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Politically Correct Halloween

October 24, 2013

Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and most traditional holidays, have been targets of the “progressive” PC police in recent times, so it is not surprising to find Halloween under attack. It seems that those who self-righteously consider themselves champions of personal freedom are, once again, shamelessly trying to dictate everyone’s way of life and “transform” America.

The PC Command Center is our nation’s schools and it is there attacks begin. The Cumberland County, PA school district no longer allows costumes or parades for Halloween, citing “safety concerns” as reason for the ban. They do, however, allow dress-up days throughout the year for students to express individual creativity. That would probably include the PC-approved cross-dressing day held at a Milwaukee elementary school.

Inglewood Elementary School in the North Penn School District tried to ban Halloween using the popular and misinterpreted “Separation of Church and State” excuse. As extra ammunition, dietary concerns, specifically peanut allergies, were included. After an angry outcry from those whose sensitivities were supposed to have been rankled, the ban was lifted.

Colleges, however, have very little backlash when they “mold” the minds of students. Banning Halloween can be done in such a way that students do not even realize banning is taking place. The University of Colorado warns students to avoid costumes such as cowboys, Indians, white trash (which I’m sure includes hobos), over-sexualized themes (geishas, French maids), and anything portraying a culture (Pirates, gypsies, Mexican bandits?). The University of Minnesota allows cowboy costumes but not Indian ones or any that perpetuate racial, cultural, and gender stereotypes.

So, traditional baseball and football costumes are out because of the offensive Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, and Kansas City Chiefs. Robots are offensive because they replace human workers. President Obama masks are racist and President Bush masks are…well, Bush is just plain evil. Darth Vader is synonymous with Dick Cheney and a witch is synonymous with Sarah Palin and, of course, any priest or nun costume is highly offensive to progressives.

Halloween is becoming as hollow as the PC movement and progressive ideology, but nowhere near as frightening.

David J. Hentosh

Nutter is Nutty on Racism

March 19, 2013

An article in Philadelphia Magazine entitled “Being White in Philly” spurred Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter into a stereotypical response that actually proved one of the points the article intended to make: White people’s views on race and racism are not welcome and should not be heard – ever.

Journalist Robert Huber’s interviews with white people living in Philadelphia neighborhoods did contain some racist remarks, but that is a result of candid responses – and reality. Are those responses supposed to be censored? Is truth no longer allowed to “set you free” lest someone take offense?

It seems Mayor Nutter and others believe so. The title of the article was enough to elicit accusations of racism from some, simply because white people are believed to only have racist opinions. Racism has been determined to be a one-way street and all problems in the black community have been deemed to be the fault of white people. So sayeth the Progressives – forevermore.

Some of the responses in the article touched on things that are uncomfortable to hear, especially for those believing in total victimhood. That doesn’t make them less real and it certainly doesn’t make them unprintable. In today’s society, however, it makes them taboo because they did not follow the PC rules of engagement which dictate that white people have no feelings, opinions, or sensitivities concerning race.

According to the magazine’s editor, Tom McGrath, the point of the article was “to get a conversation going about race”. Conversations require two sides and those of Nutter’s ilk still demand race and racism remain one-sided. Nutter said that “Philadelphia Magazine has sunk to a new low” and his knee-jerk reaction was to call on the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission “…to conduct an inquiry into racial issues and attitudes in the city, and to decide whether the magazine and the writer should be rebuked.” Of course, the commission agreed with the mayor.

One could reasonably argue that the magazine article already conducted an inquiry into racial attitudes in the city. Then, again, nothing reasonable seems to be penetrating the stereotypical race barrier in Nutterland.

David J. Hentosh