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Lena Dunham Apology Unacceptable

December 22, 2016

After receiving much criticism for saying “Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had” in a podcast, Lena Dunham offered an apology: “My words were spoken from a sort of ‘delusional girl’ persona I often inhabit”. Remove the word “often” from that statement and it nails Dunham well.

Recognizing that many do not like anything she says, she added: “…this apology is for the women who have placed their trust in me”. This, too, is delusional since it is doubtful many women really place much “trust” in her. She is, after all, just another celebrity pontificating on political issues and only extremely ardent fans are gullible enough to treat a celebrity as being infallible.

Far too often the adulation celebrities receive from fans convinces them that everything they do or say is exceptional. Dunham is fully engaged with taking herself too seriously, believing everyone holds her in as high esteem as she holds herself. She has become “elite”. Because she speaks before thinking far too often, her apology for this latest distasteful and offensive comment lacks credibility and, therefore, is unacceptable.

Dunham is a hardcore feminist who proudly takes her feminism to foolishly unacceptable levels, often with man-hating and racist comments. She then finds it expedient to apologize afterwards but that has become very stale. There was no regard for the emotional upheaval abortion can cause or for the life that is snuffed out in her comment. There was only anger, insensitivity, and self-righteousness.

Until Dunham learns to contain her feminist-based anger and think before speaking, her apologies will remain meaningless. So, too, will much of what she spews.

David J. Hentosh

Arrogant Overreach

November 13, 2014

Fingers are being pointed and excuses are being drummed up as Democrats scramble to find reasons for the beat-down they received in the mid-term elections. If they would step outside their agenda for a moment they would see the one basic reason: arrogant overreach.

Arrogance is a far-left characteristic that Obama brought to the White House and it infected his administration and the entire Democrat Party. It fueled the false beliefs that Obama had a “mandate” to transform America and that his far-left social engineering agenda was acceptable to the majority.

Because of these false “beliefs”, Obama was given free reign from Democrats and the media to do whatever he wished. This allowed Obamacare to get hastily passed into law by a Democrat Congress ignorant of its contents and willfully blind to the deceit used to sell it.

The quick and successful passage of Obamacare convinced Democrats they had a righteous infallibility and when combined with arrogance, it compelled them to overreach on almost every issue. Critics were demeaned, silenced, and ignored as free birth control, abortions, open borders, amnesty, higher taxes, troop pullout, drones, part-time jobs, bailouts, increased food stamps, school lunch programs, and much more was dumped onto society.

Obama and Democrats arrogantly forced too much too quickly. It was political overreach. Failure of many of Obama’s foreign policies can also be attributed to overreach. The world doesn’t accept change any quicker than society does, especially without investigating the consequences.

This mid-term election was proof of the adage that “pride comes before the fall”. One can debate whether pride or arrogance comes first, but they are almost always found together. One can also debate Jonathan Gruber’s claim of taking advantage of the “stupidity of the American voter” but it is a known fact that taking voter stupidity for granted can be perilous. Just ask any Democrat.

David J. Hentosh

The Return of Back-Alley Abortions?

August 28, 2013

Progressives have used the scare of “back-alley abortions” to promote legalized abortion for years. Every time there is a move to limit abortion in any way, this scare is pulled off the shelf, dusted off, and shoved into everyone’s face as a direct consequence from limiting abortions. Now, progressives are opening the door wide for a re-birth (no pun intended) of those amateur, back-alley abortions.

A bill has been approved by California’s State Senate allowing non-physicians to perform abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy. This approval brings the bill one step closer to becoming a law and brings back-alley abortions one step closer to revival.

The bill allows nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants to perform the procedure, but we all know that the “slippery slope” is alive and well. We saw how legalizing only “medicinal” marijuana in California slid quickly down that slope into a pot free-for-all environment. It will happen with abortions, too, putting women at more risk rather than less.

California does not provide abortion reports to the federal government, so the exact number occurring in the state is not accurately known. Whatever that number is (and we can assume it is huge), it is not large enough to satisfy progressives’ desire for more. It wouldn’t be surprising to find this bill to be a proactive attempt to offset the dearth of doctors that Obamacare is sure to cause in order that abortions can continue undiminished. Such is the progressive’s thirst for abortions.

Unintended consequences from progressive policies abound because the idealism behind those policies requires blinders. Even when consequences are predicted, as with Obamacare, the blinders remain in place blocking reality. This California abortion bill is loaded with unintended consequences that our children will have to fix. The slippery slope is greased and waiting.

David J. Hentosh

Stupid Celebrity Boycott

July 23, 2013

Jay Z, Kanye West, Madonna, the Rolling Stones, and several other celebrities have joined Stevie Wonder in boycotting Florida because of Stand Your Ground laws. This will not hurt the state of Florida but it will upset fans and, eventually, hurt the celebrities themselves – and the black community will receive no benefit whatsoever.

To be consistent, which they never are and never will be, these celebrities must boycott half the states in the country because they, too, have Stand Your Ground laws. That would certainly cut into the amount of money these people pull in, so you can be sure it won’t go that far.

This is grandstanding, ignorance, and self-righteousness in a one-act play put on for an adoring media willing to treat them as knowledgeable spokespersons for normal society. The fact that Stand Your Ground laws played no role in the Zimmerman trial is being deliberately ignored because there is nothing else from the trial to realistically hang an idealistically disappointed hat on. Blindness to reality is part of their world to begin with, so this comes easy.

The only ones who will benefit from this boycott are those in Florida who don’t know who many of these pompous asses are, don’t care who they are, and don’t want to see them in the state anyway. When the press dies down and their agents find lucrative bookings in the Sunshine State, this boycott will just quietly go away.

When will we see a boycott of LA over gang warfare? When will we see a boycott of Mexico over illegal border crossings? When will we see a boycott of Hollywood over violence in films? When will we see a boycott of New York City over increasing anti-Semitism? When will we see a boycott of Philadelphia over the Gosnell murders?

Yeah, we all know when that will happen.

David J. Hentosh

Schumer’s Victory Dance

June 14, 2013

Sen. Chuck Schumer gleefully said on the Senate floor that “illegal immigration will be a thing of the past” once his immigration bill is passed. Where, exactly, is the pride in solving an illegal act by making it legal? Is that the best we can do? Apparently, it is, and it is one more sign of our escalating decline.

There is little doubt that if Schumer’s “solution” is put into place, border crossings will increase by those seeking the amnesty Schumer is eager to offer. Crossings are already rising in Texas. Schumer’s promise of securing the border later is as meaningful as “you can keep the health insurance you have”. Our government has a long history of reneging on promises and cutting funds.

When society stigmatized divorce, we made divorce easily obtainable. Today, 50% of marriages end in divorce and the family unit is crumbling. When illegal alcohol spurred out-of-control organized crime, we made alcohol legal again and organized crime flooded the country with drugs. We “solved” illegal gambling by making it legal through casinos and membership in Gambling Anonymous is steadily rising. When teen pregnancies increased, we handed out condoms in elementary schools and began actively encouraging their frequent use, resulting in a single motherhood epidemic. We “solved” the problem of dangerous back-alley abortions by making abortion legal, resulting in more and more abortions that have gone so far as murder outside the womb.

There is a pattern here. Society and our “leaders” are solving difficult problems with easy fixes and no forethought to consequences. The current easy fix being generated for our runaway drug problem is to make drugs legal. Does anyone really believe flooding the free market with legal, dangerous drugs (and that will surely be a result) will curtail their usage?

Chuck Schumer’s victory dance is not only premature, it is ridiculous. Amnesty, especially before securing the border, is a politically expedient fix for a difficult problem that will cause more problems. Obamacare is a perfect example of a hasty, politically expedient fix resulting in a nightmare.

When will we ever learn?

David J. Hentosh

Irreversible Damage

May 2, 2013

After the Boston bombings, a poll revealed that Fox News was the most watched and most trusted network covering the incident. Although the rejection of liberal biased networks is encouraging, damage caused by years of voter ignorance aided by media bias may be irreversible.

A recent poll shows that 42% of Americans don’t know that Obamacare has been passed into law. Unfortunately, many of these people vote. The hastily passed healthcare bill that is proving to be a disaster was sold to the public by a media vested in “making history” and reluctant to report on the bill’s failures. Congress is now trying to exempt itself from Obamacare while some unions, avid Obama backers, are trying to get many of its provisions repealed, but the media continues praising it.

Another poll shows that 55% of Americans don’t know that Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country, actually performs abortions. It receives taxpayer money based on the perception that its function is only women’s healthcare, a notion reinforced by President Obama stating publicly that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms, which it doesn’t.

The current trial of abortionist doctor Kermit Gosnell, accused of killing newborns as part of his abortion practice, went unmentioned by the mainstream media until it was forced to cover it because of the attention from Fox News and other responsible news outlets. The progressive media fully approves of abortion so it is reluctant to report anything negative concerning it.

Due to media-assisted voter ignorance, many abortion practices that most find despicable have taken root in society and flaws in Obamacare adversely affecting everyone have become law. It now seems likely that immigration reform will focus on amnesty and ignore border security, putting us all in danger for years to come.

Permanent damage has been done and more is sure to come if the biased media continues unfettered. A Republican White House would surely compel the liberal media to return to being a “watchdog” critically investigating administration policies. If that doesn’t occur, the damage already done will end up seeming miniscule compared to what is coming.

David J. Hentosh

Putting the Cat Back in the Bag

April 10, 2013

Once the proverbial cat is out of the bag, it is next to impossible to get it back in. So it has been with laws. Once on the books, it has been very, very hard to get a law repealed unless, that is, repeal dovetails with the progressive agenda.

Colorado is set to erase the crime of adultery from its books in order to “keep the government out of people’s bedrooms” and because the law is “archaic”. It seems we are to ignore that the government has already been in our bedrooms forcing health insurers to pay for abortions and provide free contraception. As long as the government is watering-down morality, bedroom intrusion is acceptable.

The traditional family unit is no longer considered as important as self-gratification. Adultery, divorce, abortion, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and open marriage have not only become acceptable, they are often being advocated. An entire generation has been raised with a low regard for the family unit and are left with no cornerstone for building the future.

Obamacare was passed hastily in order to satisfy Obama’s personal desire for universal health care. He did not read or understand the bill beforehand and didn’t care how damaging it could be as long as it was passed. Unfortunately, it will now be very difficult to get any of it changed or repealed. The common good was neglected in order to benefit 10% of the population – and there is no going back.

Gun control and immigration reform are the current cats being let out of the bag. Both require a serious and impartial analysis of consequences, but both will be handled by knee-jerk, emotional legislation instead. Years from now, there will be a lot of consternation as legislators try to repeal thE soon-to-be hastily passed laws. They will chase those cats for a long time but they will never get them back in the bag.

David J. Hentosh

Stigmatizing From the Left

March 15, 2013

As always, Ann Coulter pulls no punches when holding liberals accountable for their actions and she never fails to present facts highlighting liberal hypocrisy. Mayor Bloomberg’s “Big Gulp” fiasco provided a perfect springboard for Ann to do her thing.

From Ann Coulter

Posters are popping up in subway stations and bus stops giving statistics about teen pregnancy…It’s one thing to stigmatize “Big Gulp” drinkers, but liberals are hopping mad at this attempt to stigmatize teen pregnancy, 90 percent of which is unwed. To put it another way, if you’re a New York teen with a distended belly these days, it had better be because you’re pregnant…Liberals act as if gun owners, soda-guzzlers and smokers are innocent victims of the gun, food and cigarette industries, but the $542 million-a-year birth control industry is a quarry of angels…

Far from opposing stigmas, liberals are the main propagators of them — against cigarettes, guns, plastic bags, obesity, not recycling, Fox News, racist “code words,” not liking “Lincoln” and junk food…And what exactly was the purpose of the Journal-News publishing the names and addresses of every legal gun owner in various counties in New York state a few months ago? To congratulate them? To start a hunting club?

Los Angeles has banned plastic bags at supermarkets…But a little ad campaign describing the downsides of teenage pregnancy — which is still subsidized — and liberals howl in protest…single mothers are revered victims — victims in need of an ever-expanding social safety net, staffed with well-pensioned government workers…It would be hard to make the case that fast food, plastic bags and cigarettes do more damage than single motherhood.

Read it all here:  Trouble in the Nanny State


Obama’s Class Warfare Success

November 13, 2012

Obama’s deliberate fomenting of class warfare helped him get re-elected, but ending that war will be a problem. He can simply declare the war over in Afghanistan and pull our troops out, but the movement stirred by attacking the rich cannot be turned off like a spigot. His tactic has blossomed into an “us against them” attitude growing wild in our society.

Residents in over 30 states have now filed secession petitions. They are being countered by retaliation petitions to strip citizenship from those who signed the secession petitions. Obama has pitted citizen against citizen in order to get re-elected and it has widened the partisan gap and intensified animosity between the haves and have-nots.

As Obamacare kicks in forcing businesses to make economic cuts, many agitated “99-percenters” are in an uproar that those businesses are unwilling to eat the costs, eliminate profit, and hire more employees. Obama’s war on business has convinced them that all business is evil.

The “war on women” meme, a total fabrication, was created to turn women against Republicans. Planned Parenthood, a business Obama did like, was dishonestly presented as being under attack by Republicans wanting to stop women from getting mammograms, a procedure that Planned Parenthood doesn’t even offer.

Ignoring existing laws and making end runs around regulations, Obama systematically began his own amnesty program for illegal immigrants, tacitly accusing Republicans of cold-heartedly wanting to keep all Latino immigrants out.

False allegations of racism were abundantly used by the media to solidify the black vote. Voting for Obama solely because he was black became an undercurrent resulting in an unbelievable majority of the black vote. The fact that Obama has done little for the black community was washed away by a white vs. black tsunami that is reversing years of positive gains in racial relations.

Obama’s entire re-election campaign was based on separating rather than uniting, keeping the focus away from his failures and lack of achievements. It was successful, but the rift it caused is continuing. If we are lucky, the healing may begin in four years, but it is doubtful it will start earlier. Obama has convinced far too many to follow his lead.

David J. Hentosh

Politically Incorrect Surgery

June 28, 2012

A report of surgery on an “unborn baby” to remove a tumor while still in the womb seems to have gone unnoticed by pro-choice fanatics. Where is the outcry? Wasn’t that just a waste of money and effort on a “blob of protoplasm”? Wasn’t this a job for Planned Parenthood?

The tumor was discovered during the 17th week of pregnancy when saving the “blob of protoplasm” should never have even been considered. Instead, Dr. Ruben Quintero and Dr. Eftichia Kontopoulous successfully performed a first of its kind, in-utero surgery.

This “blob of protoplasm”, now called Lynda Gonzales, is currently 20 months old and perfectly normal and healthy. When did the change from “blob” to “unborn baby” occur? At what point in pregnancy would such a surgery be considered a better option than abortion? Would Planned Parenthood have recommended this surgery or even consider its use? Is it considered an acceptable “choice” for a modern woman to make?

Perhaps this type of questioning is too deep for a purely “pro-choice” consideration. This level of complexity doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker and, therefore, does not register. Lynda Gonzales may be very lucky for that.

David J. Hentosh