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Read ‘Em and Weep – By The Numbers

April 28, 2016

The following is worth pondering:

Obamacare became law in 2010 primarily to provide health insurance for 30 to 40 million uninsured (approximately 10 to 12% of the population). Today, 20 million are still uninsured, health insurance costs continue to rise, and a growing number of illegal immigrants are obtaining free health care.

It is estimated that 3.5% of the population is homosexual. Only .3% of the population identifies as transgender but there is a push to pass new restroom laws in order to make them feel comfortable. Little concern is evident for the comfort of the other 99.7%.

Concern also seems to be missing for the 8.4% who have a substance use disorder, the 47,000 who died (in 2014) from a drug overdose, or the hundreds of thousands of veterans who died waiting for applications for care to be processed.

There were 12,942 gun homicides in 2015. There are over a million abortions, 41,000 suicides, 47,000 opioid drug deaths, and 88,000 alcohol-related deaths each year.

1.2 million high school students drop out each year. Only 37% of high school seniors are academically prepared for college but 65% will enroll in college after graduating and over 20% of them will take remedial classes.

Everyone from President Obama and John Kerry to Rachel Maddow uses the 97% scientist consensus to validate global warming, a percentage proven to be totally bogus.

The government claims a 5% unemployment rate but that ignores 94 million able-bodied people who can work but choose not to work or have stopped looking for employment. 34% of all Americans financially support the rest of the country.

According to Homeland Security, 99% of illegal immigrants who overstay visas aren’t investigated.

The top 1% earners pay 23.6% of taxes, amounting to 33.7% of their income. An estimated 45.3 % of households pay no federal income taxes.

An estimated $6 “billion” was spent in the 2012 political campaigns when 126 million people voted. That works out to $47.60 spent per voter. Approximately 93 million eligible citizens did not vote.

David J. Hentosh

Hillary Street Blues

April 13, 2015

There was no “news” in Hillary’s announcement to run for president; though the media treated it is as news. It was a foregone conclusion that everyone knew was coming but her announcement may have caused more gloom than jubilance, even for some Democrats.

In the 1993 documentary “War Room”, James Carville sarcastically assessed George Bush as having “the stench of yesterday”. Hillary, one year older and with as much time on the political scene as Bush had at the time, seems to exude that stench along with the stench of scandal. She comes to this presidential race with lots of smelly baggage.

If Hillary was more personable, like Bill, and had accomplishments she could point to, she would probably be a shoe-in. However, she is not and she has accomplished very little, especially while Secretary of State, the job she took to qualify her for president. Instead, she failed with her “reset” with Russia, displayed a lack of critical decision making with Benghazi, and spent too much time distancing herself from Obama by traveling around the world like an uninvited ambassador – accomplishing nothing.

Her latest scandal, the e-mail fiasco, emphasizes her overwhelming propensity for secrecy and her dictatorial management technique. Her lame excuses mirror the excuses she used in White Water, another scandal displaying arrogance and assumed privilege.

Asking voters to once again “make history” by electing a woman president reeks of the false “war on women” meme and it plays to voter’s emotions rather than sensibilities. Her past vicious attacks on the women who accused Bill of sexual misconduct show that she is more than willing to wage her own war on women when it suits her needs.

Considering all this along with Hillary’s adversarial relationship with the media and anti-Hillary tweets going viral after her announcement, her campaign should be a series-ending episode of “Hillary Street Blues” where she fades away forever. The American public, however, is too easily persuaded by the media, so, once again, the media will be the determining factor. Sad, but true.

David J. Hentosh

Gambling on a Dream

July 4, 2013

Every time a new “benefit” of Obamacare kicks in, we are sorely reminded of Pelosi’s infamous remark: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”. Had Pelosi, Obama, and all the Obamacare cheerleaders read it beforehand, they would have been more prepared to defend the negative impacts that continue to pour out of this poorly written and hastily passed dream bill. As it stands now, they look foolish trying to defend an indefensible dream.

All President Obama wanted was to pass the bill and fulfill his personal political agenda. Consequently, he is now in constant defense mode, seemingly surprised by what falls out of the bill. He has been handing out exemptions to companies unable to handle the economic impact and his administration is totally unprepared to implement many of the bill’s provisions.

Now, Obama has decided to delay the bill’s employer mandate until after the mid-term elections, to 2015, in order to relieve campaigning Democrats of the burden that provision brings. It is a blatant political maneuver and an admission of the bill’s failure from the man still engaged in “selling” the bill, using taxpayer money, to the American people.

Obamacare has been voted on and is now the law. It is pathetic that this administration is still engaged in “selling” a law to the people, and it is even more pathetic that this administration has the audacity to delay, change, or ignore parts of this “law” as it wishes to fit its political agenda.

The fiasco this “law” has become is obvious and the damage it will cause is just beginning. Unfortunately, we, the people, deserve it. Obama was elected, twice, by people wanting to make history rather than make sense. That history will reveal to our children how we foolishly gambled their future on a dream – and lost.

David J. Hentosh

Obama is Campaigning Instead of Governing

March 5, 2013

President Obama does not like governing. He has little experience with it; he is not good at it; and it deflates his ego. He does, however, love campaigning because it consists of rhetoric with little substance or accountability.

Much of what Obama has been doing is rooted in the campaign tactic of demonizing opponents. He created class warfare to turn people against the wealthy who are severe critics of his policies. Throughout his first term, he continued campaigning by demonizing Bush, blaming him for everything. His second term finds him using fear to help make Republicans the fall guys.

With most of the mainstream media in his pocket, Obama has made several attempts to demonize Fox News for refusing to blindly back his administration. Badmouthing Fox News from the White House is unseemly, petty, and highly unprofessional, but it is standard practice on the campaign trail and Obama has not left that trail.

Passage of the health care bill was treated like an election by Obama with promises and feel-good rhetoric substituting for facts in his many campaign-like speeches. His only goal was to win and winning simply meant passage of the bill by any means. Details as well as consequences of the bill were absent in those speeches. It was just another campaign for Obama filled with hollow promises.

Obama had no interest in cutting a deal in lieu of the automatic budget cuts (sequester). His dabble in governing on the issue consisted of short photo ops with GOP lawmakers that produced nothing. His disinterest in getting a federal budget passed in Congress (required yearly by law and accomplished only once in his administration) has been an obvious failure to govern.

With no re-election campaigning needed, Obama should be governing full time but it is not evident that he knows how to do that. He seems to be stuck in campaign mode while the country is in dire need of governance and leadership. We may have to wait until 2016 to see a “change”.

David J. Hentosh

The Never Ending Campaign

January 17, 2013

Obama is most comfortable on the campaign trail where reality can be ignored and his idealism can soar on lofty rhetoric designed to stir emotions rather than reason in crowds willing to believe every word. It is what he does best and theatrical campaign tactics remain a staple of his administration.

Every speech Obama delivers is in the form of a campaign stump speech. We saw this during his push for Obamacare when details of the heath care bill remained hidden behind numerous exaggerated benefits that, of course, have yet to materialize. The 2009 political theater he staged in the Rose Garden with doctors in lab coats was an embarrassment for the nation, but not for Obama. He was in his element.

Even now, after re-election and no longer courting votes, Obama can’t give up campaigning and political theater. He brought children to the signing of his 23 gun-related ‘executive orders’, using them as stage props to take the focus away from his arrogant forcing of legislation. Not only is this another embarrassing display, it is an insult to the intelligence of all. It is also indicative of how Obama looks down on the “masses” but, unfortunately, many remain willing to be treated as fools.

With re-election behind him, Obama is beginning to display more arrogance and less willingness to compromise. He no longer needs public approval in order to continue his “fundamental transformation” of America, but he does feel the need to campaign for it. Campaigning has been his most successful accomplishment and he can’t give it up.

Unfortunately, we will suffer through four more years of Obama’s campaigning before being subjected to another presidential campaign. Obama has succeeded in “transforming” politics into a never ending campaign. Do we really deserve this?

David J. Hentosh