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Stupid Celebrity Boycott

July 23, 2013

Jay Z, Kanye West, Madonna, the Rolling Stones, and several other celebrities have joined Stevie Wonder in boycotting Florida because of Stand Your Ground laws. This will not hurt the state of Florida but it will upset fans and, eventually, hurt the celebrities themselves – and the black community will receive no benefit whatsoever.

To be consistent, which they never are and never will be, these celebrities must boycott half the states in the country because they, too, have Stand Your Ground laws. That would certainly cut into the amount of money these people pull in, so you can be sure it won’t go that far.

This is grandstanding, ignorance, and self-righteousness in a one-act play put on for an adoring media willing to treat them as knowledgeable spokespersons for normal society. The fact that Stand Your Ground laws played no role in the Zimmerman trial is being deliberately ignored because there is nothing else from the trial to realistically hang an idealistically disappointed hat on. Blindness to reality is part of their world to begin with, so this comes easy.

The only ones who will benefit from this boycott are those in Florida who don’t know who many of these pompous asses are, don’t care who they are, and don’t want to see them in the state anyway. When the press dies down and their agents find lucrative bookings in the Sunshine State, this boycott will just quietly go away.

When will we see a boycott of LA over gang warfare? When will we see a boycott of Mexico over illegal border crossings? When will we see a boycott of Hollywood over violence in films? When will we see a boycott of New York City over increasing anti-Semitism? When will we see a boycott of Philadelphia over the Gosnell murders?

Yeah, we all know when that will happen.

David J. Hentosh

You Don’t Think We Are Doomed?

May 8, 2013

A Reader’s Digest Poll provided proof that we are, indeed, doomed. It conducted a poll of 1000 people (how that few people can actually be construed to represent the entire country is perplexing) to find who the most trusted people in the country are. The results are just plain stupid – and frightening.

Number one on the list is Tom Hanks, followed by Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington, and Meryl Streep. Reading the rest just numbs the senses further. If this country is as enamored with movie stars and celebrities as this poll suggests, it is just a matter of time until we implode from the vacuous mindset that prevails.

Think about this for a second. Movie stars make a living pretending to be someone else or, in other words, making you believe in something that is not real – and this makes them trustworthy in people’s eyes. Following this rationale, it should not be surprising that Obama and Hillary Clinton also showed up on the list, though far below the movie stars.

If you think this is just an anomaly, recall that John Stewart, a comedian, was once deemed the most trusted “newsman” in the country – possibly by the same 1000 people polled for Reader’s Digest. Even if it were the same 1000 people, it would still be frightening to know that many crazy people are loose in society – and their votes count as much as yours does. Further proof of our demise is certain to show up in future polls when the legalization of marijuana becomes widespread.

Yes, we are doomed.

David J. Hentosh

Separation of Hollywood and State Needed

February 25, 2013

From the White House, Michelle Obama presented the Best Picture award at this year’s Academy Award ceremony. It is the first time a president or first lady presented an academy award, but it certainly isn’t the first time the White House used Hollywood. That has been occurring frequently the past several decades, but Obama has taken it to a level screaming for some of the attention separation of church and state receives.

Hollywood is universally known to tilt left and in recent years, many celebrities have used their popularity to speak out in favor of left-leaning politicians and policies. The mainstream media, also left-leaning and infatuated with Hollywood, indulges these celebrities with air time as if they were political experts, creating a false sense of a majority acceptance that highly influences many voters’ opinions.

Michelle’s Academy Award appearance topped off years of Obama’s blatant use of Hollywood’s partisanship. His election and re-election were aided enormously by Hollywood celebrities and his continued appearances on entertainment TV shows are used to bolster favorability ratings in the polls, not to inform the public.

In April of 2012, Barack and Michelle were credited with a total of 195 TV and movie appearances, surpassing those of President Reagan and his wife Nancy (both former actors). In his short political career, Obama has appeared seven times on the “Letterman Show”, five times on “The View” (once with Michelle who also appeared four times on her own), six times on “The Daily Show”, and five times on “Leno”.

In 2007, Oprah, the most powerful celebrity in the country, openly backed Obama’s candidacy on her show, hosted a 1500-guest fundraiser, and made four campaign appearances. Her endorsement is considered to be the major reason that Obama, an unknown, became the Democratic presidential candidate instead of Hillary Clinton. Obama learned well.

The White House visitor logs are highly populated with Hollywood celebrity names, and some have even taken part in supposedly serious policy-setting meetings. It is not for the good of the nation. It is only for the political good of Obama. Separation of Hollywood and State is in need of a national discussion before the president and the White House become a reality TV show. Or is it already too late?

David J. Hentosh