Where Are the Riots?

Where are the riots? Where is the outcry for justice? Where is the demand for action? Where are the protests? Where is our leadership?

ISIS, a savage terrorist group, beheaded an American citizen, James Foley, who was captured and held in captivity for two years. ISIS proudly put a video of the decapitation on YouTube for the world to see, stating that the murder was in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes against them in Iraq. Previously, they demanded a ransom for Foley’s release but that was refused by the U.S. They are now threatening to kill three other captured U.S. citizens.

Capturing and murdering American citizens is an act of war and an unambiguous and brazen declaration of war against the U.S. It is not a “crime” to be investigated by Holder’s Justice Department. Have we become so politically correct and impotent that we will hide behind an “investigation” rather than act firmly and immediately? Are we “transformed” to the point of allowing our citizens to be brutally murdered with impunity?

European countries have been paying ransoms to terrorists for captured citizens because they lack the military means and fortitude to do anything else. They have decimated their militaries by diverting defense spending to government assistance programs. Obviously, these ransoms have not deterred terrorism; they have just emboldened the terrorists and proven the weakness of those paying the ransom.

President Obama prematurely removed all of our troops from Iraq. It was a mistake and the rise and growth of ISIS is the result. This is not a small band of rag-tag terrorists. It is an army viciously taking over an entire country and openly declaring war on the U.S. Our foolishly open southern border, another Obama mistake, will not be ignored by these terrorists who are intent on killing Americans on American soil.

Will Obama show leadership, admit mistakes, and take firm and proper action? Will citizens rise up in protest and march in the streets (ala Ferguson) if he doesn’t? To quote vice president Biden, “This is big f**king deal”, and the answers will determine our future.

David J. Hentosh

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3 Responses to “Where Are the Riots?”

  1. Bruce Says:

    The riots you seek may blame America foe causing “ISIS” to attack and kill us on our own soil.

    Our congress is full of politicians who belong to “special interest” groups like the black caucus. These groups have succeeded in balkanizing America and the main-media would use “ISIS” killings to forward their own interests.

    I believe the America you and I believe in badly damaged.

  2. Desire Says:

    I get an overwhelming feeling that all is not right in the world! Not anywhere. And nobody gives enough of a damn to jump up and down screaming about the injustices and indifference!

    One wonders what would happen if ALL politicians on earth suddenly vanished overnight….. maybe it’s the people in charge who are really what is wrong with the world.

  3. Basharr Says:

    Reblogged this on Basharr's Outpost and commented:
    Reblogging this on Basharrs Outpost
    Where is the outrage and you are correct not Eric Holders arena, The President needs to be decisive and strike with might not pin pricks. We should be well done turning the other cheek no more words, it is time for action a show of strength something that reminds these pukes how important each and every American is to this country.

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