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Strouse Toes the Line

October 29, 2014

Kevin Strouse, the challenger to incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania’s 8th District, spews Democrat Party talking points as well as a grade school student reciting a poem from memory. Not one word sounds like his and not one idea strays from the party line.

What else can be expected from a “carpetbagger” sent by Nancy Pelosi to make a run at Fitzpatrick? Moving to Bucks County from Washington for the sole purpose of challenging Fitzpatrick, Strouse can’t distance himself from the disastrous Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda like many other Democrat candidates. He must toe the Pelosi line.

Pelosi’s choice of Strouse to do her bidding is a transparent, and poor, strategy. John Kerry’s Vietnam veteran status was highly touted in his run for president to appeal to the public’s respect for the military. It failed miserably because the left’s distaste for the military and Kerry’s bashing of the military after coming back from Vietnam could not be hidden.

Strouse, too, is a veteran as was Patrick Murphy before him, and it is getting stale for the Dems to keep using military service as a qualifier for their candidates. It doesn’t work. Also, Strouse’s CIA experience may have been beneficial years ago but today there is too much distrust in government agencies, especially Obama administration intelligence agencies, for it to be any help.

If you want to know what Strouse is running on, listen to a Pelosi/Reid/Obama speech and get it straight from the horse’s mouth. It is definitely time for a change, but not in the 8th District where Fitzpatrick has shown the leadership, experience, and competency sadly lacking at the top. Change needs to come where the Obama rubber stamp rules the day. Vote wisely.

David J. Hentosh

Naughton Challenges Fitzpatrick

April 24, 2014

Shaugnessy Naughton is running for Congress in the 8th District against Mike Fitzpatrick. In a guest opinion in the BCCT she laid out her “progressive platform” that contained very little detail but one: spend, spend, spend. That, of course, means more government spending.

The need for jobs, of course, ends up on every politician’s agenda, but the idea that government creates jobs is a progressive idea that is false. Government is not supposed to create jobs. It is only expected to help build an atmosphere where jobs can be created by private industry.

Naughton’s self-proclaimed “forward thinking attitude” was explained with all the right buzz words: investing in the future, investing in the infrastructure, investing in education and science and technology, modernizing transportation, raising the minimum wage, etc. How all this investing is to be paid for is left unsaid.

There is nothing wrong with investing, but “progressive” spending is at an all-time high and we are getting very little bang for the buck – and our children are being saddled with the bill. A little “forward thinking” a few years ago could have stopped Obamacare from being rashly devised and rammed through Congress. It could also have stopped our education system from deteriorating into a social engineering laboratory that is failing to educate properly. Naughton’s type of “forward thinking” always seems to ignore consequences.

Naughton complains about companies shutting their doors, but government over-reach and intrusion bears much of the blame. Government investments in alternative energy sources that have produced little could have done much for our failing infrastructure. Instead, the “progressive” agenda ruled the day and we spent foolishly. Appeasing the progressive agenda has put us in a difficult position. We need a real change.

Nothing Shaugnessy Naughton said makes one feel she is the change we need. She seems like more of the same, and that’s not working. Her science background is impressive, but science has been hijacked for political purposes to the point where it has lost credibility, especially when cited by politicians. We need to stop “progressing” and get our priorities straight. Then, maybe real progress can be made.

David J. Hentosh

Strouse Takes a Weak Shot

September 30, 2013

Democrat candidate Kevin Strouse, attempting to unseat Bucks County Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, took a weak shot at Fitzpatrick in an opinion article in the Courier Times. His tirade, strict Democrat talking points, blamed Republicans for causing a government shutdown and chastised Fitzpatrick for playing politics with the shutdown and debt ceiling. Unfortunately, he exposed himself as another strict partisan unwilling to place any blame on his own party.

Congress, as whole, is playing politics with every issue it addresses and the chasm between the parties is growing wider and wider with less and less bipartisanship. Society, too, is splitting further apart and it is all being driven from the top downward. President Obama set the tone, refusing to listen to opposing views and demanding acquiescence to his views, never compromising. Futhermore, he demonizes all who dare challenge his policies, using the White House bully pulpit to spread fear and loathing.

His disdain for Republicans, disregard for the law, and his petty criticism of FOX News is unseemly coming from the White House and it has emboldened his unconditional supporters, and non-supporters, to follow suit. Consequently, we now have a mainstream media with no credibility and American voters unaware of the seriousness of administration failures.

If Kevin Strouse continues to carry Obama’s water, refusing to acknowledge Democrat’s part in this fiasco, his campaign will fail miserably. He need only ask Patrick Murphy how well hanging onto Obama’s coattails worked for him. Fitzpatrick has been taken to task for going against the grain of uncompromising Republicans several times, but that has not stopped him from doing what he, and not party hacks, believes is right. That is the best voters can ask of an elected official and it is what Bucks County, and the country, needs – not another meek, Obama sycophant.

Blaming Republicans for everything is just a repeat of blaming Bush. We have had enough of that. It is time to spread the blame around to all those who are guilty, and vote accordingly. Strouse and the Democratic Party need to look into a mirror and finally see their own reflection, not Obama’s.

David J. Hentosh

Changes in the 8th

July 29, 2010

According to, Eric Wisener, who was running as a Libertarian in the 8th District, is dropping out of the race. Tom Lingenfelter is reported to be entering–again.

Changes in the 8th

Another Jobs Fair for Congressman Patrick Murphy?

July 12, 2010

According to the Morning Call, Congressman Patrick Murphy, (D PA 8th) will hold another Jobs Fair tomorrow.

A Democratic neighbor, U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-8th District, will hold his second this year, from 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesday at Harry S. Truman High School in Bristol Township.

According to the article, Murphy spent $1200 of taxpayers’ money to pay for the first jobs fair, and that at least 5 people have gotten a job from that fair.

Here’s the link.


Donations to PA 8th Candidates

May 3, 2010

From today’s Intelligencer.

When Fred Beans, one of the area’s top businessmen, writes a check for a political candidate, that lawmaker typically has been a Republican.

Jim Greenwood, Jon Fox, the Republican National Committee, and back in his GOP days, Arlen Specter, have benefited from Beans’ largesse.

That changed last month when the head of the Fred Beans Automotive Group and his wife, Gisela, each wrote a $2,300 check to Patrick Murphy for Congress. That’s the same amount Beans gave to Murphy’s 2008 Republican opponent, Tom Manion.

Murphy, the two-term Democrat, provided assistance to Beans’ dealerships during General Motors’ bankruptcy.

“Murphy has been working hard to keep jobs in Pennsylvania,” Beans said last week. “He’s been supportive of (car) dealers that lost franchises. I feel like he’s listened to our concerns.”

Beans, who employs 1,500 people, may not be as keen with Murphy over health care reform. Saying the 2,700 page “health care program is a killer for us,” he wondered why there couldn’t be a “20-page condensed version.”

Asked if he would vote for Murphy, Beans said, “Today? Probably. I feel like I probably would.”

The Beans’ donations were listed by the Federal Election Commission as part of candidate reports filed last month for first quarter 2010 campaign contributions.

Mike Fitzpatrick, seeking to win the Republican nomination and challenge Murphy, also had the Beans as benefactors. Gisela gave him $500 and Fred $250.

But the former congressman really cashed in on his promise to lead the fight to repeal the recently passed health care legislation.

Read the rest here.

Murphy’s Veteran Status Neutralized

April 5, 2010

Congressman Patrick Murphy made good use of his veteran status in winning his seat in Pennsylvania’s 8th District. He campaigned heavily as an Iraq War veteran at a time when the public was quick to back our troops in Iraq regardless of opinions about the war. He became the first Iraq war vet elected to Congress and made it a hallmark of his office. That status, however, will no longer prove to be an edge in his attempt at re-election.

Murphy has admirably been an advocate for veterans while in office, but it has now become almost a requirement for all politicians to be advocates for veterans. Furthermore, the Iraq War is not Obama’s war so it no longer holds the attention of the leftstream media. In fact, it may prove to be somewhat of a detriment since Obama has been trying hard to distance himself from that war.

In an effort to further ensure that Murphy’s veteran status will not be an issue, Mike Fitzpatrick has announced the formation of a committee of military veterans supporting his campaign to win his party’s nomination and wrest the seat away from Murphy in November ( He has named former Bucks County prosecutor and Iraq War veteran Dean Malik to head that committee and, in doing so, hopes to make Murphy’s Iraq War veteran status even less of an issue.

Murphy has already tried to use a past campaign incident with veterans against his election to smear Fitzpatrick ( However, Fitzpatrick denounced those veterans’ accusations as he did at the time of that incident (shown in the public record) and Murphy came off looking foolish in trying to rerun his past campaign. If he now tries to use his veteran status to cloud his record while in office, he will look even more foolish. Murphy can only run on his record and that is not even close to being as positive as his military service.

David J. Hentosh

Surprise! Murphy Decides to Vote for Health Care Bill

March 17, 2010

The suspense is over. Congressman Patrick Murphy, “after careful consideration and having met with and listened to thousands of constituents, doctors, patients, and healthcare providers”, has decided to vote for Obama’s health care reform bill ( This must have been a tough decision for Murphy to make.

Backing the health care bill long before it was written had everyone guessing which way Murphy would go. Further mystery was brought about by his refusal to hold town hall meetings or sit down with tea party members for debate. The ruse of strictly voting the party line threw everyone off and his attachment to Obama and Pelosi’s coattails was icing on the cake of doubt.

Now we know. In the basket where Obama has placed all his political eggs, Murphy is just one more egg waiting to take the fall. Here’s hoping that come November, the yolk’s on him.

David J. Hentosh

Murphy’s Future Employment

March 11, 2010

Perhaps one shouldn’t take umbrage at Congressman Patrick Murphy’s attendance at a “Defense Industry Dinner” ( Yes, he was there raising money from the very people he is supposed to be overseeing as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, but with the job market in such bad shape it is only prudent for Murphy to begin networking for future employment.

Facing stiff competition for re-election, Murphy can’t be blamed for meeting with industry leaders who may be able to offer employment should he find himself out of a job. He certainly wouldn’t be the first politician to find employment with special interest groups after losing an election and he won’t be the last. It is a common practice in Washington and many find it economically beneficial to make the change.

Defense contractors are always looking for Washington insiders to help their cause and Murphy, as a member of the Armed Services Committee, fits the bill perfectly. Voters could very well do Murphy a big favor by voting him out of office, thereby, allowing him to improve his economic status and reach his true potential. Many in Bucks County wouldn’t mind.

David J. Hentosh

Mike “Tea Party” Fitzpatrick??

March 10, 2010

A blog by J.D. Mullane at the BCCT site tells us: “Mike “Tea Party” Fitzpatrick is challenging Congressman Pat “Soft Shoe” Murphy to debate health care reform” ( It is puzzling that the moniker “Tea Party” was bestowed upon Fitzpatrick because many Tea Party goers are very leery of Fitzpatrick being the best challenger to Patrick Murphy.

Considering the fact that the Bucks County GOP voted not to endorse any candidate until a primary is held, assuming Mike to be “Tea Party” Fitzpatrick is just wishful thinking. He certainly receives a much warmer welcome at tea parties than Congressman Patrick Murphy could ever get, but it is presumptuous to believe an endorsement from the Tea Party Movement in Bucks County is in his pocket.

The Tea Party Movement consists of such a wide variety of people that it would be difficult to see how it could endorse any candidate at this stage. It is likely that, in the end, the movement will come together for whoever runs against Murphy, but even that is not a given. There are other candidates vying for the nomination to challenge Murphy who have closer ties to the Tea Party Movement than Fitzpatrick, so calling Fitzpatrick a Tea Party Candidate is very premature.

As far as calling out Murphy to debate health care reform, it is probably much too late for it to have any effect. Murphy would have a tough time voting against the bill after blindly backing it for so long. Even if he realized it was in his best political interests to vote against it (and it is), he would look blatantly opportunistic to do so now and it would just antagonize voters further.

Fitzpatrick did not label himself the Tea Party candidate but there’s no doubt he’s wise enough not to object too strongly. He sees the Tea Party Movement’s growing influence and surely agrees with much of what it stands for. However, he still needs to work at gaining any Tea Party approval instead of waiting to receive it reluctantly by default. The air still needs to be cleared.

David J. Hentosh