Holder’s Warped World

Those in public office should know what the responsibilities of that office are. According to Attorney General Eric Holder: “Any attorney general who is not an activist is not doing his or her job. The responsibility of the attorney general is to change things [and] bring us closer to the ideals expressed in our founding documents.” Where, exactly, is it written that the attorney general’s job is to “change things” and be an “activist”?

According to the National Association of Attorneys General, typical Attorneys General powers are: authority to issue formal opinions to state agencies; act as public advocates; propose legislation; enforce federal and state environmental laws; represent the state and state agencies before the state and federal courts; handle criminal appeals and serious statewide criminal prosecutions; institute civil suits on behalf of the state; represent the public’s interests in charitable trust and solicitations; and operate victim compensation programs.

In carrying out these duties, changes can occur, but “change” is not a main function any more than being an “activist” is. Holder, along with president Obama and many judges, believes he is a social engineer who needs to “transform America” into whatever he feels is best. This is a major problem this entire administration has and it is wreaking havoc on the nation.

It is also one of the main reasons Senate Republicans voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt two years ago. He is not doing his job because he has an activist’s warped understanding of what his job entails.

Unfortunately, we see a similar distorted view from defense attorneys believing their responsibility is to obtain a verdict of not guilty regardless of a client’s culpability. It is not. Their job is to make sure clients get a fair trial and are properly represented in court. Our justice system needs a re-boot to bring it back to its intended function. Holder just needs a boot out of office before he does more damage.

David J. Hentosh


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