Fed Up

After signing the recent debt deal, President Obama said: “The American people are completely fed up with Washington…Nothing has done more to undermine our economy these last three years than the kind of tactics that create these manufactured crises.” He then credited “Democrats and responsible Republicans for reaching the deal, making sure to take a swipe at Republicans.

This is the way Obama has “governed” since elected, pretending to be above it all when the reality is that everything is above him. His “superior intelligence” has yet to make an appearance and he is indifferent, if not outright ignorant, to consequences of his constant political maneuverings. Blame never reaches his pedestal.

This recent fiasco (“manufactured crisis”) was created and exasperated by Obama’s obstinate refusal to compromise on anything. The press and the Democratic Party have given him whatever he wanted and he now expects to get his way, like any spoiled child. His entire focus centers on his personal agenda and little else matters.

This attitude, like a thick fog, has engulfed Congressional Democrats who now believe that they, too, are infallible and above all criticism – just like Obama. The mainstream media backs them up on this belief and assures the public that it is so. All opposition is evil and everything Obama wants to do is only for the good of the American people.

Yes, the American people are certainly fed up. American people are fed up with this country’s economic decline; loss of world respect; moral decay of society; disregard for the common good; disintegration of the family unit; lack of political leadership; erosion of the American Dream; political correctness; attacks on religion; disrespect for the military; being talked down to by the president; and the general malaise that “progressive” ideology created.

Vote intelligently in November. It may be the last chance to turn this around.

David J. Hentosh


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3 Responses to “Fed Up”

  1. Bruce Says:

    What you write is true, but I think the audience who reads this blog are educated,capable of critical thinking and believe in the values you list.

    Obama is a socialist who wants to transform America into a socialist country. He is speaking to an audience of poorly educated citizens, illegal aliens, and others who want to destroy America. This collective acts on emotion. A method of communicating with this collective must be found or nothing will change.

    The major media are maggots feasting on the blood of millions of Americans who died fighting for life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We cannot have a democratic republic without a moral people. The media are not moral.


  2. Bruce Says:

    Your analysis of Obama is correct.

    You use the term “Americam people” and I wonder how many Americans care about your analysis or have the educational ability to understand what you are talking about.

    Forty years of progressive facist public school education has produced many Americans who are afraid to think for themselves. They are afraid because they might lose membership in the PC collective.

    A method must be found to commumicate with PC-Americans or Obama will continue to destroy American values, ethics, and history.



  3. pat Says:

    Perfect analysis, as usual, of the “Obama Shutdown, Etc.”

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