Zero Tolerance Results in Zero Sense

Since zero tolerance policies became popular, common sense and good judgment have gone out the window and those in authority are behaving more like robots than intelligent beings. They are behaving like fast food restaurant cashiers pressing pictures of food items rather than numbers on cash registers. Decisions like the one below are the result of removing intelligent discretion from authority.


On Wednesday, the Rutherford Institute announced it has come to the defense of a 10-year-old boy who was suspended under a school zero tolerance policy for shooting an imaginary “arrow” at a fellow classmate, using nothing more than his hands and his imagination.

Johnny Jones, a fifth grader at South Eastern Middle School, was suspended for a day and threatened with expulsion under the school’s weapons policy after playfully using his hands to draw the bowstrings on a pretend ‘bow’ and ‘shoot’ an arrow at a classmate who had held his folder like an imaginary gun and ‘shot’ at Johnny.

Read it and weep here: Fifth-grader Suspended




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One Response to “Zero Tolerance Results in Zero Sense”

  1. Bruce Says:

    This act is an act of cowardice. A person so afraid that the Progressive-fascist leadership will shun them and cast them out of the collective. That person may also be seeking to be promoted within the collective.

    A similar act; a five year old boy was expelled as a “sexual predator” for kissing a girl classmate on the hand. Go figure.


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