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The Fix Is In – Transformation Complete

July 6, 2016

Looking as comfortable as a hostage reading an ISIS manifesto, F.B.I. director James B. Comey let Hillary off the legal hook for “extreme carelessness”, aka “gross negligence”, in her handling of confidential and secret e-mails. Also like a hostage, Comey tried to blink the message that Hillary is guilty and has been lying and obstructing justice right from the beginning of this fiasco. That, however, is too “nuanced” for true believers to see, so Hillary is now free to complete the “transformation” started by Obama.

If American voters are willing to accept this insult to their intelligence in order to “make history” by electing Hillary president, they will then deserve the consequences. Obama set the precedent of ignoring and changing the law from the White House and it has now become standard procedure throughout his administration. If elected, Hillary will cast that precedent in concrete and there will be no turning back.

Comey lamely gave lack of “intent” to do harm as an excuse but that is not the law. It certainly wasn’t the law in 2015 when Naval Reservist Brian Nishimura was sentenced to two years of probation and a $7,500 fine for a very similar incident. In that case, the FBI also determined that Nishimura did not “intend” to distribute classified information to unauthorized personnel, but Nishimura was not a player in the “transformation” so he had to pay.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch set the stage (and possibly wrote the script) for this pathetic play just a few days earlier after being caught having a “secret” meeting with former president Bill Clinton. She then tried to clear the mucky air by saying she would accept whatever recommendations the FBI offered, forcing Comey to do the dirty job for her. Somewhere, former USSR officials are smiling knowingly at the charade.

If this doesn’t wake up American citizens nothing will, and the country is lost.

David J. Hentosh

Obama Ignores Terrorism

October 25, 2014

After declaring Al Qaeda defeated (and taking credit for it), president Obama returned to social engineering and the forcing of his “transformation” agenda upon the country. Terrorism was a fly in his agenda’s ointment, so denying the severity and often the very existence of it, especially here at home, became his politically expedient way of handling the “distraction”. Michelle Malkin takes Obama to task for this dangerous evasiveness.

From Michelle Malkin

President Obama says he’s “shaken” by this week’s violent attacks on three soldiers in Ottawa by an Islamic jihadist. He immediately phoned Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to offer support and “solidarity”… Too bad Obama didn’t show the same resolve after multiple attacks and plots against our troops by Muslim terrorists on our soil…Where was President Obama when Muslim Muhammad Hussain was arrested in Maryland in 2010 after scheming to blow up an Army recruitment office?…Where was President Obama when Muslim Pvt. Naser Jason Abdo was arrested in 2011 with explosives, a gun and jihadi propaganda?… Where was President Obama when a gang of Islamic thugs in Newburgh, NY was arrested plotting to “bring death to Jews” at nearby synagogues and “commit jihad”?… Where was President Obama in June 2011 when Seattle jihadists were busted after plotting to attack the Military Entrance Processing Station?… Where was President Obama when Musim convert Muhammad Yusuf was caught by New York City police in 2011 building a pipe bomb he planned to use to kill police and U.S. soldiers returning from war in Iraq and Afghanistan?… Where was President Obama after an Islamic terrorist ring in Raleigh, NC got busted in 2009 plotting to bomb military installations and die “as martyrs in furtherance of violent jihad”?…
Where was Obama? Sabotaging our borders, restricting our gun rights, working to free Gitmo jihadists, decrying Islamophobia, demonizing conservatives, welcoming jihad sympathizers to the White House and putting politics over national security.

Read Malkin’s entire indictment here:  Where Was President Obama?


Fear of Benghazi

May 22, 2014

The more liberals try to sell the Benghazi fiasco as a non-issue, the more evident it is that they fear it. Efforts to convince all that there is no scandal surrounding Benghazi are becoming desperately frantic and weak.

When asked about lack of Benghazi coverage, CNN president Jeff Zucker retorted that CNN would not be “shamed” into covering something that has no real news value. The real shame is that CNN and other liberal news outlets are only interested in reporting what they want the public to know. Anything negative about the Obama administration or Hillary Clinton is not considered news. Benghazi hurts both.

Barbara “Call me Senator” Boxer is belittling investigations into Benghazi, where four Americans were killed, as nothing more than the GOP’s fear of Hillary’s presidential candidacy. This comes straight from Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ where rule number five states: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”. It is the left’s favorite tactic and it fits well with their elitism.

The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift assures us that Ambassador Chris Stevens died of smoke inhalation and was not murdered at Benghazi. This semantic hair splitting is a pathetic attempt to lessen the seriousness of the event. She says she is just taking issue with the glib use of the word “murdered”, but the glib use of “pro-choice” for those approving the killing of a fetus has never been a concern for her.

President Obama knew Benghazi was a terrorist act and, at the very least, allowed a video to be blamed for days afterwards in an attempt to mislead the public. There are smoking-gun e-mails showing this video ruse was deliberate. The president’s credibility was at stake because he claimed that al Qaeda was decimated and on the run. His re-election was endangered by this façade crumbling only weeks before voters went to the polls. Yes, there is scandal here.

To quote Shakespeare: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks“.

David J. Hentosh

Fed Up

October 17, 2013

After signing the recent debt deal, President Obama said: “The American people are completely fed up with Washington…Nothing has done more to undermine our economy these last three years than the kind of tactics that create these manufactured crises.” He then credited “Democrats and responsible Republicans for reaching the deal, making sure to take a swipe at Republicans.

This is the way Obama has “governed” since elected, pretending to be above it all when the reality is that everything is above him. His “superior intelligence” has yet to make an appearance and he is indifferent, if not outright ignorant, to consequences of his constant political maneuverings. Blame never reaches his pedestal.

This recent fiasco (“manufactured crisis”) was created and exasperated by Obama’s obstinate refusal to compromise on anything. The press and the Democratic Party have given him whatever he wanted and he now expects to get his way, like any spoiled child. His entire focus centers on his personal agenda and little else matters.

This attitude, like a thick fog, has engulfed Congressional Democrats who now believe that they, too, are infallible and above all criticism – just like Obama. The mainstream media backs them up on this belief and assures the public that it is so. All opposition is evil and everything Obama wants to do is only for the good of the American people.

Yes, the American people are certainly fed up. American people are fed up with this country’s economic decline; loss of world respect; moral decay of society; disregard for the common good; disintegration of the family unit; lack of political leadership; erosion of the American Dream; political correctness; attacks on religion; disrespect for the military; being talked down to by the president; and the general malaise that “progressive” ideology created.

Vote intelligently in November. It may be the last chance to turn this around.

David J. Hentosh

Is the Obama Administration Imploding?

May 13, 2013

The Obama Administration’s incompetence, arrogance, and mistakes are becoming too big to hide. The liberal media’s pretense that all is well is cracking as the public slowly becomes informed rather than misled.

“What difference does it make?” was Hillary’s arrogant attempt to dismiss Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerns on Benghazi and advance an administration cover-up, but her transparent act of being offended has now become offensive to many. Hiding facts surrounding the death of Americans does, indeed, make a difference.

Obama’s re-election was protected by the Benghazi cover-up but Hillary’s presidential bid may now be in jeopardy. Senator Durbin (D-Ill.) can pretend the GOP is conducting a “witch hunt” because of fearing Hillary in 2016, but the real fear is that the entire Democrat Party will face dire consequences – and it should. The rubber-stamping Obama received from Democrats made this all possible.

Revelations of the IRS targeting non-profit groups such as the Tea Party for political purposes are further proof of an administration out of control, but blinders remain. Carl Bernstein declared that he “can’t imagine” President Obama is possibly involved in this IRS infraction, though he had no problem imagining Nixon’s involvement in a minor, bungled break-in, and helping to bring about his resignation because of it.

Much of the public has been kept in the dark and, therefore, also “can’t imagine” the depths of this administration’s errors and political tactics. The facts coming forth now do not rely on one’s imagination and should shock all out of the political stupor that has taken hold, but perhaps that is too optimistic a view.

Hillary for president is being advanced even in the wake of her Benghazi debacle. Joe Klein, on the Chris Matthews show (soon to become the “Hillary-for-President Show”), began the erasure of the 2008 liberal campaign theme that experience doesn’t count by stating that Hillary is “…one of the most experienced candidates we’ve ever had running for president”.

One can hope that Hillary’s “experience” in the Benghazi cover-up will be remembered and will count. Perhaps Obama’s administration will have completely imploded by then – that is, if the media will allow it. There is “Hope” for “Change” in 2016.

David J. Hentosh

Our Disabled Country

March 26, 2013

According to a January article in Forbes, 5.9 million people have been added to the Social Security Disability program (SSDI) since 2009 while only 2.5 million jobs were created during the same period. One in fourteen workers are now on the SSDI dole costing taxpayers $128.9 billion in 2011, and the program is carrying a deficit of $25.3 billion.

A recent investigation found that the federal government spends more money each year on cash payments for disabled workers than it does on food stamps and welfare combined. Since disabled workers are not counted in unemployment figures, the full extent of the erosion of the American workforce ends up hidden from the public.

It should come as no surprise that the increasing number of disabled coincides with an increase in qualifying conditions for disability. Some of these conditions have been watered-down enough to include almost anyone willing to go through the process. The investigation found that 33.8% of the newly diagnosed disabled cited “back pain and other musculoskeletal problems”, difficult conditions to disprove.

Some qualifying mental conditions called “Affective Disorders” seem to rely on a self-diagnosis. These include such things as: decreased energy, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbance, difficulties maintaining social functioning, and marked difficulties maintaining concentration. A doctor needs to sign off on these conditions but has to rely on the word of the patient for verification.

Obviously, the program is ripe for fraud and, consequently, it is rife with fraud. Getting around the system is easy and many alcoholics and drug addicts (conditions which do not qualify for SSDI) find a way in, as do many others. The possibility of receiving up to $1100 a month makes it attractive to those having menial, low paying jobs, especially since free Medicare comes as a bonus after two years on the disability rolls.

The American work ethic is dying and the “system” continues to assist in its death. What was once a ‘safety net’ has become ‘money for nothing’ because of progressive tendencies that put the individual above the common good. The continuous expansion of government assistance programs is occurring with no foresight or oversight and it needs to stop before the entire country becomes disabled.

David J. Hentosh

Separation of Hollywood and State Needed

February 25, 2013

From the White House, Michelle Obama presented the Best Picture award at this year’s Academy Award ceremony. It is the first time a president or first lady presented an academy award, but it certainly isn’t the first time the White House used Hollywood. That has been occurring frequently the past several decades, but Obama has taken it to a level screaming for some of the attention separation of church and state receives.

Hollywood is universally known to tilt left and in recent years, many celebrities have used their popularity to speak out in favor of left-leaning politicians and policies. The mainstream media, also left-leaning and infatuated with Hollywood, indulges these celebrities with air time as if they were political experts, creating a false sense of a majority acceptance that highly influences many voters’ opinions.

Michelle’s Academy Award appearance topped off years of Obama’s blatant use of Hollywood’s partisanship. His election and re-election were aided enormously by Hollywood celebrities and his continued appearances on entertainment TV shows are used to bolster favorability ratings in the polls, not to inform the public.

In April of 2012, Barack and Michelle were credited with a total of 195 TV and movie appearances, surpassing those of President Reagan and his wife Nancy (both former actors). In his short political career, Obama has appeared seven times on the “Letterman Show”, five times on “The View” (once with Michelle who also appeared four times on her own), six times on “The Daily Show”, and five times on “Leno”.

In 2007, Oprah, the most powerful celebrity in the country, openly backed Obama’s candidacy on her show, hosted a 1500-guest fundraiser, and made four campaign appearances. Her endorsement is considered to be the major reason that Obama, an unknown, became the Democratic presidential candidate instead of Hillary Clinton. Obama learned well.

The White House visitor logs are highly populated with Hollywood celebrity names, and some have even taken part in supposedly serious policy-setting meetings. It is not for the good of the nation. It is only for the political good of Obama. Separation of Hollywood and State is in need of a national discussion before the president and the White House become a reality TV show. Or is it already too late?

David J. Hentosh

Solyndra Misuses the Fifth Amendment

September 28, 2011

Over at NRO’s Corner, Attorney Hans A. von Spakovsky explains the misuse of the Fifth Amendment by Solyndra executives at last Friday’s congressional hearing and in doing so, he gives us an excellent lesson on the Amendment. His explanation also clears the smoke that Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) was blowing in an attempt to hide any executives’ wrongdoings. The pleading of the Fifth by the executives is also shown to be a directional arrow pointing to all the possible criminal violations that may have occurred.

From NRO’s Corner

…two executives of Solyndra, the bankrupt solar energy company, pled the Fifth to avoid answering questions about how the company wangled a $535 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy…Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) jumped to their aid. He protested when other members of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation continued questioning the witnesses after they had asserted the privilege. “It’s unseemly and inappropriate for members to be asking questions that you now know they will not answer,” Waxman claimed.

Waxman’s assertion that it was inappropriate for members to continue asking questions is…legally incorrect…Generally, it cannot be asserted to avoid answering questions in a purely civil matter…when a witness invokes the Fifth Amendment, he can use it only to avoid answering specific questions that will incriminate him or potentially link him to possible criminal liability. He cannot use it to avoid answering questions because he fears being embarrassed by his answer or because he believes it will cause political damage…The subcommittee members had the right to continue to ask Harrison and Stover questions…You can’t use the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering “political questions”… By refusing to answer certain specific questions, the Solyndra executives told us that they believe they are risking criminal liability…

Read it all here: Misusing the Fifth Amendment


Obama Appoints a Fox to Guard the Henhouse

January 22, 2011

President Obama appointed GE Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt to lead an initiative on jobs and US competitiveness. This fox, Immelt, has been raiding the US henhouse of jobs for years by moving GE operations and facilities overseas.

Consider that GE paid no corporate taxes to the US last year, claiming a loss of $408 million from its US operations and a $10.8 billion profit from its international dealings. Immelt seems to be an expert in making profits overseas but he has been failing in the US. This “expertise” in US business failure is being tapped by Obama to prove to all that he is not anti-business. Perhaps he’s just anti-US-business.

GE received billions in bailout money from the Obama administration. In return, GE is investing $2 billion in China, creating over 1000 overseas jobs there, as it continues to shift production from US to China. Dovetailing nicely (and suspiciously) with Obama’s kowtowing to China, GE is partnering with China to develop and market avionics systems for commercial aircraft. Combined with GE’s recent partnership with China for jet engines, high tech jobs are being handed over along with technical expertise – to a country that is not considered friendly to the US.

GE also invested $3 million in an offshore GE Oil & Gas testing facility in Poland as it proceeds to close down its GE Oil & Gas facility in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. (GE Oil & Gas business is headquartered in Florence, Italy.) Light bulbs, a once-famous GE product, will no longer be made in the US as GE is closing one of the last remaining light bulb manufacturing plants in the US.

It is unclear what message Obama believes he is sending to the business community with Immelt’s appointment. What is clear, however, is that Immelt has been contributing heavily to US unemployment by callously shipping jobs and manufacturing out of the country. Bringing him in to help US jobs and competitiveness is nothing less than asking a fox to protect a hen.

David J. Hentosh

Lawmakers Warn $1.2 Billion Payout to Black Farmers Rife With Fraud

December 3, 2010

Census data reflects 33,000 African-Amercian farmers; 94,000 claim discrimination

From Fox News:

A handful of Republican lawmakers is warning against Congress approving a massive discrimination settlement that passed the Senate last week despite concerns the claims process may have been marred by thousands of potentially fraudulent applications.

Just before breaking for Thanksgiving recess, the Senate approved by voice vote a $4.6 billion package to settle claims against the government by black farmers and American Indians. The payments to black farmers account for $1.2 billion of that amount but have been the subject of intense criticism.

Lawmakers raising alarm about the payments say whistleblowers from the Department of Agriculture have come to them in confidence to warn that the money is going to claimants who don’t deserve it.
Read more: