Who Outfoxed Who?

The most revealing moment of Bill O’Reilly’s pre-Super Bowl interview with president Obama came when he asked a question from a viewer wanting to know why Obama wants to “transform” America when it is the country that gave him so much. Obama began by saying he didn’t want to transform America, but O’Reilly quickly interrupted and said “those are your words”. Obama continued as if he didn’t hear him, but there is no doubt that he did.

It was, perhaps, a question he was not prepared for and O’Reilly’s calling him on the pretense of having never said he wanted to transform America threw him. Obama chose to continue with his evasive answer rather than acknowledge O’Reilly, but he had just been caught and it showed in his eyes.

The liberal media is arguing that O’Reilly interrupted the president too often, but that’s what a journalist is supposed to do when questions are being evaded and precious time is being wasted. The liberal media forgot how to do this and O’Reilly embarrassed them not only by interrupting, but by posing questions they fear to ask.

Obama’s evasions and non-answers given in this interview are what the media unconditionally accepts as definitive, therefore, some are saying O’Reilly was outfoxed. However, it was clearly evident the president had no cogent answers and O’Reilly knew this going in. The evasions and non-answers were expected and O’Reilly brought them out, showing that the king wears no pants.

Obama’s blaming FOX News for what he calls non-scandals came off as petty – again. He also called O’Reilly unfair in his coverage but could not give an example of that unfairness when pressed except to say that the questions O’Reilly asked showed unfairness. Yes, a president used to tough questions from the media about his March Madness picks might think that, but a journalist wouldn’t.

O’Reilly let Obama’s pettiness and evasiveness fill the room like yesterday’s garbage for all to see. So, who outfoxed who?

David J. Hentosh


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3 Responses to “Who Outfoxed Who?”

  1. Basharr Says:

    I believe at this point Obama is seeing a shortage of true believers but a boat load of opportunists.

    Bill Oreilly Won the day and it was clear Obama only came with his standard spin, he obviously told mistruths and he could not when the time war as Bill kept on him while remaining professional. I believe the left is so upset because Obama looked weak and canned. Bill ruled the day.

  2. Mike Braun Says:

    I thought the interview was very good and O’Reilly did a very good job of not letting Obama bloviate. I thought Obama got exposed with his non answers to some simple questions. His deflections really illustrate there is a cover up going on. He is just letting the time countdown with his partner in crime in the DOJ.

  3. bruce Says:

    If the interview was shown on all TV networks, then Obama won. His true-believers believed everything he said and the truth didn’t matter. This commune of believers consists of illegal-immigrants, students, professors, blacks, Asians, latinos, and poorly educated Americans. This is the audience Obama wanted to talk to, and they are the majority of voters in present day America. Obama uses the major media to re-enforce his messages to the true-believers.


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