Miley Cyrus on a Downward Spiral

Miley Cyrus, three months short of the age of 21, continued her attempt to shed her teeny-bopper image at the MTV Video Music Awards Show by emulating the sexually explicit performances of those she admires. In the process, she made a fool of herself, proving she is far from the mature, adult performer she longs to be.

The fact that she believes she needs to be sexually over-the-top in her performance in order to advance her career is a clear indication of how sick the pop culture is – and how sick Miley may be because of it. It is also a warning to parents about the influence pop culture has on children and how easily it can erase the values parents work to instill.

Miley’s performance was an obvious attempt to shock the audience as Madonna and Lady Gaga have done in the past. Sadly equating shock with entertainment, Miley may have taken a step backwards, alienating more long-time fans than enticing new ones. Embracing overt sexual display as proof of maturity indicates adolescent confusion and, possibly, a need for professional help. If she was advised to take this route, she may also need new management.

Miley is a product of our sick pop culture, and it is sad to watch her deteriorate. Those who do not see this are part of the problem – and far too many fit that bill.

David J. Hentosh

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