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Profiling & Spin From the Left

November 6, 2017

The Left has a myopic view of profiling much like it has with almost everything. They consider profiling to be discriminatory and sometimes downright evil but it is overlooked or rationalized when they engage in it. They don’t believe they profile but actions tell a different story.

White males are profiled and demeaned by the Left and current complaints of “white privilege” take it even further to include all white people. Black Republicans are profiled as traitors to their race and women Republicans are profiled as traitors to women. Trump voters are profiled as dumb, ignorant racists; rioters in the street are profiled as social justice warriors; the rich are profiled as heartless, Christians are profiled as white supremacists; and illegal immigrants are profiled as ordinary immigrants.

There is no limit to the spin the Left will use to frame issues. Facts are ignored, news stories are manufactured, and words are re-defined. Thus, racism exists only in white people; illegal immigrants are undocumented workers; killing a fetus is pro-life; climate change means man-made global warming; comprehensive immigration reform is nothing but amnesty; free speech means shutting down opposing views; and voter ID is suppression.

Rights are even created to further the leftist agenda. Health care, banning opposition speech, free college education, birth control, and destructive civil disobedience have all been claimed to be “rights”. Meanwhile, our basic right to free speech has been deemed valid only for leftist views and all else is considered “hate speech”.

Rational debate has been replaced with hateful and personal attacks making it impossible to move forward or find compromise on issues. Washington has become ineffective because of categorical resistance from Democrats toward president Trump and his administration. False accusations and continuous calls for investigations keep elected officials from governing and hate is openly expressed toward the president.

This is a mess and people are finally getting tired of it. The country is suffering and the Left is losing respect, credibility, and relevance but they continue to ignore their self-inflicted demise. It needs to stop.

David J. Hentosh

Let Them Eat Cake

July 10, 2015

There is no Christian doctrine, commandment, or Papal encyclical forbidding baking a cake for a lesbian wedding celebration. Refusal to do so is a personal decision to make a statement against same-sex marriage. It is a distortion of religious doctrine to claim it goes against religion and a disingenuous shifting of personal responsibility.

However, a business should be able to decide who it will do business with as long as there is no legally defined discrimination involved. The two Christian bakers who refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding were not discriminating against lesbians. They had served them previously but decided that a wedding cake was a step over a personally-set line based (erroneously) on their interpretation of their religion. They should have a right of refusal and a right to their beliefs.

The two lesbians were familiar with the bakers, having done business with them previously, and knew they weren’t “homophobes” or lesbian-bashers. They, too, decided to make a personal statement by filing a discrimination complaint with the state knowing that the bakers weren’t truly discriminating. Their actions were agenda-driven and displayed intolerance and insensitivity. Not satisfied with the acceptance the LGBT agenda pursued and achieved, they decided to force the issue to legally obtain approval.

Two wrongs do not make a “right”, and both parties in this sad story are wrong. This is a perfect example of how agenda-driven politics has eradicated common decency. Both sides decided to take a political stand instead of just respecting and accepting each other’s feelings and views. It was no big deal for the lesbians to find another baker as it was no big deal for the bakers to just sell them a cake. There was no harm done either way.

In today’s society, the progressive agenda screams the loudest, demands the most and, unfortunately, almost always wins. Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industry decided the bakers unlawfully discriminated and punished them with a $135K fine for “damages”. It is not clear at all what the damage was or what the lesbians “won” but the bakers certainly have been harmed.

What is clear is that society and common sense lost, the bakers are financially ruined, and the lesbians get to eat cake.

David J. Hentosh

Is Delta Airlines Banning Jews from Saudi Arabia Flights?

June 25, 2011

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

The executives at Delta Airlines must hate the Internet.

First, Delta gets a digital beating earlier this month over charging $2,800 in baggage fees to an Army unit return from Afghanistan.

And now there is a question — and subsequent Web dust-up — about whether the airline is banning Jews from flights to Saudi Arabia.

The Religion News Service reports:

Jews and Israelis, or passengers carrying any non-Islamic article of faith, will not be able to fly code-share flights from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia under Delta Air Line’s new partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines that is set to begin in 2012.

Delta announced in January that Sauda Arabian Airlines was joining SkyTeam, a global alliance of more than one-dozen carriers.

Read more:

White Teachers Sue Philadelphia School, Charge Race Bias

May 22, 2011

From CBS Philly:

Four white Philadelphia teachers filed federal race-bias lawsuits that accuse a black principal of creating a hostile work environment and suggesting they were unfit to teach black children.

The teachers work at a predominantly black elementary school that has a recent history of racial tension. Their lawsuits say that a former principal had them read an article that said “white teachers do not have the ability to teach African-American students.”

The teachers also allege that the principal, Charles Ray III, and others undermined their work by reprimanding them, randomly changing their room assignments and letting black teachers ignore rules that their white counterparts had to follow. Ray also retaliated when they filed union grievances, they said.

Read the rest here.

Use of “ObamaCare” Derogatory?

April 19, 2011

Perhaps you’ve noticed the liberal pushback about the use of the term “ObamaCare.”

Any time the term is used, quick criticism comes from the far left about how “derogatory” it is to attach the president’s name to the health care bill he rammed through last year.

But if this is his “crowning achievement”, why wouldn’t he–and all liberals–think it an honor to name the over-reaching mess after the president?

These wacky left-wingers, of course, are the same liberals who freely toss around the term “Teabaggers,” when referring to Tea Party members.

That is truly a slam, and just plain nasty. It is the height of hypocrisy for the left to suggest that using “ObamaCare ” (uh-oh!) is at all equivalent with the pejorative used by libs.

I suspect this feigned outrage means that  libs are realizing, at last, just what a problem ObamaCare (Ack! I used it again!) is turning out to be. And, consequently, how the focus on ObamaCare (and again!) is setting back their agenda.

The bottom line is–Obama wanted this horrific health care program, and now he’s going to own it. Those of us who call it ObamaCare are merely making sure he does.

You might want to see what HotAir has to say on the subject here. (Includes a video of Jon Stewart blasting John O’Hara for using the term at the same time he refers to Tea Partiers by his preferred term. Hypocrite.)


Reverend Jackson Subject of Gay Harassmet Complaint

April 17, 2011

No comment!

From NBC Chicago:

A former employee of the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. at the Rainbow Push Coalition has filed a bombshell wrongful termination and discrimination complaint against the civil rights leader with the City of Chicago’s Commission on Human Rights.

The complaint, filed sometime last year by Tommy R. Bennett, a regular on the Tom Joyner Radio show and member of Barack Obama’s LGBT Leadership Council, includes shocking allegations about Jackson’s behavior toward the openly gay staffer including an allegation that the civil rights leader propositioned him.

Jackson has denied the allegations in a legal response that was filed in July 2010 and resurfaced when the Windy City Times published a story Tuesday.


Always Room in the Budget for White Guilt

April 16, 2011

Minnesota school district is shelling out $160 a pop — plus $125 a day for teacher subs — for “white guilt” festivalFrom the StarTribune:

These are tough times for Minnesota schools.

In Lakeville, for example, the school board recently announced wrenching cuts of almost $7 million. Ninety-four teachers will lose their jobs, arts programs will suffer and a school will be closed.

There was wailing and gnashing of teeth, but the board set its jaw: There’s not a dime for anything extra.

Unless you’ve got an ax to grind with white folks. Then the money spigots open.

Read the rest here.

It’s Okay to Stereotype Some Ethnic Groups, Apparently

February 14, 2011

I wouldn’t have believed this happened if I didn’t see the tape with my own eyes.

Mayor Bloomberg of NYC went to an Irish group’s function and said usually when he walked by there people were drunk and hanging out the windows, then, to top it off he adds that that is what “Jews think.”

See the video here.

He’s back-pedaled a bit, but not enough.

What I want to know is, Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson about this affront?


Target Faces Backlash After Making Political Donation

August 19, 2010

From the Washington Post:

When Target gave money in July to a pro-business group in Minnesota, the company thought it was helping its bottom line by backing candidates in its home state who support lower taxes. Instead, the retailer has found itself in a fight with liberal and gay rights groups that has escalated into calls for a nationwide boycott and protests at the company’s headquarters and stores

The problem: Target’s $100,000 helped pay for TV ads supporting the gubernatorial campaign of Republican state Rep. Tom Emmer, who thinks Minnesota’s corporate taxes should be lower. As it turns out, he also wants to ban same-sex marriage.

It was an embarrassing stumble for a company that has carefully cultivated an image of urbanity and hipness — and that has earned goodwill with the gay community along the way. The company offers benefits to domestic partners and receives sterling marks from liberal groups for its tolerance of gays. Target has even been an annual sponsor of the Twin Cities Gay Pride Festival.

Read the Rest here: Target Faces Backlash After Making Political Donation

Shirley Sherrod and Prejudice

July 21, 2010

The Shirley Sherrod kerfuffle saga points out this administration’s willingness to jump to conclusions without knowing the full story. (In case you’ve forgotten, almost a year ago today, President Obama admitted he didn’t know all the facts, but rushed to judgment anyway, saying the police acted “stupidly” in the Cambridge Gates incident.)

The full video of Sherrod shows her explaining how she initially showed racial prejudice in dealing with a white farmer, but learned from the experience. Fine.

However, what bothers me is that she went on to say that she realized it wasn’t about black vs. white, but rather “the haves vs. the have nots.”

Doesn’t this woman work (worked) for the U.S. government? And doesn’t that mean she works for everyone, whether poor or wealthy?

So why is anyone giving her a pass for her decision that she should redistribute wealth based on salary rather than color?

Isn’t that also discrimination?