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Holder To Monitor Polls

November 4, 2014

A recent video filmed in North Carolina from James O’Keefe, president of the Project Veritas Action Group, showed that states requiring no ID for voting provide an easy opportunity for fraudulent voting on a massive scale.

Colorado’s new election system allows voting by mail, same-day registration, ballots sent to every registered voter (who may not have voted in years), and “ballot harvesting” where one individual can collect the ballots of up to 10 people and drop them off. There is no way of monitoring that 10-ballot drop-off or the many other flaws in the system.

Voting machines in Illinois and Maryland have been found with what has been called a “calibration issue” that electronically switched votes for Republicans over to Democrats. Florida is on the look-out to prevent absentee ballot fraud which has plagued the state in recent years. A man in New Mexico tried to vote and found that an imposter had already voted in his place.

These are just some of the known voting issues defying the left’s claim that voter fraud is non-existent, yet, they scream that voter ID is voter suppression with no proof at all. One can guess what they would scream if those voting machines in Illinois and Maryland were switching Democrat votes to Republicans.

Not to worry, though, because U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is sending poll monitors to 18 states to be on the look-out for…race-based discrimination. He didn’t find it in Philadelphia when members of the Black Panthers carrying nightsticks were intimidating voters at the polls in 2008, but he’ll keep looking until he does find it – because he “believes” it’s there.

Holder is stuck on race and has turned the entire Justice Department into a race-based organization. He believes that voter ID laws are racist even though ID is required for almost everything, including attendance at an NAACP rally. He doesn’t recognize how demeaning it is to treat the black community incapable of obtaining an ID. He should have been gone long ago.

Angry Voters

October 28, 2014

A recent CNN poll found “nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed and 53% of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance”. Angry voters should direct their anger at themselves for having elected Obama – twice – after ignoring evidence of the direction Obama intended all along.

Details of Obama’s “transformation of America” were there between the lines of his campaign rhetoric but the mainstream media was intent on “making history” and pushing their own idealistic agenda, so they kept details hidden. Those trying to reveal the truth were labeled racists or right-wing radicals and were ridiculed. Far too many voters allowed themselves to be duped.

The black community overwhelmingly and blindly voted for Obama solely because he was black, willfully ignoring his radical background, inexperience, and intent. They certainly should be angry at themselves for allowing emotions and unrealistic expectations to overcome common sense. Obama’s policies, especially on immigration, have done more harm than good for the black community.

A majority of women, too, voted for Obama – twice. His administration’s politically manufactured “GOP war on women” is as insulting as treating women as if they are only concerned with birth control and abortion. Women should be angry at themselves for allowing such political manipulation to continue unchallenged.

Unfortunately, too many young voters have been indoctrinated by the liberal, progressive academia to know they should be angry. They have little personal experience of America’s greatness to understand the damage caused by Obama. They have been conditioned (brainwashed?) to government handouts and America-bashing and do not realize how demeaning that is. Someday, they may, but their votes are needed now, before it’s too late.

There are many valid reasons for voter anger, but action is needed rather than anger. It would be disastrous to allow voter anger to become voter apathy. The time to turn this around is now. Vote angry and vote wisely.

David J. Hentosh

Irreversible Damage

May 2, 2013

After the Boston bombings, a poll revealed that Fox News was the most watched and most trusted network covering the incident. Although the rejection of liberal biased networks is encouraging, damage caused by years of voter ignorance aided by media bias may be irreversible.

A recent poll shows that 42% of Americans don’t know that Obamacare has been passed into law. Unfortunately, many of these people vote. The hastily passed healthcare bill that is proving to be a disaster was sold to the public by a media vested in “making history” and reluctant to report on the bill’s failures. Congress is now trying to exempt itself from Obamacare while some unions, avid Obama backers, are trying to get many of its provisions repealed, but the media continues praising it.

Another poll shows that 55% of Americans don’t know that Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country, actually performs abortions. It receives taxpayer money based on the perception that its function is only women’s healthcare, a notion reinforced by President Obama stating publicly that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms, which it doesn’t.

The current trial of abortionist doctor Kermit Gosnell, accused of killing newborns as part of his abortion practice, went unmentioned by the mainstream media until it was forced to cover it because of the attention from Fox News and other responsible news outlets. The progressive media fully approves of abortion so it is reluctant to report anything negative concerning it.

Due to media-assisted voter ignorance, many abortion practices that most find despicable have taken root in society and flaws in Obamacare adversely affecting everyone have become law. It now seems likely that immigration reform will focus on amnesty and ignore border security, putting us all in danger for years to come.

Permanent damage has been done and more is sure to come if the biased media continues unfettered. A Republican White House would surely compel the liberal media to return to being a “watchdog” critically investigating administration policies. If that doesn’t occur, the damage already done will end up seeming miniscule compared to what is coming.

David J. Hentosh

Yes, Voter Fraud Exists

March 12, 2013

A shrill, indignant cry from the left has been that voter ID is unnecessary and it is only being advocated by conservatives in order to disenfranchise voters of the Democrat Party, particularly minority voters. “Where is all this ‘supposed’ voter fraud?” so many liberals ask.

Enter Obama supporter Melowese Richardson, a Cincinnati poll worker no less, who admitted casting her vote twice for Obama and is now being indicted for allegedly voting at least six times. She says she had no intent to commit voter fraud and further asserted: “I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States”. There’s another assumed “right” conceived by ignorance and self-righteousness.

Lest one believe that this is just an isolated case, there are two others in that same district being indicted for voter fraud. Further recent evidence of voter fraud can also be found in Jacksonville, Cedar Rapids, and a South Florida internet absentee ballot attempt – among many others. Also, it occurs on both sides of the aisle, evidenced by two employees of a GOP-tied firm in Florida being found guilty of voter fraud.

Requiring voter ID is certainly not the solution to all voter fraud, but it is a common sense measure that is long overdue. Everyone knows voter fraud occurs. How can it not when anyone can show up at the voting booth claiming to be someone else? Those pretending it does not happen do so only to protect the practice. The screaming denial from the left shows how important  fraud at the voting booth is to their agenda. They need it as much as they need denial. The country has had enough of both.

David J. Hentosh

Buying Votes

December 5, 2012

It is supposed to be unthinkable to suggest that Obama bought votes by promising “free” stuff. Any Republican mentioning such a thing has been vilified by the media. Also, the race card has been played by liberals at any suggestion that Obama received a preponderance of black votes based on his eagerness to provide government entitlements. How, then, does one explain Detroit’s City Council member JoAnn Watson?

The city of Detroit is facing its own financial cliff and in desperate need of a solution. Council member Watson unabashedly demanded that Obama provide a bailout as payback for voting for him. “Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that,” said Watson.

It seems that for Watson, “exercising leadership” is synonymous with acquiring “free” government money – as a quid pro quo (a favor for a favor). The façade of voting for the best candidate to run the country has been stripped away by Watson’s personal display of “leadership”. Obama’s bribe for votes must now be paid – or what? Will Watson demand a re-call?

The White House, so far, seems to have no intention of bailing out Detroit. Watson must have missed the nuance in Obama’s remark to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev about having more flexibility after the election. That flexibility allows Obama to do whatever he wishes, or not do as the case may be, and paying bribes or keeping promises is optional.

In any event, the honesty from Councilwoman Watson is somewhat refreshing, at least until the full reality behind the remark sinks in.

David J. Hentosh

Media’s Framing of Issues is Deceitful

March 7, 2012

NBC’s Brian Williams unabashedly misled viewers recently when he proclaimed that the Republican Party has decided to “go after reproductive rights”. The real issue is the validity (and Constitutionality) of Obamacare’s mandate for health insurance to supply (free) contraceptives to women even when it goes against the tenets of religious organizations.

The false idea that a woman’s “right” to contraceptives is being attacked is ludicrous. Contraceptives are widely available, often free of charge. Stopping this mandate does nothing to block that access whatsoever. Furthermore, providing contraceptives for free is not a “right”, so framing it as one is pure deception to help advance an agenda.

Similarly, requiring identification to vote is not a racist tactic, a burden on the poor, or a “concerted assault on minority voters”. ID is a standard requirement in today’s society for many things and it is an insult to all minorities or poor people to consider it beyond their capability to obtain proper ID – free of charge. Following this deceitful logic, shouldn’t it also be considered an “assault” to require ID for enrollment in government entitlement programs?

Interestingly enough, traveling in order to exercise one’s “right” to free contraceptives is not considered a burden – only traveling to get an ID is a burden. Perhaps when the public is brainwashed completely to the idea of free contraceptives being a “right”, the government will require itself to deliver them. Just don’t expect the government to deliver an ID while they’re at it. That would be a racist assault.

David J. Hentosh

This Year’s Administration Scandals

December 30, 2011

Just in case you begin to believe those who blindly praise the Obama administration for being scandal free, Michelle Malkin provides a list of the past year’s scandals that makes it hard to keep one’s head in the sand. For a Chicago-bred politician like Obama, they may seem like standard operating procedures, but they are blots on his administration and good reasons to deny him a second term.

From Michelle Malkin

…the year kicked off in January with the departure of lying eco-radical czar Carol Browner. In backroom negotiations, she infamously bullied auto execs to “put nothing in writing, ever”… the White House’s own oil spill panel had singled out Browner for misleading the public about the scientific evidence for the administration’s Draconian drilling moratorium.

…Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, whose death came at the hands of a Mexican cartel thug wielding a Fast and Furious gun walked across the southern border under Attorney General Eric Holder’s watch…

…In February, federal judge Martin Feldman in Louisiana…called out the administration’s culture of contempt and “determined disregard” for the law…

…This spring saw rising public anger over the preferential Obamacare waiver process. Some 2,000 lucky golden ticket winners were freed from the costly federal mandates – including…restaurants in Aloha Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district, the entire state of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Nevada, and scores of local, state and national Big Labor organizations…

…Obama’s health and human services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, faced separate legal questions over her overseer role in a hair-raising document-shredding case when she served as governor of Kansas…

…the politically driven half-billion-dollar Solyndra stimulus “investment” went bankrupt, prompting an FBI raid and ongoing criminal and congressional probes of the solar company…

…two high-ranking witnesses exposed how the White House had pressured them to alter their congressional testimony and play down concerns about LightSquared’s interference threat to military communications…

…Dem. Sen. Clair McCaskill of Missouri demanding a probe of the smelly $443 million no-bid smallpox antiviral pill contract with Siga Technologies – controlled by big lefty donor Ron Perelman…

… massive voter fraud in Indiana, where a Democratic official resigned amid allegations that “dozens, if not hundreds,” of signatures were faked to get Obama on the state primary ballot in 2008…

Read it here:  Year in scandals


A Message from TJC President Jeff McGeary

July 31, 2011

Dear Patriot,

Our August meeting will be held in conjunction with the Kitchen Table Patriots to present a project to help ensure the integrity of our electoral process.  This is a genuine non-partisan issue.  Win or lose candidates for office should be able to rely on the officials who oversee the polls on Election Day so that every legitimate vote is counted.

“True the Vote” is an initiative developed by citizens for citizens, to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process and to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation.  We are looking for people to learn about this effort and get involved today to ensure we have valid elections for all.  Please join us August 8th.

True the Vote
w/ TJC & KTP
Monday, August 8th, 7pm
The Moose Club
127 East State Street
Doylestown, PA

At the meeting we will begin planning for the 2nd Annual “We Read the Constitution” Rally at Washington Crossing State Park on Saturday, September 17th.  Those who attended last year will recall the educational and civic value of the event.  If you are interested in helping or being a reader, please contact Audrey Strein at

Also consider attending a wonderful event with the “First Lady” of the Conservative movement, Phyllis Schlafly, on Tuesday, August 9th at the Union League in Philadelphia.  Phyllis is the Founder and President of the Eagle Forum.  There is a reception and luncheon; more information can be found here:

All the best,
Jeff McGeary
President, Thomas Jefferson Club

NM Eyes 64,000 Cases of Possible Voter Fraud

June 23, 2011


Just who is voting in New Mexico’s elections, and how many times?

New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran has turned over a staggering 64,000 cases of

possible voter fraud to the state Department of Public Safety for investigation.

That’s more than 10 percent of the 607,000 people who voted in the 2010 general election in the state, the Santa Fe New Mexican points out.

At a legislative hearing earlier this year, Duran said 117 foreign nationals had managed to register to vote, and at least 37 of them actually did cast ballots in the election.

She cited the figures while testifying in support of a bill that would have required voters to show photo identification at polling stations.

Duran’s office didn’t explain how 37 cases of suspected illegal votes had swelled into 64,0000.

It didn’t say how many of those cases were believed to be illegal immigrants voting. In most states, voter fraud cases often involve felons who have lost voting privileges.

Read more on NM Eyes 64,000 Cases of Possible Voter Fraud

A Candidate for RNC Chair and His Anti-Constitutional Ideas

January 13, 2011

From PajamasMedia:

If nothing else, the 2010 elections were about a renaissance of the United States Constitution. The constitutional restraints on the power of government are en vogue. A resurgent GOP has claimed the document as a unifying rallying cry. This is why it is so curious that one of the leading candidates for Republican National Committee chair has fought for one of the most anti-constitutional ideas of the last half-century.

Saul Anuzis, former chair of the Michigan Republican Party, has aggressively championed the National Popular Vote movement. If you don’t know what that is, count your blessings. The National Popular Vote movement is a frontal assault on one of the most important parts of the Constitution — the method we use to elect the president.

The National Popular Vote movement would have states allocate their Electoral College votes to whichever candidate wins the nationwide popular vote. For example, South Carolina would have thrown their electoral votes in 2008 to Barack Obama even though McCain handily won the state.

It is a peculiar idea for a candidate for RNC chair to champion.

The plan relies on statutory changes in the states, not a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College. Naturally, there would never be sufficient support to amend the Constitution this way. States would never sign that suicide pact.  Americans may be disturbed, however, to learn that 31 state legislative chambers have passed this purely partisan initiative. Notice the blue hue of the states which have done so.

Read the rest here.

The National Popular Vote Bill has passed the following state legislative chambers (as of Sept 21, 2010), including:

  • Arkansas House (in 2007 and 2009)
  • California Senate (in both 2006 and 2007)
  • California Assembly (in 2006 and 2008)
  • Colorado House (in 2009)
  • Colorado Senate (in both 2006 and 2007)
  • Connecticut House (in 2009)
  • Delaware House (in 2009)
  • District of Columbia Council (in 2010)
  • Hawaii House (in 2007 and 2008)
  • Hawaii Senate (in 2007 and 2008)
  • Illinois House (in 2007 and 2008)
  • Illinois Senate (in 2007)
  • Maine Senate (in 2008)
  • Maryland House (in 2007)
  • Maryland Senate (in 2007)
  • Massachusetts House (in 2008)
  • Massachusetts Senate (in 2008)
  • Michigan House (in 2008)
  • Nevada Assembly (in 2009)
  • New Jersey Assembly (in 2007)
  • New Jersey Senate (in 2008)
  • New Mexico House (in 2009)
  • New York Senate (in 2010)
  • North Carolina Senate (in 2007)
  • Oregon House (in 2009)
  • Rhode Island House (in 2008)
  • Rhode Island Senate (in 2008 and 2009)
  • Vermont House (in 2008)
  • Vermont Senate (in 2008)
  • Washington Senate (in 2008 and 2009)

Source: National Popular Vote