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Naughton Challenges Fitzpatrick

April 24, 2014

Shaugnessy Naughton is running for Congress in the 8th District against Mike Fitzpatrick. In a guest opinion in the BCCT she laid out her “progressive platform” that contained very little detail but one: spend, spend, spend. That, of course, means more government spending.

The need for jobs, of course, ends up on every politician’s agenda, but the idea that government creates jobs is a progressive idea that is false. Government is not supposed to create jobs. It is only expected to help build an atmosphere where jobs can be created by private industry.

Naughton’s self-proclaimed “forward thinking attitude” was explained with all the right buzz words: investing in the future, investing in the infrastructure, investing in education and science and technology, modernizing transportation, raising the minimum wage, etc. How all this investing is to be paid for is left unsaid.

There is nothing wrong with investing, but “progressive” spending is at an all-time high and we are getting very little bang for the buck – and our children are being saddled with the bill. A little “forward thinking” a few years ago could have stopped Obamacare from being rashly devised and rammed through Congress. It could also have stopped our education system from deteriorating into a social engineering laboratory that is failing to educate properly. Naughton’s type of “forward thinking” always seems to ignore consequences.

Naughton complains about companies shutting their doors, but government over-reach and intrusion bears much of the blame. Government investments in alternative energy sources that have produced little could have done much for our failing infrastructure. Instead, the “progressive” agenda ruled the day and we spent foolishly. Appeasing the progressive agenda has put us in a difficult position. We need a real change.

Nothing Shaugnessy Naughton said makes one feel she is the change we need. She seems like more of the same, and that’s not working. Her science background is impressive, but science has been hijacked for political purposes to the point where it has lost credibility, especially when cited by politicians. We need to stop “progressing” and get our priorities straight. Then, maybe real progress can be made.

David J. Hentosh

Strouse Takes a Weak Shot

September 30, 2013

Democrat candidate Kevin Strouse, attempting to unseat Bucks County Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, took a weak shot at Fitzpatrick in an opinion article in the Courier Times. His tirade, strict Democrat talking points, blamed Republicans for causing a government shutdown and chastised Fitzpatrick for playing politics with the shutdown and debt ceiling. Unfortunately, he exposed himself as another strict partisan unwilling to place any blame on his own party.

Congress, as whole, is playing politics with every issue it addresses and the chasm between the parties is growing wider and wider with less and less bipartisanship. Society, too, is splitting further apart and it is all being driven from the top downward. President Obama set the tone, refusing to listen to opposing views and demanding acquiescence to his views, never compromising. Futhermore, he demonizes all who dare challenge his policies, using the White House bully pulpit to spread fear and loathing.

His disdain for Republicans, disregard for the law, and his petty criticism of FOX News is unseemly coming from the White House and it has emboldened his unconditional supporters, and non-supporters, to follow suit. Consequently, we now have a mainstream media with no credibility and American voters unaware of the seriousness of administration failures.

If Kevin Strouse continues to carry Obama’s water, refusing to acknowledge Democrat’s part in this fiasco, his campaign will fail miserably. He need only ask Patrick Murphy how well hanging onto Obama’s coattails worked for him. Fitzpatrick has been taken to task for going against the grain of uncompromising Republicans several times, but that has not stopped him from doing what he, and not party hacks, believes is right. That is the best voters can ask of an elected official and it is what Bucks County, and the country, needs – not another meek, Obama sycophant.

Blaming Republicans for everything is just a repeat of blaming Bush. We have had enough of that. It is time to spread the blame around to all those who are guilty, and vote accordingly. Strouse and the Democratic Party need to look into a mirror and finally see their own reflection, not Obama’s.

David J. Hentosh

Pre-writing History

March 24, 2013

Repetition, repetition, repetition – It is the method being used by the left to forge public perception and pre-write history. The bombardment of false perceptions has taken root in many, and future historians may not be able to discern the truth. The squeaky wheel of the left may get the historians’ grease.

According to the progressive left (including, of course, the media): Dick Cheney is evil; the GOP is racist; the rich pay no taxes; Bush wrecked the economy; the Catholic Church promotes pedophilia; Obama has superior intelligence; the US is the most terroristic nation in the world; socialism works well; Castro is an humanitarian; there is no deficit problem; taxing the rich for their “fair share” will solve the deficit problem; limiting abortion is a war on women; Obamacare costs less; etc., etc.

The list goes on and on, with reality never making an appearance. Yet, these things are accepted by a lot of people, and they vote, sometimes more than once. Obama was elected, then re-elected, by an overflow of uninformed voters inundated with talking points from the media, celebrities, and progressive politicians. Nothing negative was attributed to Obama and, consequently, may not appear in future history books, either.

Before thinking this is too pessimistic, look at how many in the GOP have panicked and are now abandoning conservative principles in an effort to become “relevant” with what they perceive to be a progressive majority. They see the writing on the wall as: “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. For them, abortion is losing its ugliness, immigration reform is beginning to sound like amnesty, same-sex marriage suddenly appeared in the Constitution exactly where the right to bear arms disappeared, social issues are becoming the government’s main responsibility, and Obamacare is beginning to look cheap at twice the original estimate.

If the Republican Party caves, only one, distorted view of history will survive and it is currently being written. Historians will have to drink the Kool-Aid because it may be the only drink available.

David J. Hentosh

Obama Opened the Closet Door

January 28, 2013

Obama’s presidency has convinced the progressive left that their ideology is now mainstream America. They feel empowered by the arrogance of Obama’s ‘in-your-face’ liberalism and re-election and believe it is time to come out of the closet. Taking their cue from Obama’s war against everything conservative, they no longer try to hide contempt for conservative, Middle America values.

Thus, we find MSNBC show host Melissa Harris-Perry boldly admitting that the US military is despised as an engine of war by many progressives. This has been vehemently denied for years due to the backlash at the despicable treatment soldiers received during the Vietnam War era. The sham of respecting the military is being dropped.

We also find CBS boldly airing a segment about giving up on the Constitution. Many progressive ideas have been hampered by the Constitution and it is obvious they would like it altered, or eliminated, to suit their ideology. The process of removing that obstacle is being legitimized by the CBS segment.

President Obama has repeatedly shown that he cares more about redistribution than the country’s poor economy, spurring the progressive left to unleash resentment and hatred of the wealthy. Consequently, the rich have now replaced Bush as the scapegoat for all that is wrong.

Obama continues to rail against FOX News, the lone news network refusing to carry his water. This has emboldened many progressives to adopt that criticism, even while admitting they never watch FOX. This is deliberate abuse of the presidential “bully pulpit”. It is unseemly and it furthers the partisanship that is damaging the country.

From celebrity Samuel Jackson admitting voting for Obama because he is black to a NY Times reporter admitting almost every news organization submitted quotes to an Obama campaign “gatekeeper” for censoring, progressive liberals are no longer trying to hide their dirty ideological laundry.

Obama opened the closet door and whether it is true or not, progressive liberals believe the majority is behind them. As we all know, belief does not give ground to reason. The next four years may irreparably damage the very fabric of this nation.

David J. Hentosh

Leadership Vacuum Affects Both Parties and Our Nation

July 1, 2010

Interesting editorial by Pa 8th primary Republican candidate Gloria Carlineo in the Bucks County Courier Times:

Ater the May 18 Republican primary election, where I placed second in the four-way race for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, I started reading “The Real George Washington” (J. Parry/A. Allison). I chose this book not just because of my deep admiration for our first president, but because, frankly, I needed some inspiration.

Throughout my campaign, I spoke frequently of our Founding Fathers and the amazing feats that they accomplished risking life, limb and fortune for the principles they so deeply believed in. Their contributions are more admirable when we realize that they were fighting for a nation they didn’t know could exist and against the empire that ruled the world. Most Americans are unaware of the real hardships and tribulations that Gen. Washington had to endure to succeed.

In contrast, I just ran in a primary race that saw one of the lowest voter turnouts in recent memory. Perhaps it was the hardship of a rainy day. Or maybe people were just too busy to spend 10 minutes voting. It is also possible that people just didn’t read any of the extensive coverage of the primary in the newspapers or were oblivious to the omnipresent political signs that crowded our streets.

Then again, maybe people are just fed-up with the R’s and the D’s, convinced that neither can do any good. Perhaps they feel helpless and confused – many just giving up. Ironically, this apathy comes as our country faces seemingly insurmountable challenges and three-fourths of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of our country, as evidenced by a recent Gallup poll.

Read the rest here: Leadership Vacuum Affects Both Parties and Our Nation

Pay No Attention to the Man (or Woman) Behind the Curtain

June 17, 2010

An interesting post on The Conservative Reform Network Blog (we especially are interested that TJC is mentioned.)

As far as we know, the Thomas Jefferson Club has no plans to compromise or sell out our principles to support anyone.

Pay No Attention to the Man (or Woman) Behind the Curtain

Pat Poprick’s Primary Problems

June 8, 2010

Clearly, the Bucks County Republican Party has problems, not the least of which is that they’re mainly concerned with saving their own pathetic positions of power. (Isn’t alliteration great?) Instead, shouldn’t they be doing what’s best for the country–or at least the Republican party?

I’m sure that Pat Poprick and her pals would argue that they are doing what’s best for the country, but their actions say otherwise.

After reading this commentary on the Bucks County Pat Poprick Primary Problems from The Philly Post, can you possibly disagree?

Bucks County’s Republican Trouble

Endorsed but Unknown

May 28, 2010

An excellent Letter to the Editor in today’s Doylestown Intelligencer:

To the Editor:

I am writing to challenge comments made by Pat Poprik (Bucks County GOP vice chairwoman) in regard to the tea party candidates. In the May 19 article entitled, “Tea party fliers blocked at polls,” she finds the idea that the tea party candidates would try to buck the Republican Party’s endorsements “distasteful.” She states, “In order to be a state committee person you do some work, you get to know people and then you run for state committee.”

I guess that means you do some work within the party machine, you get to know people within that machine and then you get that machine’s endorsement. You know what I find “distasteful” and arrogant, Ms. Poprik? I find it distasteful that most of the registered Republican voters don’t even know these “endorsed” committee candidates. I’ve never received any correspondence from any “endorsed” committee candidates, and they have never come to my door to introduce themselves. Yet, these are the people who “endorse” the Republican candidates who run for public office.

Read the rest here: “Endorsed” but Unknown

An Election Message from TJC President Jeff McGeary

May 17, 2010

Dear Patriot,

I write to you from the capital city of Chisinau, Moldova, here on Army Reserve duty with a Civil-Military Operations team.  Formerly the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, the impact of a “planned economy” under Communism is evident everywhere (it’s like turning the clock back 30+ years).

In a conversation I had today with an older gentleman, he said one word that summarized his perception of the United States: OPPORTUNITY – the opportunity to be free, to live without fear and to succeed or fail.

This Tuesday we have an opportunity.  It is the first step in taking our country back – Primary Election Day.

Good government starts with good leaders – citizen patriots who revere our Constitution and put America First.  We have over 30 club members who have stepped up as candidates for local and state Republican Committee; I have worked with these individuals and I am proud of each of them.  And I have a special request for each of you:


For State Committeeman-

Andrew RUMBOLD – 29B
Thomas J. GERHARDT– 31B
Andy RAFFLE– 32 B
Matthew GRODSKY– 33B
Thomas MILLER– 42 B

For State Committeewoman-

Jennifer STEFANO– 44B

Also consider SAM ROHRER for Governor.  Sam is a true conservative and will restore honor and integrity to the office.  For more information visit

Please pass these names along to any Republican voter you know in Bucks County and have them vote for these candidates.  Additionally, if you would like to volunteer to work the polls on Election Day (even if only for an hour) please contact Jennifer Stefano at

A big THANK YOU to Jennifer for her tremendous dedication and leadership organizing the local and state committee campaign.  Jennifer went above and beyond – she is a true citizen patriot on both the home-front and on the front lines of the conservative movement.

A special state committee sample ballot will be up on the website later this evening, please check it out at

I voted by absentee ballot before I left, now I need each of you to go to the polls this Tuesday and cast your vote for the above candidates, Sam Rohrer and other conservatives seeking office.

All the best,
Jeff McGeary
President, Thomas Jefferson Club

Think Before You Vote

May 17, 2010

Tomorrow is election day, and what is decided in voting booths across this country can start Morning in America all over again.  (Remember Ronald Reagan’s Morning in America commercial?)

The decisions you make as you push the buttons have never been more important.

Republican committee members will be out in force, pushing sample ballots at you and telling you who to vote for. But once you enter the voting booth and the curtain is pulled, the choice is yours alone.

That choice, in the end, is relatively simple for many of the races. Do you want the candidate of the status quo? The candidate who has been anointed and appointed by the party powers that be and is beholden to them? The candidate who has gotten money, and plenty of it, from people and companies looking for special favors? (check out our recent post: The Quid Pro Quo of Campaign Donations.

Before you push those buttons, consider whether the endorsed party  candidates can change things in Harrisburg, in D.C., or in the local Republican committee if they’re beholden to a few people. How can things change if you don’t change the ideas and the principles of those running for office? Sure, you might be voting for the R instead of the D in November, but if the R has been to Washington in the past, if they’re the favored candidate according to the professional politicians and the people donating money, how will they change politics as usual?

We’ve listed the Thomas Jefferson Club members running for Republican State Committee here: TJC Members Running for State Committee Seats. Please consider voting for these conservatives who have stepped up and committed their time, money, and efforts to improving the Republican Party, to returning to the principles of small government and fiscal responsibility.

The Thomas Jefferson Club isn’t the only group working to get new blood into local and state committee seats, and fresh ideas and conservative candidates into elected office at every level. Here’s an article from the Daily Times about efforts in Delaware County to do the same. Delco Patriots Look to Make Inroads in Local GOP

Consider carefully, as you push those buttons, if you want to vote for a candidate who is committed to truly changing the way government works at every level, or if it’s someone who will continue politics as usual.