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October 30, 2015

The recent Republican debate conducted by CNBC turned into a battle between the candidates and the biased moderators. The candidates won handily, in more ways than one.

It was established from the beginning, after Ted Cruz forcefully chastised moderators for bias, that the candidates were not going to succumb to gotcha questions or start foolish squabbling among themselves. There seemed to be a concerted effort on their part to keep the debate about issues and differences between the parties, particularly, differences with Hillary.

The moderators, on the other hand, had an agenda to embarrass the candidates, start arguments between them, and try to trip them up. Some questions were pertinent but many were hostile towards the candidates, displaying a disdain for Republicans that permeates CNBC.

After hearing much liberal media babble (wishful thinking?) about the GOP falling apart with infighting, lack of alternative solutions, and poor qualifications, the candidates displayed a unity not seen in prior debates. Serious problems facing the nation were defined and though plans presented to address those problems were different in details, they were cut from the same cloth: Government is too big, spending is out-of-control, taxes are too high, and the middle class needs a break – not more government interference.

Perhaps it was only having a common enemy, the CNBC moderators, that forced the candidates to circle the wagons, but they seemed to do just that. When Huckabee was baited with a question meant to urge him to attack Trump, he put on a show of solidarity by complimenting him instead. Chris Christie jumped onto the bandwagon by taking the moderators to task over a foolish question about fantasy football. Even Ben Carson got in a few licks that elicited applause from an audience aware of the bias.

It is often difficult to establish who really won a debate but the GOP clearly won this one. CNBC may have had good ratings for airing this debate, but it proved why its otherwise dismal ratings are warranted. Perhaps other networks will learn from this and allow a debate to be about the candidates. That would make us all winners.

David J. Hentosh

Dizzy From Media Spin

January 14, 2014

“Bridgegate”, as the Christie traffic fiasco is being called, received 17 times more coverage from ABC, NBC, and CBS News in a 24-hour span than the IRS scandal received in 6 months. MSNBC is even going to run a one-hour special to discuss several “theories” about it.

MSNBC’s prescient Mika already provided her theory, stating: “we know Chris Christie and we know he would have known”. She also “knows” what is and isn’t a scandal, saying: “…to bring up Benghazi and the IRS is like flailing for some sort of distraction”. Four dead Americans have become just a distraction.

Bridgegate is a “twofer” for the liberal media. It’s an opportunity to smear a potential presidential candidate threatening Hillary’s chances and it is a substitute for Obama administration scandals that are getting harder and harder to ignore. It even has the additional benefit of keeping continuing negative Obamacare revelations from public awareness.

One of those revelations is that in 2014, 80% of individual costs to health insurance companies between $45,000 and $250,000 will be paid by the government. When insurance is purchased through the government exchanges, private insurance companies are only liable for costs below $45,000. Taxpayers pay the rest. This is not worthy to be a news story.

The continuing takeover by Al Qaida of abandoned Iraq isn’t news, either, except for NBC to tell us that the Iraq War wasn’t worth it. Obama made sure it wasn’t worth it when he failed (deliberately?) to maintain a military presence in Iraq after hastily pulling our troops out. His eagerness to get totally out of Iraq gave new life to defeated Al Qaida forces and they are now back. The media will protect Obama from any blame.

If you don’t like Obama and didn’t vote for him, you are a racist. If you don’t like Hillary and will not vote for her, you are a misogynist. For the media, it’s that simple – and it will be news. The so-called GOP war against women is THE talking point and you will hear it for the next three years as the media prepares to “make history”, again.

You are sure to become dizzy from the spin.

David J. Hentosh

You Make the Call

January 10, 2014

A deputy chief of staff for Chris Christie closed two lanes on the George Washington Bridge in order to tie up traffic in an act of political vengeance against the town’s mayor for not endorsing Christie’s re-election. Christie denies having known about it, condemned the act, publically apologized, and fired the deputy chief of staff responsible.

Under Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, four Americans died in a terrorist attack that she tried to blame on a You-tube video. No help was given to the embassy being attacked and information surrounding her involvement is still being withheld. No one was fired. She was also involved in the Whitewater scandal and the White House travel office firings. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates claims in a recently released book that during her losing 2008 Democratic primary battle, Hillary admitted she opposed the Iraq War surge for purely political reasons.

Which one of these politicians is now in a “cloud of scandal” that will “rupture the image” needed to run for president? Whose chances for nomination are “marred” or in “serious danger”? Whose presidential run is “doomed” and over before it even started? Who is the media demanding answers from?

You already know what the mainstream media thinks – but you make the call. You’re the one who will make the final determination.

David J. Hentosh

PETA Loses Relevance – Again

May 4, 2013

It is a noble and worthwhile endeavor to fight against abuse of animals, and making people aware of such abuse through media attention makes sense. However, Ingrid Newkirk, president of People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), made her organization appear foolish once again by picking the wrong battle to fight in the quest for public awareness.

A video of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie smashing a spider on his desk prompted Newkirk to take a stand on behalf of PETA by chastising Christie for such a thoughtless act. Spiders are feared, loathed, and not considered animals by most people. Saving them from abuse, death, or even extinction will never be a priority for many. It is highly doubtful that PETA gained respect, or donations, by championing spiders.

PETA has always taken the approach that any press is good press and has gone over-the-top many times in its thirst for publicity. Appearing foolish not only does not faze PETA, it often seems to be a goal. Nudity, always an attention-getter, has been a staple in PETA’s publicity campaigns, but it hasn’t given PETA the mature image that such an organization needs to be taken seriously.

If it’s just attention PETA wants, why stop at Christie’s killing of a spider or Obama’s swatting (“executing”) a fly? Head lice are being massacred daily; fleas are routinely eradicated; and ticks get no respect whatsoever – and shouldn’t PETA be preparing a massive publicity campaign on behalf of the billion cicadas soon to make an appearance?

David J. Hentosh

Lowering the Lowering of the Flag

February 16, 2012

NJ Governor Chris Christie defended his decision to lower the flag on NJ state buildings on the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral. He received severe criticism for this decision from several quarters, much of which was based on Whitney’s known drug problems.

Christie responded humanely and properly to the drug-based criticism, rightly recognizing that any drug use on Whitney’s part does not take away from her artistic ability or artistic contributions. He also recognized that Whitney was not a role model in every aspect of her life. However, the overriding basis for his decision, that Whitney was a cultural icon, is flawed.

Traditionally, lowering of the flag has been reserved for military personnel and politicians who made notable contributions through public service. Bestowing that honor on Whitney Houston by subjectively determining she is a cultural icon lowers already sinking standards and sets the stage for further abuse.

“Cultural icons” are not always positive in nature. Often, the media brands someone as a cultural icon simply for being popular or getting a lot of press. Many of these “cultural icons” have had a less than positive impact on society or have been labeled as icons strictly for political reasons. Once politics becomes a factor, resulting controversy is a given and partisanship takes over.

Christie’s decision sets a precedent for lowering flags in the future for Al Sharpton, Jane Fonda, Tom Brady, Michael Moore, Kim Kardashian, Bill O’Reilly, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, Sean Hannity, or even Joe the Plumber. It doesn’t take a genius (a similarly overused label that has now lost meaning) to see the controversy and problems that would arise over that.

As the bar lowers, so does the honor and, eventually, it can turn into nothing more than a personal or political statement. We already have too many of those.

David J. Hentosh

The GOP’s Best Candidate?

September 27, 2011

GOP presidential candidate debates have, so far, given us a stage overflowing with candidates, inconsistent performances, party in-fighting, and rollercoaster poll results. Fortunately, there is still time to sort it all out, but a clear consensus has not yet formed. Is there one candidate that can rise to the top in time to wage a successful campaign against Obama?

Many in the GOP believe there is such a candidate and they are trying to get him to enter the race. N.J. Governor Chris Christie has been receiving many phone calls urging him to reconsider his decision not to run. He has made it clear that he does not want to run, but there seems to be a huge campaign afoot to compel him or, so to speak, “draft” him as a candidate.

It is interesting that some in the GOP who believe Obama will lose to almost any competent Republican candidate are still seeking the “best” candidate. Politically, that is a much fresher approach than just putting forward any candidate who can win, a tactic with consequences the country is now experiencing.

It is unfortunate that if Christie runs, his weight will become a subject of attack more than his political views. Personal attacks are a favorite tactic of the “elites” and it will be easier to call him fat than to call him dumb. Joy Behar, in anticipation of a Christie run, officially kicked this campaign off when she asked Michael Moore: “Do you think the country will tolerate a fat president?” Asking Michael Moore this question reeks of irony, denial, and ignorance, but it will become a talking point.

As governor, Christie has displayed the character, ability, and values that appeal to the GOP and many conservatives. His straight talk and his stance against demands of teacher’s unions infuriate the left, adding to his appeal. He has stated in the past that he doesn’t believe he is ready to be president, but sometimes the knock at the door is insistent. He surely hears that knock, but will he answer? If he does, the GOP may actually end up with the “best” candidate.

David J. Hentosh

Chris Christie – A Breath of Fresh Air

February 17, 2011

Perhaps N.J. Governor Chris Christie is right about refusing to run for president in 2012. It certainly isn’t because he’s not ready for Washington. It seems much that he says comes as a breath of fresh air and with a rationality that is sadly missing in national politics, and he would be a very viable and attractive candidate because of it. He actually has ideas and solutions. The problem is that Washington is not ready for him.

The current administration in Washington has increased obfuscation and partisanship, embedding Chicago-style politics into the very drapes behind which they maneuver. The tone has been set and many sheep-like “representatives” have conformed. Going against the grain is not on the table, even though so many of them promised to do just that when campaigning.

Governor Christie goes against the grain naturally. He doesn’t seem capable of blindly following anything or anyone. Leadership seems to be coded into his DNA. Dealing with reality, facts, and what is best for the people is considered naïve in Washington, but Christie is far from naïve. He seems to intuitively know that Washington is not ready for him and that he would just be banging his head against the wall uselessly. Washington needs to clear the air before his brand of air freshener can be effective.

It may seem that Christie is over-stressing the importance of being “ready” to run for president, holding on to the old-school idea that experience is necessary. Obama’s election trashed that idea along with many other old-school ideas. However, that is exactly one of the reasons why Christie is an attractive presidential candidate because there is a desperate need for some of those old-school ideas about which our current “leaders” seem clueless.

N.J. will benefit from Christie’s decision not to run for president and the example he sets may positively influence national politics. It’s just that Washington desperately needs the fresh air he brings, and continuing the current stale atmosphere may make it impossible for Christie to ever decide to run for president. It would be a shame if this is a “carpe diem” moment for Christie that never comes again.

David J. Hentosh

If You’re a Fan of Chris Christie, You’ll Enjoy This

January 29, 2011

If you’re not a fan, watch and become one.

From Philadelphia

Chris Christie, has not only become an Internet sensation sweeping the nation not only due to his major ownership of Liberal reportershis winning remarks toward a lying school teacher but for his announcement that the “day of reckoning” has come as well.

A lot of people in Conservative, Tea Party and libertarian camps that don’t have the pleasure of living in the Garden State and instead have to deal with governors like Schwarzenegger, Rendell and Paterson wish they could have a no-nonsense governor who is seemingly punching everyone’s punk card on a daily basis. Chris Christie came to New Jersey to kick Union tail and chew bubble gum: and he’s all out of bubble gum. Christie is now trying to fight public pensions that steal money from taxpayers and has sent Union guys like State Senator Sweeney  into the corner, crying.
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Make sure you watch the videos and read the list at the end of the article, that includes gems like:

  • Chris Christie can give aspirin a headache.
  • Chris Christie buys his Girl Scout cookies from Green Berets.
  • Santa Claus believes in Chris Christie.
  • More on Chris Christie, Governor Extraordinaire

    December 19, 2010

    From the Philadelphia

    New Jersey’s Republican governor, Chris Christie, has not only become an Internet sensation sweeping the nation not only due to his major ownership of Liberal reporters,his winning remarks toward a lying school teacher but forhis announcement that the “day of reckoning” has come as well.

    A lot of people in Conservative, Tea Party and libertarian camps that don’t have the pleasure of living in the Garden State and instead have to deal with governors like Schwarzenegger, Rendell and Paterson wish they could have a no-nonsense governor who is seemingly punching everyone’s punk card on a daily basis. Chris Christie came to New Jersey to kick Union tail and chew bubble gum: and he’s all out of bubble gum.

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    Chris Christie’s Advice to GOP Governors Brings Down the House

    November 20, 2010

    From Politics Daily:

    When at least four possible presidential contenders – Govs. Haley Barbour, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels — shared a stage at the Republican Governors Association conference Thursday morning, along with Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie, who do you think was the standout?

    Yes, Barbour’s every word is quotable, Daniels has sewn up the David Brooks primary, and no one can say that Pawlenty doesn’t present well. But if you read Politics Daily’s Jill Lawrence, you might not be surprised to learn that it was Christie who got the most applause and laughs from the crowd.

    What new governors can’t understand, he said, is that “I don’t care if you had a Democrat or a Republican before you,” you will still be up against the same “it’s never been done that way” mindset. He told governors-elect that their own political advisers will tell them, “Let’s not kick anybody you shouldn’t kick and you’ll be fine; let’s incrementalize, kick them a little and cuddle up to them at other times.” Which is fine, he said, if you want voters to “fog over” when you speak, thrown down the newspaper when they read about you, and vote against you the next time.

    Read the rest here: