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Democrat Debate, Enter Stage Left

October 15, 2015

“Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?” What the hell kind of debate question was that? Requiring an either/or answer is flat out ignorant and foolishly irresponsible. It panders to a political movement that is fomenting racial unrest and tacitly (sometimes explicitly) encouraging anarchy and the killing of police. Lives have been lost because of this movement but, apparently, those lives aren’t supposed to matter.

Jim Webb was the only candidate who courageously broke from the pack by responding: “As a President of the United States, every life in this country matters”. In fact, Webb was the only candidate not attempting to be as far left as possible. He came across as “old school” in that he seemed to have integrity, class, and reasonable responses – all sorely missing in the other candidates. He was surprisingly impressive but certainly not to the far left, so he will be raked over the coals by the media and ousted quickly. He would fit more comfortably with the GOP. The Democratic Party has no place for him.

Sanders was Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist and as such, a favorite of the far left. He told us that climate change was our greatest national security threat, a view also held by our socialist-leaning president. Social issues, of course, dominated the debate, as they are the focus of the Democratic Party and the current administration. More “free” stuff from the government was offered to entice voters. Foreign affairs and policies, Democrat’s largest failures, received little attention.

Hillary dominated the debate as expected, having little competition from the candidates on the stage. She was not seriously questioned about the scandals dragging her polling numbers down. Her e-mail fiasco was sneeringly dismissed, allowing her to treat the debate as a personal campaign rally, eliciting applause from an adoring crowd.

This debate did little more than show how far left the Democrat Party has traveled. The middle ground has been deserted in search of far left votes. So, too, has the good of the country been deserted.

David J. Hentosh

The Trump Card

July 21, 2015

According to the media, everyone is outraged over Donald Trump’s remarks concerning John McCain. According to the media, the American people would never vote for Trump and if he doesn’t apologize to McCain, he will have to quit the race.

The media, however, has no clue what the majority of American people think. The media has been making self-serving, biased claims for so long that it now believes its own hype. The media has bullied politicians into cowering in fear but Donald Trump is not cowering and not apologizing – and the media is stunned.

Donald Trump may not realistically have much of a chance of becoming president, but his continuing popularity baffles and scares those convinced everyone thinks as the media does. People, however, are tired of the media and Trump’s refusal to bow to media pressure, along with daring to speak his mind, is a breath of fresh air.

Hillary is trying to manipulate media exposure, isolate herself from the slime of her own scandals, and reinvent an acceptable image for voters. Bernie Sanders is moving the far-left boundary even further left, trying to take advantage of Hillary’s unpopularity and the left’s dissatisfaction with Obama’s failure to turn America into a progressive utopia. GOP candidates are shedding or concealing conservative principles as they try to attract minority voters who have been brainwashed into voting for Democrats regardless of qualifications or issues. Donald Trump is simply being himself – and that is intriguing to many.

Openly addressing our illegal immigrant and border problems may end up being Trump’s biggest contribution to the presidential campaign, but it is huge. Until Trump dared speak out, amnesty was THE immigration topic for the media while Mexico, illegal immigrant felons, refusal to enforce immigration laws, and sanctuary cities were downplayed as side issues. Trump spoke openly of reality and defied the media, changing the landscape for the presidential campaign.

The Trump Card has been played against the left’s Race Card and is proving to be powerful. For that, many are grateful.

David J. Hentosh

Bernie and Ed Tell Some Whoppers on Face the Nation

October 4, 2010

On Face the Nation this weekend (Oct.3) the program included three liberals/progressives intent on bashing Tea Party members and the Republican party.

First came “Independent” (I guess being a Democrat is just not liberal enough for him) Bernie Sanders (VT) who said that President Obama is facing a more extreme form of political opposition than he’d ever seen.

“I think in his heart the president is a very, very decent guy; he wants to do what most Americans want him to do: To reach out, bring people together,” Sanders said on CBS’ “Face the Nation”Sunday.

“But what has happened is the Republicans have said ‘no, no, no.’ They have waged more filibusters than any time in the history of this country. They have been the party of ‘no’ and obstructionism. At some point, what the president has got to understand [is] they do not want America to succeed. They’re into politics.”

I guess he missed President Obama and V.P. Joe “the Sheriff” Biden out stumping for votes over the last few weeks.  And I guess he didn’t notice that the Dems just adjourned the House so they could go home and campaign.

Later in the show, our intrepid Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said Republicans were a bunch of obstructionists.

“Look at the small business bill,” Rendell said. “Republicans have talked all summer about helping small business. And yet there was a bill with $30 billion of lending authority with elimination of capital gains on small businesses. And they held it up until Senator Voinovich cast the deciding vote. They held it up all summer long. It could have been helping small businesses three or four months earlier, had they acted responsibly.”

This is proof positive that Ed Rendell knows nothing about small business. As someone who has owned a small business, I can tell you this $30 billion bill does little to help.

And then, Rendell follows up with this:

When Schieffer asked if there was a misperception about the Democrats’ agenda and accomplishments, compared to how the GOP and conservative activists portray Democrats, Rendell said yes. “For two reasons, Bob: Number one, ours is a complex message. The Tea Party message is pretty easy and simple. Secondly, we just don’t have it in our make-up, in our DNA to mislead the public. We don’t go out there and talk like that.”

Let me get this straight. It sounds like  Governor Rendell is suggesting that people are too stupid to understand the “intelligent, complex” Democratic message, and so they’re getting involved in the Tea Party movement because that message is simple to understand? (They don’t call this guy Fast Eddie for nothing.)

Hey, Governor Rendell, here’s an idea. Why don’t you Dems (and far-left progressives–we don’t want to leave Bernie out) just lie about your message–keep it really simple for us morons down here in the working class–and people will flock to it? Since, according to you, it’s the complexity of the message, not the message itself, that’s the issue.

But you might also consider this, Governor: People (even your constituents here in Pennsylvania) might actually know a lie when they hear it, and that’s why the Dems are losing. And, they know the truth when they hear it, and that’s why the Tea Parties are doing well.

(And by the way, that whole DNA thing is a crock of crap and I’d drop the line if I were you.)

See the full transcript here.

And check out the show that focuses on the conservatives from last week here. (Marco Rubio and Ken Buck are two featured.)