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Strouse Toes the Line

October 29, 2014

Kevin Strouse, the challenger to incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania’s 8th District, spews Democrat Party talking points as well as a grade school student reciting a poem from memory. Not one word sounds like his and not one idea strays from the party line.

What else can be expected from a “carpetbagger” sent by Nancy Pelosi to make a run at Fitzpatrick? Moving to Bucks County from Washington for the sole purpose of challenging Fitzpatrick, Strouse can’t distance himself from the disastrous Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda like many other Democrat candidates. He must toe the Pelosi line.

Pelosi’s choice of Strouse to do her bidding is a transparent, and poor, strategy. John Kerry’s Vietnam veteran status was highly touted in his run for president to appeal to the public’s respect for the military. It failed miserably because the left’s distaste for the military and Kerry’s bashing of the military after coming back from Vietnam could not be hidden.

Strouse, too, is a veteran as was Patrick Murphy before him, and it is getting stale for the Dems to keep using military service as a qualifier for their candidates. It doesn’t work. Also, Strouse’s CIA experience may have been beneficial years ago but today there is too much distrust in government agencies, especially Obama administration intelligence agencies, for it to be any help.

If you want to know what Strouse is running on, listen to a Pelosi/Reid/Obama speech and get it straight from the horse’s mouth. It is definitely time for a change, but not in the 8th District where Fitzpatrick has shown the leadership, experience, and competency sadly lacking at the top. Change needs to come where the Obama rubber stamp rules the day. Vote wisely.

David J. Hentosh

Patrick Murphy Quid Pro Quo

June 29, 2011

Just when you thought he was gone, he’s back.

Ex-Congressman Patrick Murphy has been named to West Point’s board of visitors.  But you can’t blame the West Point guys. President Obama appointed Murphy.

Another Democratic payback.

Read about it in the Wall Street Journal.


Patrick Murphy Lands a Job

January 4, 2011

This is classic. Patrick Murphy will join Fox Rothschild law firm as a partner in the firm’s litigation department. It helped, apparently, that in addition to being a Congressman, that his wife had been an associate at the firm, and a partner there was his finance chair. See the story in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

We’re sorry to see Murphy go. He was an easy target.

We just have one question: Will he be handing off the traveling podium to Mike Fitzpatrick?



Big Win for the Thomas Jefferson Club

November 3, 2010

The Thomas Jefferson Club (TJC) started with a couple of people sitting around a table discussing the state of the country and, more specifically, the state of Bucks County. The decision to try to do something about the political situation may have seemed at the time to be nothing more than tilting at windmills, but the tenacity of those few individuals proved to be invaluable.

One of the first goals of the TJC was to inform people about the local political scene and to get people involved in stopping the tide of the Obama agenda. Patrick Murphy, voting in lock-step with that agenda, was an obvious problem and the TJC put him at the top of their list for attention.

Last night, that attention paid off with Mike Fitzpatrick’s knockout win of Murphy. Although Fitzpatrick was not considered the ideal candidate by the TJC, one of the main goals was to unseat the sycophantic Murphy, and they never lost sight of that goal. Working closely with the local Tea Party Movement, they provided the necessary awareness and information to Bucks County residents that convinced them to remove Murphy. In the end, it was a landslide victory.

Kudos are due to the TJC’s president, Jeff McGeary, for providing the leadership, vision, and tenacity that inspired others to get involved. It is often said that one man can make a difference, and McGeary proved it to be true. His energy and convictions provided the impetus for many to decide to get involved.

The TJC will probably not get the recognition it deserves, but it was surely a huge factor in unseating Patrick Murphy. Mike Fitzpatrick gets that seat, but the TJC was the real winner. It proved its worth and it will continue its efforts to safeguard the American ideals that are at its core. No politician or political party gets a free pass from the TJC. They have to earn it.

David J. Hentosh

Out-of-State Volunteers for Murphy

November 2, 2010

From The Trentonian

BRISTOL TWP. — On the eve of Election Day, police here detained a van carrying New York state plates and crammed with 13 volunteers bent on doing some unheard-of electioneering for Congressman Patrick Murphy.

“,,,what they were doing was, they weren’t stealing any signs, they were taking their Patrick Murphy signs and placing them directly in front of Mike Fitzpatrick signs,” Burns said, “so that you couldn’t read the Mike Fitzpatrick signs.”

Trentonian article: Murphy sign switchers

Residents Cry Foul Over Ballots – TJC Protest Saturday

October 28, 2010

We included this article from the Doylestown Intelligencer in the list of articles about voter fraud posted earlier this morning, but this local one deserves its own post (plus, TJC is having a protest concerning voter fraud–see below)

A trio of Bucks County residents backed by the county Republican committee say they have evidence linking Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy’s campaign to a scheme to flood the county voter registration office with fraudulent applications for absentee ballots.

In a petition filed Tuesday, county Republicans say the name of Murphy’s campaign manager appeared on a Bristol post office box where voters were urged in a series of letters paid for by the state Democratic Committee to send absentee ballot applications.

The county Republicans submitted with the petition a photograph of a note inside the mailbox that said, “Tim Percico and Paul Hampel only pick up mail.” Tim Persico is Murphy’s campaign manager, although his name is misspelled in the note. Hampel is a volunteer for the Democratic state committee who said he collects mail from the box.

Read the rest here.

See the other stories here.

TJC to protest this Saturday, for more info email

Patrick Murphy and the Bucks Dems Receive National Attention

October 28, 2010

They say all publicity is good publicity, but after seeing all this, I doubt Patrick Murphy and his Democratic buddies think that’s true. The Bucks County Democratic Committee and folks within the Murphy campaign have been implicated in voter fraud, and now the national media, as well as the local papers and blogs, have picked up on the story. Here are a few:

Residents Cry Foul Over Ballots – Doylestown Intelligencer

Patrick Murphy’s Campaign Linked to Fictitious Voter Office Scandal – National Review Online

Patrick Murphy-Linked ABsentee Voter Controversy Unfolds – National Review Online

More Reports of Voter Fraud by Democrats: Alleged Absentee Ballot Fraud in Bucks County Near Philadelphia – Conservative Refocus News

Link to Petitions:

Local Citizens Say Patrick Murphy Using Harry Reid Voting Fraud Tactics – Philadelphia Examiner

Absentee Voter Fraud Allegations…Again? Fox News

Pennsylvania, Land of Tea Party Plants and Democratic Shenanigans The Atlantic (Way to hit the liberal magazines, Congressman!)

Campaign Manager of Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Pa., Tied to Deceptive Absentee Ballot Mailer – San Francisco Examiner (And liberal-land San Francisco too!)

Wow – Way to Generate Name Recognition!



Keep America Safe Group Targets Patrick Murphy

October 27, 2010

From Politico:

Liz Cheney’s group Keep America Safe says it’s mailed 810,000 pieces to voters in 17 districts, hitting the national security issues that have been largely absent from the Midterm elections.

The mailing attacks Democrats who the group rates poorly on issues like closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

Targets include Nick Rahall and Patrick Murphy, as well as Barney Frank, Maurice Hinchey, and Gerry Connolly.

Read the rest here.

(Check out why they’ve singled out Murphy and 16 other Dems)

Best Murphy Sign We’ve Seen

October 26, 2010

(Patrick) Murphy’s Law:

“If you can make it, we can take it.”


Rounds Five and Six – Murphy vs. Fitzpatrick

October 25, 2010

Last Thursday, October 21, Murphy and Fitzpatrick had two debates in their fight for the PA 8th District’s Congressional seat. The first took place at the Bucks County Technical School and the second at Bucks County Community College. Neither produced a knockout punch.

The two back-to-back rounds were little more than dancing around the ring. Murphy proved he had no power punch to use against Fitzpatrick. He continued to jab at Fitzpatrick for his vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement, but those jabs did not land very often because that issue is ancient history for many voters. So, too, is the issue of voting for a pay raise when Fitzpatrick was Congressman.

Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, landed a few punches with the current health care issue, reminding all that: “We were promised a deficit-neutral bill, a bill that would not raise our insurance rates, and if you had an insurance plan that you liked you could keep it.” Since all three promises are now proving to have been wishful thinking (or deliberate deception), Murphy’s unconditional support of the health care bill and the Obama/Pelosi agenda left him with no defense. Those jabs struck home, earning Fitzpatrick a few points.

Murphy’s attempt to hit Fitzpatrick with something more current, backing the Bush tax cuts, also missed its mark. Continually labeling those across-the-board cuts as only “tax cuts for the rich” does not pack much of a wallop. That misnomer has been getting stale and no longer has much of an impact even when it lands.

Murphy seems to be in a stagnant, defensive posture, content with finishing the fight without being knocked out, hoping to ride it out to re-election. Fitzpatrick seems to be willing to continue with jabs that are landing but not reeling Murphy enough to open him up for a good roundhouse punch.

Since Fitzpatrick’s punches are at least hitting the mark, he takes both rounds by a very, very slight edge. Murphy’s defensive posture may keep him from being knocked out, but it will not help win this fight. It will go down to the wire and as of now, Fitzpatrick still holds a slight edge on points.

David J. Hentosh