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Obama Wears No Pants

September 7, 2013

For the longest time, blinders enabled many to believe they had a leader in the White House who will fulfill their dream. Finally, the obvious is becoming recognized: The king wears no pants.

Yes, there are those who will stick with Obama regardless of his decisions or actions and go against their own long-held positions against military intervention of any sort and pay higher premiums for health care with less coverage. They are too heavily invested in ideology and will continue to see racism in every criticism in order to ease the burden of denying reality. However, many more are beginning to see for the first time.

It is like watching a slapstick comedy routine with Pelosi, Biden, Reid, Kerry, and other hardcore, partisan fools reversing positions they once held, pretending that military intervention is the president’s responsibility, and his alone. They even praised Obama as being courageous for going to Congress for approval, conveniently forgetting that Bush did so based on integrity, not indecision.

Obama has been given a pass on every blunder he made, and there have been many, but his lack of leadership, experience, and refusal to take responsibility can no longer be overlooked. He has positioned our country between a rock and a hard place with a foreign policy that emboldened enemies and alienated allies. His lack of leadership has been an embarrassment, and it has now become dangerous.

Focusing on social engineering and “fundamentally transforming America” into a progressive Eden has not only fractured our society; it has left the world with no direction or means to deal with the turmoil in the Middle East. The far-left’s desire to eradicate America as a super power has been advanced by the Obama administration to the point where keeping weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of terrorists may no longer be possible. Israel, surrounded by a sea of hate, may now be the world’s only hope, and the world is not friendly to Israel.

The proper course to take with Syria is not obvious. We are damned if we do and we may be damned if we don’t. What is obvious is that there is little trust in Obama making the right decision and even if he does, there is a growing feeling that he will somehow bungle that, too. We are deeply mired in Obama’s transformed America.

David J. Hentosh




Noble Intentions Win Nobel Prize

October 10, 2009

A new trend has been loosed upon the world by the Nobel Committee’s decision to award Barrack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize based solely on his “intentions” to change the world. Reality, actions, consequences, and accomplishments are officially irrelevant. “Intentions” are now the rage.

Simon Cowell will have a very tough season on American Idol overlooking talent in order to determine what contestants hope to accomplish. It’s a shame airy Paula Abdul will not be there this season because this may be right up her alley. On the other hand, we can look forward to Sanji (Sanjaya Malakar) to make a triumphant return because he always intended to win.

TIME, a perennial trendsetter in PC magazine covers (, will now have its hands full competing with Psychology Today for in-depth news coverage. Who knows better what lurks in the minds of news makers than Psychology Today?

It may be that even Keith Olbermann will begin getting viewers for his MSNBC show. He always knew what was in the minds of evil conservatives and was way ahead of the curve in revealing that evil intent on his show.

The Academy Awards will become much easier to predict. Michael Moore will receive an award for anything mocking conservatives and America, which is everything he does, because he wears his intent on his massive sleeve. Movies will no longer have to be screened to be reviewed by critics because their intent has always been easily determined by the name of the director or producer.

Children will no longer have to study for tests. They will just have to convince their teachers that they intended to do well on the test and really, really, really want to learn how to use algebra. Young girls will once again aspire to become Miss America because their desire for world peace will now automatically bring the Nobel Peace Prize along with the crown.

Peace, brother. Change is good.

David J. Hentosh


October 9, 2009

Attempts to silence critics of the administration may seem strictly political, but they are looking more and more like efforts to protect the inflated ego of Obama. This administration’s actions against critics are increasing and, in some instances, even beginning to look sinister.

Obama’s runaway ego was on display in his speech to the Olympic Committee in Copenhagen ( where he used the words “I” or “me” 26 times in 48 sentences (Thank you, George Will, for counting in a failed attempt to woo the Olympics to Chicago. The leftstream media’s constant praise (despite a lack of accomplishments) has been a pump for Obama’s ballooning ego which, unfortunately, is beginning to look like the driving force behind all his actions.

A recent revelation that the Department of Justice hired a team of partisan Democrat campaign bloggers to post anonymous comments on conservative websites and write anonymous letters to newspapers to refute criticism of the administration is disturbing ( It is an under-the-table tactic that goes against Obama’s Inaugural promise to “ our business in the light of day…” ( It is also an example of an inflated ego’s need to unleash vengeance upon critics.

White House communications director Anita Dunn took another administration swipe at FOX News stating “It’s opinion journalism masquerading as news” ( Failing to distinguish between news reporters and news commentators on FOX, Dunn vowed that they would continue to fight back. With White House press secretary Robert Gibbs agreeing with Dunn, it looks like the fight to protect Obama from criticism will escalate as Obama’s popularity declines even further.

One has to wonder what would happen if Obama’s ego burst. Is it possible that the media, administration officials, and other Obamaphiles recognize how dangerous that would be? Is that why the Holder Justice Department feels the need to surreptitiously battle criticism from bloggers? Perhaps they all recognize that the balloons of “change” and “hope” would burst along with his ego and reveal the emptiness of the entire administration.

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize is certainly not going to help the situation.  (

David J. Hentosh