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The ObamaCar – Another Ideological Failure

December 6, 2014

Michelle Malkin informs us that Obama’s predicted 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015 will fall about 826,00 cars short of the target. Obama’s pie-in-the-sky green agenda dumped lots of stimulus money into electric cars (or, as they should be labeled, ObamaCars) and the “consensus” is that it has been an economic failure – one of many.

Much of the current failure of electric cars to catch on is due to cost and the difficulty of producing efficient batteries. The Obama administration dumped $2 billion stimulus dollars into new battery companies in the “hope” they would produce a breakthrough to help fill the roads with his electric cars. That, too, failed.

Fisker Automotive, which received a $500 million stimulus loan to produce electric cars (in Finland, not in the USA), went bankrupt last year, adding to the long list of stimulus failures. After bailing out GM, Obama praised the Chevy Volt like a new car dealer, making a campaign promise to buy one after leaving office. His campaign promises, however, have flopped as badly as sales of the Chevy Volt, so don’t hold your breath.

Electric cars aren’t a bad idea and they do work, but they are not far enough along in their development to be our main mode of transportation. Progressives, who “know” what’s best for everyone, are pushing (forcing?) these cars on us for our own good. They don’t care about cost, efficiency, practicality, or anything else that doesn’t fit their beliefs.

Obama’s entire green agenda has been based on what “should” be and not what “is” and cost means nothing because it’s only government money. If the dream fails, it’s no big deal. He’ll be out of office soon enough and cruising down the highway in his brand new Chevy Volt – given to him, free, by GM. At least he won’t have to drive a Fisker.

Another daydream; another dollar…make that a trillion dollars – and counting.

David J. Hentosh

Manipulation by Democrats

June 18, 2013

The average benefit for food stamp recipients is currently $113.41 per month. The food stamp program was re-named SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) for politically correct purposes, but the “assistance” it provides is still not intended to be the only means of paying for food. Otherwise, the “A” (for Assistance) in SNAP would not be there.

Apparently, 26 Democrats in Congress are too dense to understand that or are just putting on a show in the media by taking what is being called the “SNAP Challenge” in order to protest a Farm Bill that, if passed, will reduce food stamp benefits. (Why a “Farm Bill” is dealing with food stamps is a whole different problem.) This SNAP Challenge is to live off of $4.50 per day for food to show how difficult that is, eliciting sympathy for keeping and/or increasing the current food stamp benefit.

Food stamps were never intended to be used in that manner, but idealism is blind to reality. This challenge involves spending $4.50 per day instead of buying in quantity like those actually receiving food stamps would do. It is a transparent ploy to make things seem as bad as possible. Would you buy just one apple or one hot dog per day if you actually had to subsist on food stamps? Would you buy them from an “organic” food store where prices are exorbitant? Would you buy pre-packaged, individually wrapped cheese slices?

The media, of course, loves this SNAP challenge and treats it as if it is a display of sensitivity in a creative, witty way instead of political theater. Unfortunately, many voters are manipulated easily. They bought the lie of being able to keep the health insurance they have and still believe health care premiums will go down. It’s a small step to believe food stamps should pay for all the food one needs. Don’t be surprised if it becomes one of Hillary’s campaign promises.

David J. Hentosh

40 Years After Vietnam

March 30, 2013

The last US combat troops left Vietnam forty years ago on March 29, 1973. This was a result of a so-called “peace agreement” signed in Paris, but no peace occurred in South Vietnam. In fact, the ensuing year after the agreement was more deadly in South Vietnam than any year of the war.  That’s because the US wanted out of Vietnam, cared little about consequences, and declared “peace with honor” by signing an agreement everyone knew would not be honored by North Vietnam.

The US abandoned South Vietnam; much like it is abandoning Iraq and, eventually, will abandon Afghanistan (the “good” war). That is the lesson we learned from the Vietnam War. Declaring a politically incorrect war to be over is as good as a victory if it can be “sold” to the public as a win. That has now been expanded to simply declaring the economy to be fine, declaring the deficit to be no problem, declaring contraception to be a right, or declaring that the rich pay no taxes. Ideology trumps all.

One’s opinion of the Vietnam War is irrelevant to the issue of abandonment. A commitment was made to South Vietnam as part of the “peace agreement” to provide assistance if North Vietnam continued aggression, but a Democrat-controlled Congress refused that assistance when it quickly became needed. The US blatantly reneged on its commitment, abandoning South Vietnam to a total collapse and slaughter – because of ideology.

With war comes a responsibility, regardless of the reasons for the war. One should enter into war with clear goals and to win, or don’t enter into it at all. Allowing changing social mores, public opinion, or ideology to override responsibility or dictate rules of engagement is wrong. A “humane” war is an oxymoron and a losing strategy. War is hell, and hell should be entered only with good reason and traversed through as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Forty years after Vietnam, we have still not learned. Our enemies, on the other hand, learned well: Stick it out long enough and the US will tire and retreat. Where is the honor in that?

David J. Hentosh

Our Disabled Country

March 26, 2013

According to a January article in Forbes, 5.9 million people have been added to the Social Security Disability program (SSDI) since 2009 while only 2.5 million jobs were created during the same period. One in fourteen workers are now on the SSDI dole costing taxpayers $128.9 billion in 2011, and the program is carrying a deficit of $25.3 billion.

A recent investigation found that the federal government spends more money each year on cash payments for disabled workers than it does on food stamps and welfare combined. Since disabled workers are not counted in unemployment figures, the full extent of the erosion of the American workforce ends up hidden from the public.

It should come as no surprise that the increasing number of disabled coincides with an increase in qualifying conditions for disability. Some of these conditions have been watered-down enough to include almost anyone willing to go through the process. The investigation found that 33.8% of the newly diagnosed disabled cited “back pain and other musculoskeletal problems”, difficult conditions to disprove.

Some qualifying mental conditions called “Affective Disorders” seem to rely on a self-diagnosis. These include such things as: decreased energy, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbance, difficulties maintaining social functioning, and marked difficulties maintaining concentration. A doctor needs to sign off on these conditions but has to rely on the word of the patient for verification.

Obviously, the program is ripe for fraud and, consequently, it is rife with fraud. Getting around the system is easy and many alcoholics and drug addicts (conditions which do not qualify for SSDI) find a way in, as do many others. The possibility of receiving up to $1100 a month makes it attractive to those having menial, low paying jobs, especially since free Medicare comes as a bonus after two years on the disability rolls.

The American work ethic is dying and the “system” continues to assist in its death. What was once a ‘safety net’ has become ‘money for nothing’ because of progressive tendencies that put the individual above the common good. The continuous expansion of government assistance programs is occurring with no foresight or oversight and it needs to stop before the entire country becomes disabled.

David J. Hentosh

Obama’s State of Denial Address

February 13, 2013

President Obama once again delivered a campaign speech disguised as a State of the Union address. Obama is good with rhetoric that stirs emotions while denying reality, so those who succumb to such gibberish will be ecstatic. Those who are not in denial will be frightened by the direction this president is taking.

Obama’s denial of his administration’s failure to improve job growth was evident in his calling for a higher minimum wage. If there are no jobs available at a minimum rate of $7.25 an hour, how would raising it to $9.00 help create more? It wouldn’t, and many experts have warned against such an increase at this time, especially since it could result in jobs being exported to China.

Obama further denied the job crisis and threw out another emotional bone to hungry believers by stressing a college education. The unemployment lines are full of college graduates unable to find jobs, so the primary emphasis needs to be on the economy and job growth. Talking of college educations certainly plucks parents’ heart strings, Obama’s intent; but it hides his administration’s failure to improve the job market and reduce unemployment.

Obama declared Al Qaeda to be a “shadow of its former self”, denying Al Qaeda’s continued successful attacks around the globe. Declaring Al Qaeda defeated doesn’t make it so, but it rationalizes bringing troops home so he can cut the defense budget. Obama only cares about his social programs and cutting the defense budget will help him finance those programs. Pretending Iran and North Korea are of little threat also helps him in that endeavor.

In Obama’s eyes, everything is going well because he is, by hook or by crook, finding a way to get everything he wants. Consequences are meaningless to one convinced of superior intelligence, especially when duped voters and a highly invested media ignore accountability.  His “green” agenda has been a costly disaster, but that bandwagon is still full and rolling.

Inadvertently, the president did touch on reality in his speech at one point when he said his spending proposals would not increase the deficit by “a single dime”. They will increase the deficit by billions of dimes and saddle future generations with the bill, higher taxes, and programs they will no longer be able to afford. On the brighter side, fast food joints will end up with the most educated employees of any industry – as long as Michelle doesn’t find a way of eliminating fast food.

David J. Hentosh

Obama’s Fiscal Fallacy

January 15, 2013

President Obama continues to demand that the debt ceiling be raised, inferring that the nation’s bills will not be paid unless that ceiling is raised. His framing of economic issues skirts the truth and is done in such a way as to make him look like a rational and knowledgeable expert. The reality is that he is no expert; He is the problem.

Forty cents out of every dollar spent by the federal government is borrowed money and raising the debt ceiling only allows the government to borrow more money. It will not help reduce the debt or reduce the forty cents on the dollar borrowed. It will only help Obama increase entitlement spending to meet his personal, ideologically driven goals – by borrowing more money.

Obama has shown that the poor economy, high unemployment, and the enormous debt take a back seat to his personal ideology. This is why he fails to meet the legal requirement of submitting a budget by the first Monday in February. He has done that only once and will fail to do so again this year. In fact, he has failed to meet that requirement more than any previous president. It is not a priority on his agenda and legal requirements mean little to him.

Obama continually uses the blind faith many have in him, telling believers what they want to hear and spinning everything his way. It is the reason he was re-elected with an economy doing as poorly as it is and unemployment at such a high level. He uses rhetoric to solve economic problems in the minds of his followers while running up the tab fulfilling his personal agenda.

With no future re-election to hamper him, Obama’s arrogance is increasing as fast as the debt. His fiscal policies have been a farce and he is now aiming to ram through legislation on guns and immigration – through the back door. The bill for all of this will have to be paid eventually but by then he will be gone, leaving behind a costly and “fundamentally transformed” America for our children.

David J. Hentosh

The Farce Goes On and On

January 7, 2013

The National Monitor contains a headline stating: “Obama scores another victory: Unemployment rate falls to 7.8 percent, hiring continues”. The second sentence in the article reveals that the unemployment rate remains “unchanged” at 7.8%. How, then, can a stagnant unemployment rate be considered a victory for Obama? The answer, of course, is that everything Obama does must be considered a victory by today’s biased media.

An unemployment rate of 7.8% since September clearly shows that our economy is stagnant and not recovering, indicating that Obama’s economic policies are not working. Rising health insurance premiums reveal the fallacy of Obama’s promise of lower rates under Obamacare. The increase in social security taxes currently being felt by the middle class comes from Obama’s “successful” tax increase on the rich, breaking his promise to protect the middle class.

Obama was re-elected in spite of all of these failures, and more, because the media protected its investment with repeated spin, reporting success in everything. That spin continues even as Obama’s promises continue to fall and warnings and predictions from conservatives continue to become reality. Obama voters have been duped but, like the mainstream media, they continue to keep the dream alive through denial.

This denial is dangerous and it is allowing Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” to come true – the one promise he is actually keeping. That promised “transformation” was ignored by a media intoxicated by “hope and change” and, therefore, never investigated. Tragically, it still remains ignored.

So, the farce goes on and on and points of no return are being passed with little awareness by the media and Obama voters. Eventually, the truth will become unavoidable and consequences will have to be faced but by then, too many bridges may have been burned. One can only hope that our children will be able to re-construct from those ashes some of the greatness America lost due to the hollow promises of “hope and change”.

David J. Hentosh

Minority Now Rules

November 26, 2012

We are often reminded that the U.S. is not a democracy, it is a republic. The difference being that in a republic, elected representatives make policy decisions rather than the people directly as in a democracy. Our Founding Fathers were adamant about this distinction, knowing how easily a democracy can be distorted.

Our republic, distorted in the public’s mind as a democracy, is now fast becoming an ochlocracy, colloquially better known as a mobocracy. This is a form of government where a mass of people (a mob) rules, usually by means of intimidating authority. An ochlocracy easily arises from a distortion of democracy when passion overrules reason.

It is apparent that passion is overtaking reason in our society. Obama utilized this passion and preyed on the fear of many receiving government assistance to get votes. An overwhelming number of them voted for Obama, overlooking the fact that his policies actually hurt them with continued unemployment, increasing national debt, and unfulfilled promises.

Obamacare, a major impact to our economy and entire society, mainly benefits 10% of our population who are uninsured. The gay community, comprising fewer than 10% of the population, demands and receives special attention and special legislation impacting all of society. Issues surrounding illegal immigrants are polarizing and fracturing society to the point of endangering the nation’s security. Abortion, a procedure utilized by a small minority, overshadows national security, the failing economy, and the common good.

The minority is beginning to rule and because we have so many differing minorities, splintering of society is a given. This could easily lead to an oligarchy as a solution to the chaos, where power rests in the hands of only a few. From there, it is one small step to tyranny, where one rules all.

For those who believe tyranny can’t happen here, reflect upon how easily Obama bypassed Congress and disregarded laws for his own purposes – with impunity. Combine that with the blind faith in Obama held by many, exemplified by Jamie Foxx’s recent statement at the Soul Train Award Show: “First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama”. This is a frightening display of passion over reason.

Also frightening is Egypt’s newly elected President granting himself absolute power, promising it is only temporary and that he won’t be another dictator. If you believe that one, you’re already far past reasoning and ripe for tyranny.

David J. Hentosh

Obama’s GM “Success” is Failing

September 11, 2012

President Obama told us in his convention acceptance speech that “…we reinvented a dying auto industry that’s back on the top of the world”. Along with many other nebulous claims meant to give the impression of success, this one stretches the facts and insults reality.

According to Forbes’ list of top car makers in 2012, the American car manufacturer, Ford, comes in fourth and Obama’s pet project, GM, sits in seventh place. This is not quite “on the top of the world” and the fact that Ford, which refused government bailout money, beat out GM makes the claim of “reinventing” the auto industry preposterous.

Obama should be embarrassed by GM’s falling stock, down 40% since emerging from bankruptcy, in no small part fueled by financial losses from the Chevy Volt, the “green” car championed by Obama. The government provides a $7500 tax break for buyers of the Volt in an effort to make Obama’s dream car successful. Failing to bolster sales with the tax break, the Department of Defense began purchasing them in its “greening” of the Pentagon effort. (Volt retail cost is $40K.)

One could consider this a continuing bailout of GM. The government is still down approximately $25 billion from the initial $80 billion bailout and the 500 million shares of down-sliding GM stock the government owns (taxpayers own) are far below the value needed to repay the bailout money. Some financial analysts are even predicting that GM is heading back into bankruptcy.

Obama’s bold claim of success with this fiasco and his “green” investments (such as Solyndra) indicates just how little he has accomplished. If this is the best he can boast about, a second term in office makes no sense. Voters need to take a serious look behind the curtain of accolades constructed by believers in the “One”. The “hope” is gone and “change” hasn’t been for the better.

David J. Hentosh

Obamacare Promises Crumbling

March 14, 2012

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has revised its previous estimate of Obamacare and many of the new assessments do not agree with the promises made by the Obama administration. The Obamacare bill was rushed through Congress and, as Nancy Pelosi arrogantly stated, we are only able to see what is in it now, after its passage.

According to the CBO, the overall net cost of Obamacare has been reduced by $48 billion through the year 2021. It is a given that this estimated cost reduction will be repeated by the mainstream media as proof of Obamacare success. However, the CBO also said that the overall federal budget deficit will increase by $92 billion for the year 2012. That deficit increase is salt in our current economic wound.

Much of the long-term cost reduction comes from projected Obamacare penalties and higher taxable income due to increased employee compensation. The increased compensation is due to employers dropping health insurance coverage in favor of higher pay, something that was predicted but denied by the administration. It is turning out that you will not be able to keep the insurance that you have as Obama promised.

The CBO also lowered by 4 million its estimate of people obtaining insurance from employers or Obamacare insurance exchanges. Medicaid costs will increase as most of those people will end up needing Medicaid coverage. This will, of course, curtail any Medicaid cost reductions that were on a few wish lists.

Many Obamacare provisions do not go into effect until 2014, but the considerable downside is becoming increasingly evident. Also evident is the fact that many of Obama’s promises were baseless and made in haste in order to get this bill rammed through Congress.

Many of the ill effects coming to fruition were predicted but ignored by Obama and the partisan mainstream media. They are fast becoming a reality and can no longer be ignored. They should be remembered by all in November.

David J. Hentosh