Miley’s Continuing Proof of Adulthood

Miley Cyrus proved to herself, once again, that she is no longer a teeny-bopper. She did this by flaunting her adult body at the 2013 MTV European Music Awards show with more adult twerking and adult tongue wagging accompanied by her adult, little person (once known as a dwarf) sidekick.

This time, Miley made sure all knew she was an adult by lighting up a joint (marijuana cigarette) on stage. Who could doubt her adult status after that? Welcome, Miley, to the mature world of adults. The crowd at the show loved her act, cheering her on to what we all hope will be even more adult behavior at her next public appearance. Miley has successfully shed all remnants of being a role model for young girls.

The next step for Miley’s “creative” transformation needs to be a visit to Cuba where she can praise Castro’s civil rights efforts and his wonderful health and education system. She can then rant against the United States and the evils of capitalism, displaying her adult political acumen before fully passing into adulthood at an expensive, celebrity-filled rehab in the desert.

Thank you, Miley Cyrus, for proving, once again, that “pop culture” is an oxymoron. Five tongues out for Miley!

David J. Hentosh

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