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Media the Only One Found Guilty in Zimmerman Trial

July 10, 2013

By now, it is obvious that George Zimmerman should not have been brought up on the charges he is facing and that there is no credible evidence to refute his claim of self-defense. If a guilty verdict is somehow still reached by the jury, it will mirror the outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial where liberal guilt and obsession with race triumphed over truth, justice, and the American Way.

An acquittal would mean Zimmerman is not guilty of murder charges brought about hastily because of pressure from the media. The media overwhelmingly found Zimmerman guilty of being a racist without knowing any of the facts and demanded that he be arrested, tried, and convicted – NOW. That’s how irrational obsession works and the Zimmerman trial found the media guilty, once again, of that obsession.

When (If?) Zimmerman is acquitted, the media will also be guilty of causing the inevitable riots that will occur. The black community was convinced by the liberal media, celebrities, and so-called “community leaders” that Zimmerman is a racist who shot Trayvon Martin simply because he was black. Even now, after no evidence of that has surfaced, it is the predominant theme the media is broadcasting and it is the match that has already lit the fire.

The media will point to those riots as proof of the racial tensions that still infect this country – the same tensions the media is guilty of sustaining with their obsession. That guilt also includes treating the entire black community as victims and making sure they stay that way, believing they are incapable of fending for themselves.

Wanting desperately to shoe-horn this into a racial crime right from the start, the media invented a new race, “White Hispanic”, to overcome the lack of an evil white man as perpetrator. In doing so, the media broke new ground in denial and proved they are guilty of blind, partisan stupidity. But then, we already had plenty enough proof of that.

Whatever the final outcome, the Zimmerman trial already provided a guilty verdict for the media and it is up to the American people to deliver a sentence.

David J. Hentosh

Manipulation by Democrats

June 18, 2013

The average benefit for food stamp recipients is currently $113.41 per month. The food stamp program was re-named SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) for politically correct purposes, but the “assistance” it provides is still not intended to be the only means of paying for food. Otherwise, the “A” (for Assistance) in SNAP would not be there.

Apparently, 26 Democrats in Congress are too dense to understand that or are just putting on a show in the media by taking what is being called the “SNAP Challenge” in order to protest a Farm Bill that, if passed, will reduce food stamp benefits. (Why a “Farm Bill” is dealing with food stamps is a whole different problem.) This SNAP Challenge is to live off of $4.50 per day for food to show how difficult that is, eliciting sympathy for keeping and/or increasing the current food stamp benefit.

Food stamps were never intended to be used in that manner, but idealism is blind to reality. This challenge involves spending $4.50 per day instead of buying in quantity like those actually receiving food stamps would do. It is a transparent ploy to make things seem as bad as possible. Would you buy just one apple or one hot dog per day if you actually had to subsist on food stamps? Would you buy them from an “organic” food store where prices are exorbitant? Would you buy pre-packaged, individually wrapped cheese slices?

The media, of course, loves this SNAP challenge and treats it as if it is a display of sensitivity in a creative, witty way instead of political theater. Unfortunately, many voters are manipulated easily. They bought the lie of being able to keep the health insurance they have and still believe health care premiums will go down. It’s a small step to believe food stamps should pay for all the food one needs. Don’t be surprised if it becomes one of Hillary’s campaign promises.

David J. Hentosh