Bob Costas Fumbles Again

Watching football is supposed to be fun and a distraction from the pressure life throws at us every day. So who needs Bob Costas preaching self-righteous admonitions to us in the middle of a football game? Don’t we get enough of that every place we go?

Not only was Bob’s Sunday night half-time monologue intrusive, it was PC indoctrination of the highest order. After conceding that the Washington team’s “Redskin” name is not offensive to the vast majority of people (including Native Americans) and that objection to the name seems like political correctness run amuck, Costas proceeded to tell us, nonetheless, that we need to be offended.

It seems Bob thinks we are just too dumb to know when we should be offended, so he lowered himself to our level and explained it to us. No matter the intent, Bob tells us “Redskins” is an insult and a slur, and since many colleges have buckled to PC pressure and changed their nicknames, Washington’s NFL team must do the same. Thus, spoke the mighty progressive.

Does Costas know how many people he offended with this inappropriate half-time rant? It may very well be that many more people were offended by this than by the “Redskins” nickname. It is getting so very tiring hearing progressives tell us how we should feel and how we should act. Forcing a vast majority of people to cater to a minority needs to stop, especially when that minority finds offense in everything. It is time to stop greasing the squeaky PC wheel.

If one needs to dig deeply under the surface and use broad interpretations in order to find a “possible” offense, it is likely that there is none. It is not incumbent upon everyone to live in fear of offending someone, especially since it is impossible. Offense is in the eye of the beholder, and far too many behold things that are just not there.

Perhaps our right to offend someone needs to be brought to the forefront. You can pass the popcorn and you can pass the beer; but don’t pass self-righteous gas during a football game. Go away, Bob, you’re annoying.

David J. Hentosh


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