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Fantasy in Philly

July 28, 2016

Fantasyland at Disney World would have been a much more appropriate location for the Democratic Convention considering how much was ignored, denied, and forgotten inside the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

The initial dip into Lake Fantasy was spoiled by the forced resignation of the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, after leaked e-mails proved she, and others, had been less than impartial by working to rig the nomination for Hillary. An attempt to ignore it by allowing Debbie to open and close the convention before stepping down failed when Bernie’s enraged followers would not join the denial.

Having no coherent plan to deal with terrorism, the entire opening day of the convention went by with no mention of it – a continuation of Obama’s pretense that terrorism is insignificant. The first day also went by with no American flag onstage as if its presence would have been offensive for many in attendance – and there is little doubt it would have been.

Day two of the convention was all about “making history” and putting Hillary on a pedestal as the first female presidential candidate. Former president Bill Clinton gave a long (very, very long) and glowing recap of Hillary’s entire life; poignantly skipping the years she made a fool of herself backing up his lies about his sexual escapades. That was, of course, the elephant in the room (no pun intended) everyone pretended did not exist.

After vehement liberal media disgust over the mother of an American Foreign Service official killed in Benghazi speaking at the Republican convention, hypocrisy was on display (as always) with glowing admiration for speeches given by the mothers of blacks killed by police. Deliberately absent and ignored were mothers of the many police officers cold-bloodily murdered as a result of the fomenting of violence by black “leaders”. One should also remember the admiration held for Cindy Sheehan by the “impartial” media.

It was noticeable that so many speakers talked about “change” and how Hillary is such a great instrument for change. If the past eight years under the Obama administration were as great as they say and everything he did was so right, why would we need so much change? I guess you have to buy into the fantasy to understand that.

If you want to vote for change in November, it certainly shouldn’t be same old, same old Hillary.

David J. Hentosh

Running on Rhetoric

September 8, 2012

President Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic Party’s Convention was astounding for its lack of substance. After almost a full term in office, Obama accepted his party’s nomination with a speech lacking reasons why he deserved the nomination. There were no real accomplishments to brag about and no specific plans of action put forth.

He ran on the empty rhetoric of “hope and change” last time and fooled enough people into believing his lack of experience was more than compensated by his feel-good, idealistic notions. For those who emotionally invested themselves in Obama, that dream balloon is, unfortunately, kept afloat with the hot air of promises.

Accolades from the adoring press, heavy investors in Obama, centered on the delivery of the Convention speeches, not content. Obama could recite the phone book and the press would swoon, so it is no wonder they loved his empty speech. Other speeches, such as Michelle Obama’s, were also heavily praised, but it was delivery, emotion, and character they found laudable. Content received little scrutiny.

Obama’s agenda has been a personal one, carried out behind-the-scenes, to transform America into following his ideology. He has ignored Congress, the law, tradition, and the good of the American people while doing this, hiding behind rhetoric that masks his intent. He has succeeded in turning the focus of his Party onto issues that help his agenda rather than help the country. Following his lead, rhetorical exaggeration has become the norm.

Thus, we find Sandra Flukes, a 31-yr-old Georgetown law student, speaking at a national convention with no more political credentials than having received biased media attention for demanding free contraceptives. Indignant over paying as much as $9 a month for contraceptives, she warned of a future where rape is ignored or accepted and pregnant women are left to die in emergency rooms if Obama is not re-elected. Nostradamus Flukes was, of course, a big hit.

Politics has always been a game of rhetoric but, as the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”, and political careers cannot be sustained by rhetoric alone. Voters were fooled once by Obama’s gift of rhetorical bluster. To be fooled again would be more than just a shame on voters. It could be a disaster for the future of the country. It already seems to be a disaster for the Democratic Party.

David J. Hentosh