Kerry Insults Israel – Again

Secretary of State John Kerry is obviously in over his head dealing with foreign policy and totally frustrated by his failed diplomatic efforts. He now seems to be frantically searching for any success he can find by joining the blame game and insulting Israel. That, at least, will get Palestinians behind him.

Sounding much like Jimmy Carter, Kerry said that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon, it could become an apartheid state. Kerry, like better men before him, can’t get Palestinians interested in making peace so he is taking the easiest and safest road by putting the onus on Israel. Palestinian rockets cannot shake Kerry’s bias.

Israel Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon dared state the obvious when he accused the Obama administration of being weak on Iran and questioned its commitment to Israel. The entire world knows Obama has been weak on Iran and that Israel will be forced to solve that problem by itself. This administration’s diplomacy, however, has been based on empty rhetoric, so honest dialogue is seen as a threat.

Kerry is making matters worse in the Middle East. That’s certainly dangerous enough for Obama to demand his resignation. Don’t hold your breath.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “Kerry Insults Israel – Again”

  1. Denise Says:

    Ummm… what?

    I know this is contrary to EVERYTHING you’ve ever been told, or told yourself – but thee USA is a sovereign Nation. We were NOT created to be Israel’s bitch and cash register. Although the Israeli Firster Zionist AIPAC crowd has been using Americans are their thugs, and tools, and abused America’s largesse for DECADES.

    The problems with the Palestinians – actual genuine Semites – IS the fault of the Israeli Jews. Their treatment of Palestinians, and EVERY-ONE else, is beyond monstrous, and psychotic. It’s pure EVIL. Every-one knows this, too, Every-one excepting them most brainwashed of American Goyim. And even the most brain dead Americans are beginning to snap out of it. Let’s discuss the FLAT OUT atrocities that Jews have committed against genuine Semites, and every-one else, for ONCE, shall we?

    Kerry’s actually trying to warn the blood-crazed PSYCHOS rulers in Israel, that the clock is running down. Americans are exhausted from almost a century of fighting and killing for Eretz Israel, and we’ve been bled dry by the Tribe. We don’t WANT TO FIGHT AND K
    ILL every-one on Earth for the sake of the Talmudist monsters. The rest of the world, led by the HERO Vladimir Putin, is moving away from all of this horror.

    All Israel ever had to do was trade with it’s Arab neighbors, an live in peace. An refrain from plundering, attacking, torturing and murdering every-one who is not a Jew.

    It’s that simple. When will Israel GET IT?

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