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Failures of Obama Cannot be Ignored

August 7, 2011

In April, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner assured us that there is “no risk” of the U.S. losing its top credit rating – it was just political rhetoric and all we had to do was raise the debt ceiling. This is the “leadership” we are getting from the present administration. Geithner failed miserably and he must go – now. So, too, with Obama.

The “change” this administration has brought about has been devastating: We have lost respect around the world; many of our staunchest allies have been insulted or ignored; unemployment has topped 9%; spending and debt is through the roof; partisan bickering (along with racism and class warfare) has increased; medical insurance coverage is in turmoil; and weak diplomacy has allowed Iran to reach the brink of having nuclear weapons.

Now, for the first time in history, the U.S. has had its credit rating lowered because of the incredible debt which has increased astonishingly on Obama’s watch and his reluctance to rein in spending. The only economical solution he offers is to raise taxes. He is in way over his head and the entire country is sinking and treading water with him.

Still, Obama wishes to get re-elected and many in the media continue to carry his water. The NY Times, one of Obama’s most fervent backers, is downplaying the credit downgrade by telling us it carries “few clear financial implications”. In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Paul Krugman tells us the fault lies with “the madness of the right” and then he says the rating agencies are ignorant anyway and the downgrade means little. The Tea Party, of course, is getting blamed as if it is in charge of the Senate, the House, and the White House.

Meanwhile, the fact remains that Obama is the president and the country is falling apart on his watch. The fact remains that he has not made good on many promises he made during his campaign and has shown the lack of leadership that his inexperience predicted. Nothing is getting better and much is getting worse, therefore, re-election makes no sense. Then, again, it made no sense to elect him in the first place, which validates the old adage that the people deserve the leaders they elect. The American people deserve better.

David J. Hentosh

Left Finally Recognizes Terrorism – But Only in Tea Party

August 2, 2011

After years of trying to deny the threat from fanatic Islamic terrorists, the non-judgmental left has finally caved in and recognized that terrorism does exist and we are in danger. Unfortunately, they see this terroristic threat coming from the Tea Party and they are marching in lock-step and voicing the same talking point, hoping to scare the public into submission.

The left has denigrated the Tea Party since its inception, fearing the power a group of concerned citizens can wield against their idealistic and unrealistic ideology. They have called the Tea Party everything from stupid to anti-American to crazy. Finding those accusations to have little effect, they now are turning to something the American people understand much better than they do – terrorism.

The NY Times, upset with opposition to irresponsible spending, backed this latest tactic with columnist Nicholas Kristof likening the Tea Party to Al Qaeda and Thomas Friedman calling it a “Hezbollah faction”. Chris Matthews, a parrot of leftist talking points, called the Tea Party “baby-kidnapping terrorists”, attempting to up the ante with hyperbole, but only succeeding in making himself look more ridiculous.

William Yeomans, an American University law professor, writing at Politico, said Tea Party members have become “full-blown terrorists”, as if planes are being hijacked and suicide bombers are on the White House grounds. Speaking of the White House, Vice President Joe Biden (no stranger to asinine remarks) got into the act by saying Republicans had “acted like terrorists” during the debt limit negotiations, putting the administration’s seal of approval onto this latest tactic.

It is ridiculous to equate the Tea Party with terrorism. However, the left (“elites”) continues to believe the American people are dumb enough to be swayed by such exaggerated rhetoric. Perhaps the next election will show the result of treating Americans like fools.

David J. Hentosh

Picket Across America

July 31, 2011

Frustrated? Consider Picket Across America.

It takes one piece of posterboard and a few minutes at 9 AM on September 17.

Read about it on Right Side News


Connect With Other Tea Party Activists

March 1, 2011

Freedomworks has started FreedomConnector, which is designed to connect conservatives/Tea Party members with each other.

You can sign up here.


Call to Action!

February 24, 2011

From Independence Hall Tea Party Association:

Dear Members and Friends,

As many of you know, the AFL-CIO and SEIU are mobilizing protests in Philadelphia and Trenton during the next two days.

While we think it’s tempting to greet them at Love Park (in Philly) today, we believe it would be smarter to travel to Trenton on Friday and attend an Association sponsored Press Conference being hosted by State Senator Michael Doherty:

A Call for Taxpayer Relief  Press Conference (in support of Gov. Christie’s 2012 Budget)
When:  Friday, February 25, 11-11:45 AM
Where:  Room 103, State House, 125 West State Street–across from Senate Chamber,
Trenton, NJ

Sponsored by:  Independence Hall Tea Party Association in cooperation with several New Jersey Tea Party groups and American Majority.

Confirmed Speakers: State Senator Michael Doherty (R-23); Assemblywoman Alison McHose (R-24); the Honorable Anna Little; Ned Ryun, President, Americans Majority; and 4 Tea Party Leaders representing North, Central, and South Jersey–Jim Lefkowitz, Somerset County Tea Party; Russell Cote, Bayshore Tea Party; Mark Falzon, Jersey Shore Tea Party; and Barbara Davis, Cherry Hill Area Tea Party.

Invited Speaker: Rosa Perez Lionetti, New Jersey Chapter, Smart Girl Politics.

At 12 noon (immediately following the Press Conference), a “Taxpayer United” rally, sponsored by AFP and several New Jersey Tea Party groups, will be held at the State House.

If you decide to attend the rally, please do not engage union members in conversation–some of them will be looking for any excuse to engage in physical confrontation.  Also, bring an umbrella–rain is in the forecast.

Hope to see in Trenton!

On behalf of the Independence Hall Tea Party Executive Board,
Teri Adams


Driving directions and information on security clearance, disability access, parking, dining, and public transportation can be found below:

All visitors must have photo identification in order to enter the State Capital Complex.

All visitors and users of the State Capital Complex shall comply with all security measures in effect.  If a particular use or activity is deemed to impair security, such use or activity shall immediately be modified or totally discontinued in accordance
with the instructions from the State Police or other entity responsible for security.

Disabilities Access
The State Capital Complex is a barrier-free facility.  If you or members of your group have any special needs, please notify Dawn Temperino of OLS as soon as possible by calling (609) 292-4661.

Parking Parking is available in the State Capital Complex parking garage using the Route 29 entrance.  Proceed to the guard booth and have photo identification ready to present to State Police in order to gain access to the garage.

Parking is provided on a first come, first served basis.

Metered, on-street parking is available along West State Street.  Meters are free on weekends.  Handicap parking is available in the State Capital Complex parking garage and on West State Street in front of the State House.  The West State Street entrances for the State House and State House Annex have exterior wheelchair accessible ramps and automatic doors.

Buses must park in the State Park N’ Ride lot at the intersection of Perry Street and Route

A public bus is available to transport to the State Capital Complex.

There are four paid parking garages within a 5 minute walk of the State House Complex.  Please go to for complete details.

Dining Facilities
The State House has a concession stand and cafeteria.  No food or beverages are permitted in the Senate meeting rooms.

125 West State Street in Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Driving From the North: Take Route 1 south to the last New Jersey exit (Capital Complex).  Turn right onto Warren Street and go to the light where you will make a left onto Market Street.  Pass through the next light at William Trent Place and bear right following signs for the Capital Complex.

From the South: Take Route 206 north or 295 north, and follow directions to 195 west to Route 29 north (toward Lambertville).

From the West: Enter Trenton via Delaware River toll bridge (Route 1 north).  Exit at Route 29.  Take Route 29 north (toward Lambertville).  Exit right at Memorial Drive.  Follow signs for the Capital Complex and proceed through the light at the end of
the ramp.  After the light, make a sharp first right and proceed making a semi-circle around the parking area.  Pass through the light into the Capital Complex.

From the East: Take 195 west to Route 29 north (toward Lambertville).  Exit right at Memorial Drive.  Follow signs for the Capital Complex and proceed through the light at the end of the ramp.  After the light, make a sharp first right and proceed making a
semi-circle around the parking area.  Pass through the light into the Capital Complex.

Public Transportation Direct rail service to Trenton is provided by both New Jersey Transit (1-800-582-5946) and Amtrak (1-800-872-7245).   New Jersey Transit also provides bus service to and within the Trenton area.

From the Trenton Train Station

Walking: South Clinton Avenue runs along the left side of the train station. Proceed up the avenue (to your right when facing the road) one block and make a left onto East State Street.  (You will soon pass the Department of Environmental Protection on your left.)  The State House is two blocks up on the left.  The walk takes 10-15 minutes.

Cabs: Cabs are available at the rear of the station.

Buses: Buses stop in front of the train station at the corner of South Clinton Avenue.  Most service West State Street and the State House.

Tea Party Out to Defeat Three Longtime GOP Senators

February 20, 2011

From the Associated Press:

What does a longtime Republican senator with a national reputation for working well with Democrats do in the face of a potentially career-ending tea party challenge?

If you’re Richard Lugar of Indiana, you tell them to “get real.”

If you’re Olympia Snowe of Maine, you fight off the “Snowe Removal” effort by making key alliances with tea party activists and highlighting your record of fiscal conservatism.

And if you’re Orrin Hatch of Utah, you woo them.

Lugar, Snowe and Hatch are all on notice that their approach to governance may no longer be welcome.

It’s clear the tea party — not even 2 years old — isn’t going away anytime soon after huge success in last fall’s congressional elections. Dozens of its favorite candidates — Republicans who champion limited government and sharply reduced spending — won House and Senate races. Now, the tea party is empowered and turning its attention to vulnerable Republicans up for re-election in 2012. How the three GOP senators handle the tea party threat will go a long way to determining whether the outcome mirrors that of 2010.

Read the rest here.

House Spending Revolt

February 11, 2011

From the Washington Times:

The Republican House leadership’s realization that it’s going to have to keep its pledge to trim $100 billion from the federal budget is proof that elections can matter. The GOP‘s fiscal hawks, especially those who joined the ranks after November’s electoral blowout, balked at attempts to pass off a $40 billion cut as sufficient.

“We promised the American people $100 billion in cuts and that is what we need to give them,” freshman Rep. David Schweikert, Arizona Republican, told The Washington Times. “We are devastatingly broke and the only thing that will get us back on the track to fiscal responsibility and economic prosperity is if we cut more and spend less.”

Of course, the last thing a congressional appropriator wants to do is spend less. The committee traditionally has used the public purse as a means of doling out favors to friends. So it’s not surprising that the old guard resisted the full cut. It instead came up with a smaller figure reflecting the difference between a calendar year and a fiscal year. Rank-and-file members quickly realized they’d be hooted off the stage if they attempted to pass such a lame excuse past a Tea Partycrowd.

Read the rest here: House Spending Revolt

Tea Party Express Townhall

February 4, 2011

From Kitchen Table Patriots:

On Tuesday, February 8th, Tea Party Express will be hosting a LIVE Town Hall at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The event will be from 7:00 – 9:00 pm and the confirmed Members of Congress are Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and Congressmen Steve King.

This is the first of its kind event with members of the Senate and the House interacting with tea party constituents. The Members of Congress will be taking questions live from the audience, as well as from people across the country via Twitter, FaceBook, Chat and email. Information on submitting questions via social media and technology will be forthcoming.

If you are going to be in DC next week, we would love to have you attend. There is limited seating, so we ask that you please RSVP here in advance and a seat will be reserved for you.


Tea Party News

January 29, 2011

Have you seen this?

Tea Party News


First Black Tea Party Formed

January 23, 2011

From the Patriot Statesman:

The Crispus Attucks Tea Party will hold its inaugural meeting on January 18th, 2011 at “This Is It” Soul Food Restaurant, located at 2712 Blodgett, in the heart of Houston’s 3rd Ward. Supporting “This Is It” and enjoy a buffet dinner at 5:30 pm and socialize with other guests. The meeting will begin sharply at 6:30. Guest speakers will include recently elected Texas State House Representative James Earl White, House District 12 and Anita MonCrief, National Spokesperson Ms. MonCrief will be working in Houston to help the Crispus Attucks Tea Party identify and prepare Conservative candidates for upcoming elections. Representative White was recently selected by Constituents of Angelina, San Jacinto, Trinity and Tyler Counties to represent them in Texas House District 12. House District 12 is located in East Texas which was a Ku Klux Klan territory and is a predominately White House District. Texas is especially proud of the fact that Representative White’s character and the content of his message carried the day and with Tea Party help he won his seat with a substantial margin. Texas continues to lead the way for all other states in many ways. Texas and America are entering a period where “Content and Character are indeed more important than Color”.

Read the rest here: