The Deification of Hillary

The next presidential election is still a long way off but deification of Hillary has begun in earnest. Hillary’s involvement, or lack of, in the Benghazi fiasco has been squelched by the mainstream media and “making history” is being used, once again, as a rallying cry. It is only going to get worse.

Sally Kohn at The Daily Beast is not content with Hillary becoming the president of the United States. She thinks Hillary should be running the world, or more, and would like to skip unnecessary elections and just appoint her as president of the universe. Qualifications are that Hillary “…visited an insane number of countries during her tenure as secretary of State” and showed an “extraordinary vision and impact as a global statesman”.

There is no evidence of Hillary’s impact or vision, but saying it is so is enough for those wishing to make history. Obama was touted as having superior intelligence, extraordinary ability for diplomacy, and outstanding leadership skills – characteristics still accepted as fact even after being proven to be false. Repetition made them real for many and we are now being subjected to that same ruse with Hillary.

The media deliberately ignored Obama’s background and it will do the same with Hillary. It only took one year for the media to turn an unknown Obama into a god – then president. They now have three years to do the same with Hillary, and she has the added benefit of already being on a liberal pedestal. She is certainly a shoe-in as the Democratic presidential candidate and if the GOP continues infighting and compromising on values, she will be a shoe-in for president in 2016.

Hillary’s defects, mistakes, and ideology need to be on display now before her deification is a done deal. The country has a desperate need for a regime change in Washington and media conditioning of Hillary’s goodness could cause blindness to this need, convincing far too many that “making history” makes sense. A Hillary presidency has the potential of wiping out our last chance to hold onto the values that made this county great.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “The Deification of Hillary”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Hillary and her fools may want to forget Benghazi, but I will not forhet until an explanation is delivered.
    Hillary lied to a mother while her dead son lay next to her. She told her that her son was killed because of a video and not betrayal by our country.


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