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What the Next Speaker Must Do

November 7, 2010

From the Wall Street Journal, an editorial by John Boehner, who will likely replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, (thank goodness!):

I grew up in a small house on a hill in Cincinnati, Ohio, with 11 brothers and sisters. My dad ran a bar, Andy’s Café, that my grandfather Andrew Boehner opened in 1938. We didn’t have much but were thankful for what we had. And we didn’t think much about Washington.

That changed when I got involved with a small business, which I eventually built into a successful enterprise. I saw firsthand how government throws obstacles in the way of job-creation and stifles our prosperity. It prompted me to get involved in my government, and eventually took me to Congress.

Millions of Americans have had a similar experience. They look at Washington and see an arrogance of power. They see a Congress that doesn’t listen, that is ruled by leaders who seem out of touch and dismissive, even disdainful, of the anger that Americans feel toward their government and the challenges they face in an economy struggling to create jobs.

The political landscape has been permanently reshaped over the past two years. Overreaching by elected officials—in the form of pork-laden “stimulus” spending, permanent bailouts, and policies that force responsible taxpayers to subsidize irresponsible behavior—has awakened something deep in our national character. This has led to a surge of activism by citizens demanding smaller, more accountable government and a repudiation of Washington in Tuesday’s elections.

Tired of politicians who refuse to listen, Americans who previously were not involved or minimally involved in the political process are now helping to drive it. While their backgrounds are as diverse as the country itself, their message to Washington is the same: Government leaders are servants of the people; the people are not servants of their government.

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From John Boehner: Tone Deaf White House Blames Sales Pitch for Rejection of its Failed Policies

October 24, 2010

From the GOP leader’s website:

In an interview with Roll Call yesterday, White House senior advisor David Axelrod said: “No sensible person” would come to Washington and carry out the job-killing, deficit-busting policies that the Obama Administration has aggressively pursued its first two years in office.   We couldn’t agree more.  But for the hopeful observer who may believe the administration has finally seen the error of its job-killing ways, it appears, unfortunately, that the White House is still as out-of-touch as ever.

In the same interview, Axelrod refused to acknowledge that the American people have rejected the Obama Administration agenda on its merits – or lack thereof – believing instead that the White House “did not have enough time to focus on explaining its top agenda items to the public.”  The Obama Administration’s problem is not that it has a bad pitch; it’s that it’s tone deaf.  The American people have spoken out against the President’s job-killing agenda, but the White House simply isn’t listening.

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What About the Country, Mr. President? – John Boehner Video

July 6, 2010

House Minority Leader John Boehner, (R, OH) has created this video.