road to Serfdom” may have stated our future.


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