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Taking Responsibility for Nothing

August 8, 2011

“I believe this is, without question, the tea party downgrade” said Democrat Senator John Kerry, issuing the Democrat talking point that is to be echoed by all. David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama, quickly conformed by also calling it the “tea party downgrade”. You can bet Chris Matthews, not a very original thinker, will be calling it that, too, along with other liberal media parrots.

Barney Frank, senior Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, decided to spread the blame around a little and put it in the military’s lap, saying that defense spending is responsible. His complaint about the U.S. being “the military policemen of the world” certainly rings true, but left unsaid is the fact that almost all “free” countries have diverted military funding to social programs and can no longer defend themselves properly. This is the road the Democrats seem to want the U.S. to take.

Military spending, the Tea Party, Bush tax cuts, Sarah Palin, Corporate jets, fat-cat CEO’s – all are responsible for the downgrade in the Democrats’ eyes, but entitlement discretionary spending, one of the S&P’s reasons for the downgrade, is not. Political bickering and posturing are also reasons, but the politics of re-election are still ruling the roost.

Until the finger quits pointing and blame is no longer the main attraction, there will be no progress. In the meantime, those still lucky enough to have a job will watch their 401K dwindle because of asinine bickering and ideological political nonsense. The world will continue to sneer at the imbecilic manner in which our “leaders” are dealing with this crisis and watch our way-of-life vanish.

Taking responsibility is the first thing that needs to be done. So far, the Democrats have made it known that their main thrust is to blame Republicans and the Tea Party. Republicans are concentrating on defending themselves against those accusations. One can only hope that voters will show more responsibility in upcoming elections.

David J. Hentosh

Barney Frank Preens

November 3, 2010

In a pompous, angry, rambling, accusitory and self-gratuitous manner, Barney Rubble Frank regaled his supporters for more than ten minutes with a victory speech. Unfortunately, Massachusetts’ voters chose the bumbling Frank for another term. He seemed to take umbrage at the audacity of anyone trying to unseat him and trashed-talked about newspapers that dared oppose him. This guy is going over the top and becoming a caricature of himself.

If you can stomach it, the video of his victory screed is here: Frank Victory Speech


Rep. Spencer Bachus Seeks Hearing on Fannie Mae Allegations

August 14, 2010

From the Washington Post:

A key House Republican is calling for a hearing into a former Fannie Mae employee’s allegations that the mortgage giant fired her after she criticized how the company was running the government’s marquee loan-modification program.

The former Fannie Mae executive, Caroline Herron, made the allegations in a lawsuit that was filed in June and disclosed Friday by the Center for Public Integrity.

Fannie executives resisted Herron’s calls to require borrowers to provide proof of their incomes before entering into loan modifications, according to the lawsuit. Fannie Mae, she alleges, had a financial incentive to resist because the company was eligible for government payments. She also charges that Fannie Mae executives ignored her efforts to develop a Web-based system for collecting information from borrowers’ seeking loan assistance.

Read the rest here.

Poor Patrick Murphy

December 7, 2009

Poor Patrick Murphy.  The democratic congressman from Pennsylvania’s 8th district is being forced to “stand tall” against the “status quo”–who in this case  are his constituents.   Check out this quote from an article on

“When you represent a moderate-to-conservative district,” he [Murphy] said, “and you stand tall when it comes to creating green energy jobs and health care for middle class families, the forces that represent the status quo come out of the woodwork. I anticipate another tough campaign.”

(See the rest of the article here:  Murphy Says He Sees ‘Another Tough Campaign’ Next Year )

Apparently the “status quo” are those constituents who have protested, called his office, or have gone to Washington to protest the liberal agenda that Murphy supports.  Who else could he be talking about?

In reality, Murphy is the status quo.  Liberal Democrats are in control of the White House and both Houses of Congress, and Patrick Murphy is thick as thieves with them.  He’s voted with Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Democratic agenda 96.9% of the time.   (The U.S. Congress Votes Database ) That’s the same voting record as uber-liberal Maxine Waters (D, CA, 35) and not much less than Barney Frank, (D, MA, 4th) at 97.5%.

And, according to the article, Murphy is on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s recruitment group, and is chairing its “Red to Blue” program to win GOP-held seats.  This hardly makes him an underdog.  In fact, rather than being the “fiscally-conservative Blue Dog Democrat” he claims, Murphy votes with the liberal agenda far more than the average Blue Dog, who votes with it about 78% of the time.  (A Close Look at Blue Dog Democrats’ Voting Record )

If Murphy wants to stand up to “the status quo,” he should try standing up to Pelosi and the Obama Administration.   They’re pushing a liberal agenda and the government takeover of private industry and health care that Murphy’s “moderate to conservative” district clearly doesn’t want.


Here’s An Endorsement You Wouldn’t Want–Unless Your Joe Sestak

December 6, 2009 reported yesterday that Barney Frank is set to endorse Joe Sestak (D, PA, 7) for Arlen Specter’s senate seat on Monday. ( Frank to Endorse Re. Sestak on Monday)

The question is, why would anyone, even liberal Joe Sestak, want Barney Frank’s endorsement?  After all, Frank is one of the creators of the mortgage and banking mess, in spite of all his protests.  (If you missed the two Wall Street Journal editorials concerning this that we linked to in the past, they are here: ( Good Explanation of Financial/Mortgage MessACORN and the Housing Bubble )

Maybe Sestak is afraid to say he doesn’t want Frank’s endorsement.  After all, the Massachusetts liberal’s modus operandi is to attack anyone who questions him–about anything.  Take a a look at this YouTube video where a Harvard law student asks Frank a simple question:  Harvard Student Takes On Rep. Barney Frank on the Economy. (And here’s a video of an interview with the law student, Joel Pollack:  Barney Frank vs. Harvard Student)

Again why would anyone want to be associated with, let alone endorsed by, Barney Frank?

The good news is that law student Joel Pollack is now running for congress. ( )

Thank goodness someone has the guts to stand up to windbag Barney Frank.  Too bad no one currently in Congress–not even a retired Navy Admiral–does.

And Joe, just so you know.  Association with Barney isn’t really an endorsement, it’s more of an indictment.


ACORN and the Housing Bubble

November 16, 2009

Some time ago we mentioned a good WSJ editorial that explained the Housing Mess. There’s a link to it here:  Barney Frank, Predatory Lender

If, after reading that article, you still believe Barney Frank’s rubble about how Wall Street caused the housing mess, you might want to read this editorial,  ACORN and the Housing Bubble,  published last week in the WSJ.  It was written by Edward Pinto, chief credit officer at Fannie Mae from 1987 to 1989.  He is currently a consultant to the mortgage-finance industry.

He Who Smelt It, Dealt It, and Other Playground Ditties

August 31, 2009

On the school playground, kids have time-honored ways of dealing with bullies and name-callers.  There’s “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me,” and “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.”

The political playground isn’t much different, with sayings like “he who resorts to name-calling first, loses,” or more specifically “he who invokes the Nazis first, loses.”

So it’s interesting that Democratic politicians have recently said the following:

On August 24,2009, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) called Senators who resist voting for health care reform “Neanderthals.” Congresswoman, really.  Play nice.  They’re members of congress, after all.  They aren’t used to being bullied like lowly constituents.

And Congressman Fortney “Pete” Stark, (D-CA) recently called “moderate Democrats” who aren’t on the Obamacare bandwagon brain dead. “They’re for the most part, I hate to say brain dead, but they’re just looking to raise money from insurance companies and promote a right-wing agenda that is not really very useful in this whole process.”

Brain dead?  Really?  Moderate Democrats from your own party?  And they’re just looking for money and promoting a right-wing agenda??  Come on, Congressman, why save the tough talk for constituents who dare cross you at a town hall meeting—like, say, another of your esteemed colleagues, Barney Frank? (D-MA) (too many clips to pick just one.)

Then there’s Congressman Baron Hill, (D-IN) who claims he can accept political differences, but that those shouting at congressmen at town hall meetings have gone too far.

“I don’t mind people disagreeing with you, but just to blow up a meeting is an act of political terrorism,” Hill told the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Wow.  Resorting to calling someone a “political terrorist” because he shouts at a town hall meeting.  (We used to say, “Your mother wears army boots” when we couldn’t think of anything better, but I guess I’m dating myself.)

And Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) compared the tactics of those who attended his town hall meetings to something close to Nazis, but wouldn’t quite go there.  “What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics,” Baird said in a phone interview. “I mean that very seriously.”

Uh-oh.  Baird must know the “he who invokes Hitler first, loses,” rule, so he tried to call the people who disagree with him Nazis without actually doing so.

Still counts, though.

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi, who started out by saying grassroots protesters were actually “Astroturf.” (that might be copyright infringement, but whatever.)

When that didn’t stick, she said they were carrying swastikas.

Hey Nancy—I’m rubber, you’re glue!