Who’s the Real Clown Here?

A rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair inadvertently revealed the depth of inanity that political correctness and political bias has reached in this country. It should be a wakeup call slapping all with a dose of reality, but it may be that political correctness is too far gone to be influenced by reality.

Seeing Obama made fun of by this clown shocked the liberal media and the far left as much as the French Mohammed cartoons seemed to have shocked Muslims. As a result, the state fair commission banned the clown for life and will now require all clowns to undergo sensitivity training. Obama must not be mocked in any way and everyone must bow to the liberal god he has become.

When President George H. Bush was treated similarly by a rodeo clown in 1994, there was no outrage. That, however, occurred a decade ago when political correctness was just in its toddler stages. Today, it has grown into a monster, terrifying all into submissiveness – and into sensitivity training, the American version of the Vietnamese government’s reeducation camps. Let’s be honest here: It is not training, it is punishment.

Another clown, Lady Gaga, upset the PC apple cart with a disrespectful song about burkas. She can make fun of Catholicism, Judaism, Scientology, etc., but the PC line is drawn at Muslim’s religion and practices as it is with Obama and will soon be with Hillary.

A third clown, Rachel Maddow, is now self-righteously referring to the Washington ‘Redskins’ as the ‘R-word’ because ‘Redskins’ is so “painfully racist”. It is Maddow who is painful here; heroically discovering a heretofore hidden offense in a word used honorably for decades and understood to signify strength, tenacity, and courage. How many are really insulted by this?

It is not the rodeo clown who is offensive; it is all these other clowns who are trying to control all in the name of political correctness. They need to be banned for life.

David J. Hentosh


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3 Responses to “Who’s the Real Clown Here?”

  1. Basharr Says:

    Reblogged here, great post


  2. Basharr's Outpost | Reblogged from Thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

    […] Who’s the Real Clown Here? […]

  3. Verizonflyer1@verizon.net Says:

    Agree, Sensitivity Punishment.

    As usual the liberals (aka; Progressives / socialists / communists / Marxists) are showing there true colors by mouthing off with derogatory comments and showing their stupidity while they see their comments as intellectual and enlightened. They can not see the guilt they carry on the road to total subservience. What guilt you ask?

    Their education has led to thinking and living a life of “taking”.

    “Taking” can be seen as not paying for what one gets, as getting more than one deserves. Taking has a synonym – stealing. A thief must live in a world of make believe to justify their wrongful lifestyle. It’s a world where the truth becomes a lie and a lie becomes the truth. As examples we cite “wealth redistribution” – “social programs” – “twisted altruism” and “safety”. These schemes all “take” from one to “give” to another – yup stealing. Thieves delude themselves to subdue their guilt.

    Keep Fighting – society must eliminate the scourge of “liberalism” or WE are ALL doomed to go back to ancient lives of slavery.

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