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A Bumpy Cruz to NY

January 15, 2016

Forget ISIS, unemployment, Obamacare, disastrous foreign policies, runaway illegal immigration, executive orders, Hillary scandals, Iran’s nuclear program, and even Donald Trump. The New York Daily News is in an uproar over Ted Cruz dissing New York during the Republican debate, declaring on its front page: “Drop Dead, Ted”. There goes Obama’s plea for political civility.

Cruz disparagingly accused Trump of having “New York values” which he defined: “…in New York City are socially liberal, are pro-abortion, are pro-gay-marriage, focused around money and the media”. These are the values behind NY Mayor DeBlasio’s attempt to ban large sodas and president Obama’s attempts to “transform America” according to his personal views – and they are the values known to be held by a majority in NY City.

Conservatives not from NY get it and understand what Cruz was saying. Those from NY City, both liberal and conservative, take it as a personal insult because many New Yorkers have the parochial view that the world revolves around NY City and everything outside the city limits is unsophisticated and crude. Consequently, saying anything negative about NY City or its residents may be the only thing that can bring New Yorkers from both sides of the aisle together in agreement – at least for a day or two.

Talking heads on FOX News, MSNBC, and all those in between are taking umbrage at Ted’s “insult”. Iran’s insult of capturing, handcuffing, then releasing 10 American sailors did not produce as much across-the-board outrage. In fact, Kerry and Obama praised Iran’s “diplomacy” over that incident in their continuing and embarrassing appeasement of Iran. One can image, then, their chagrin over Ted’s comments.

This is how far we have “progressed” under the political tutelage of the left-leaning media and the Obama administration. We may have “progressed” too far to turn back but the coming presidential election is the best shot to try to do so. Please vote – and vote wisely.

David J. Hentosh

Thoughts on the Debatable Debates

August 9, 2015

The recent Republican presidential candidate debates may have been good TV and more entertaining than many political events, but they often leaned towards a TV reality show more than a serious debate.

In the early show debate, it was obvious to all that Carly Fiorina is a serious candidate who knows how to make sense and succinctly express concerns of conservatives. Her knowledge and gravitas was impressive and, hopefully, she will gain momentum. She certainly ran away with this debate and deserves to be on the main stage.

In the prime time debate, Donald Trump’s ego and arrogance crowded the already crowded stage, providing a circus sideshow ambiance. His in-your-face and direct approach to major issues has been refreshing for many conservatives and it has put the other candidates on notice that drifting to the left and appeasing progressives is not the way to go. However, his insults, attacks on critics, and overall crude behavior is already getting stale and his threat of running as an independent is arrogantly dangerous to the GOP.

A mini debate broke out between Christie and Rand with true animosity being displayed. Rand’s sneering facial expressions and rolling of his eyes did not make him an attractive candidate. Christie showed more restraint and self-control, but both seemed ready to go at each other’s throat and turn the debate into a Jerry Springer show. Neither gained ground in the exchange.

Bush was listless and seemed out of his element. Rubio’s youth and manicured look accompanied by his fluid speaking ability was reminiscent of JFK, making him very appealing. John Kasich brought a moral outlook to the debate and made sense on the controversial gay marriage issue and the frustration many Americans feel. Walker sounded reasonable in his responses but still came off as an also-ran candidate while Huckabee was Huckabee, a decent candidate but somehow unelectable.

Ben Carson helped his chances by remaining calm, collected, witty and knowledgeable on a stage where the chaos of Trump always loomed. His obvious intelligence was on display but he seemed to lack the passion needed for a sustained campaign. Perhaps a bump from this debate will convince him to jump in with both feet and go for the gold.

These debates will result, hopefully, in weaning out a few candidates. It was interesting and revealing that many social issues progressives seem obsessed with were never mentioned. That’s a good sign because they need to take a back seat to the more serious and dangerous issues plaguing the country. One can only hope the Republican candidates will keep that in mind and not get sucked into the progressive agenda.

David J. Hentosh

Some Other Guy Did It

July 22, 2015

A standard tactic used in court by a desperate defense attorney trying to convince a jury that his guilty client is innocent is known as SOGDI – “Some Other Guy Did It”. It is a frantic, last ditch effort to evade responsibility that is as transparent as it is juvenile. When used repeatedly by the president of the United States it is embarrassing to the entire nation.

In an interview with John Stewart on the “Daily Show”, president Obama blamed Congress for the IRS tea party-targeting scandal, saying Congress “passed a crummy law” that provided vague guidance for IRS workers. He doubled down on his SOGDI defense by saying the “real” scandal is that the IRS is poorly funded.

The Justice Department continues to conduct a criminal investigation into the scandal and the IRS internal auditor found that the agency did, indeed, target the tea party and other conservative groups. However, president Obama refuses to accept his own administration’s findings, choosing instead the foolish SOGDI defense.

This administration is riddled with scandal and many of Obama’s policies are proving to be failures but the president refuses to accept blame or responsibility for any of it. His repeated reliance on SOGDI has placed blame on Republicans, Fox News, Bush, Congress, Wall Street, racism, and even the American People for misconstruing his explicit “You can keep your doctor” promise. Like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he denies, denies, and denies.

Also embarrassing to the nation is the willingness of his unconditional supporters, especially those in the media, to accept these blatant denials and pretenses. Even the most obvious SOGDI excuse is adopted as a talking point by biased “journalists” to combat even the slightest criticism. It is a commonly held rule followed by his devotees that there is to be no criticism of Obama.

There’s always some other guy to blame and coming from the White House, it is pathetic.

David J. Hentosh

Willfully Ignorant

August 1, 2014

Upon reading a tweet on a Fox News blog stating “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings”, CNN anchor Bill Weir became incensed and tweeted back: “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant f**ksticks.” He may have a point on definition, but willful ignorance is the purview of liberal progressives and Weir needs to look leftward.

It is willful ignorance to:
Proclaim not wanting to pay for someone’s birth control or abortion is a “war against women”; accuse someone of being a racist for not liking Obama’s policies or his “transformation of America”; call someone a homophobe for not approving of homosexuality; call someone heartless for wanting to secure our border from illegal entries; say conservatives hate the poor because they want to stop costly government freebies; proclaim Hamas is a humanitarian organization; believe Iran should have nuclear weapons because we do; pretend there is no scandal at the IRS; say the economy is doing great as fulltime jobs continue to disappear; say Obamacare is working well; elect an inexperienced community organizer as president – twice – and continue to back his every move as he fails miserably.

Weir is a typical, blind, liberal progressive running on emotions, beliefs, and self-righteousness. Tolerance is as rare as reality for those of his ilk and lashing out in anger and indignation at the crumbling of their fantasy world is an all too common reaction. It is getting very tiring.

David J. Hentosh

Who Outfoxed Who?

February 5, 2014

The most revealing moment of Bill O’Reilly’s pre-Super Bowl interview with president Obama came when he asked a question from a viewer wanting to know why Obama wants to “transform” America when it is the country that gave him so much. Obama began by saying he didn’t want to transform America, but O’Reilly quickly interrupted and said “those are your words”. Obama continued as if he didn’t hear him, but there is no doubt that he did.

It was, perhaps, a question he was not prepared for and O’Reilly’s calling him on the pretense of having never said he wanted to transform America threw him. Obama chose to continue with his evasive answer rather than acknowledge O’Reilly, but he had just been caught and it showed in his eyes.

The liberal media is arguing that O’Reilly interrupted the president too often, but that’s what a journalist is supposed to do when questions are being evaded and precious time is being wasted. The liberal media forgot how to do this and O’Reilly embarrassed them not only by interrupting, but by posing questions they fear to ask.

Obama’s evasions and non-answers given in this interview are what the media unconditionally accepts as definitive, therefore, some are saying O’Reilly was outfoxed. However, it was clearly evident the president had no cogent answers and O’Reilly knew this going in. The evasions and non-answers were expected and O’Reilly brought them out, showing that the king wears no pants.

Obama’s blaming FOX News for what he calls non-scandals came off as petty – again. He also called O’Reilly unfair in his coverage but could not give an example of that unfairness when pressed except to say that the questions O’Reilly asked showed unfairness. Yes, a president used to tough questions from the media about his March Madness picks might think that, but a journalist wouldn’t.

O’Reilly let Obama’s pettiness and evasiveness fill the room like yesterday’s garbage for all to see. So, who outfoxed who?

David J. Hentosh

Shocked Voters Deserve This Mess

October 31, 2013

Obamacare is falling apart badly enough to even have Chris Matthews, Obama’s biggest sycophant, question the president’s credibility on it. Hill Democrats are frustrated and publically acknowledging obvious problems for the first time. Self-righteous celebrities are now avoiding interviews about the health care law they were once blindly promoting for Obama.

It is now becoming clear that Obama knew long before now that his continued promise (lie?) of being able to keep existing health plans was not accurate. There should also be little doubt that he knew plan costs were not going to reduce across the board because that never made sense.

This fiasco should not be a surprise to anyone. It was accurately predicted by evil, heartless, racist, women-hating, war mongering Republicans who were, we were told, only against the health care law because they hate Obama and poor people. Warnings were given daily, heard only by those watching FOX News because the mainstream media didn’t want you to know.

Ignorant voters deserve this mess. Voting to make history rather than to make sense was stupid, and there is always a price to pay for stupidity. Apathy, too, comes at a price, so non-voters are just as deserving. We now have a healthcare system in turmoil, costing more, providing less, and promising even more problems and costs in the future.

Ignorance is often accompanied by arrogance, and the emotional investment many have in Obama produces both. A perfect example is MSNBC’s Ed Shultz who immediately went into denial proclaiming “there are no glitches” with the Obamacare rollout and blamed FOX News and Republicans for manufacturing glitches.

Others, such as Bill Maher and Howard Dean, have joined Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a surreal attempt to lay blame on Republicans who, en masse, voted against Obamacare. Denial is ramping up and reality is being distorted to fit the “dream”. With the farce of “comprehensive” immigration reform (aka amnesty) up next for ramming down our throats, reality is the administration’s worst enemy and must be avoided.

Unfortunately, wise and informed voters (a voter minority) will suffer, too, but with no shock. Their shock came when an inexperienced, far left freshman Senator with a background only in community organizing was voted in as president – twice.

David J. Hentosh

Obama is Campaigning Instead of Governing

March 5, 2013

President Obama does not like governing. He has little experience with it; he is not good at it; and it deflates his ego. He does, however, love campaigning because it consists of rhetoric with little substance or accountability.

Much of what Obama has been doing is rooted in the campaign tactic of demonizing opponents. He created class warfare to turn people against the wealthy who are severe critics of his policies. Throughout his first term, he continued campaigning by demonizing Bush, blaming him for everything. His second term finds him using fear to help make Republicans the fall guys.

With most of the mainstream media in his pocket, Obama has made several attempts to demonize Fox News for refusing to blindly back his administration. Badmouthing Fox News from the White House is unseemly, petty, and highly unprofessional, but it is standard practice on the campaign trail and Obama has not left that trail.

Passage of the health care bill was treated like an election by Obama with promises and feel-good rhetoric substituting for facts in his many campaign-like speeches. His only goal was to win and winning simply meant passage of the bill by any means. Details as well as consequences of the bill were absent in those speeches. It was just another campaign for Obama filled with hollow promises.

Obama had no interest in cutting a deal in lieu of the automatic budget cuts (sequester). His dabble in governing on the issue consisted of short photo ops with GOP lawmakers that produced nothing. His disinterest in getting a federal budget passed in Congress (required yearly by law and accomplished only once in his administration) has been an obvious failure to govern.

With no re-election campaigning needed, Obama should be governing full time but it is not evident that he knows how to do that. He seems to be stuck in campaign mode while the country is in dire need of governance and leadership. We may have to wait until 2016 to see a “change”.

David J. Hentosh

Racism From the Left Gets a Pass at MSNBC

January 31, 2013

There was no uproar, offense, or calls for resignation at MSNBC when former DNC director of communications Karen Finney described Republicans as “those crazy crackers on the right . . . with their very hateful language”. Making this clearly racist remark even more stunning was the fact that Finney was railing against, and calling for an end to, hateful language when she said it.

This is a perfect example of the one-way street many progressive liberals blindly travel on their way to “fundamentally transforming” America. For years, racism has been a trump card for the left while they considered themselves immune from such allegations. Many have even expressed their firm belief that blacks and other minorities can never be racists.

The left has deluded itself into believing that hate, racism, stupidity, and evil only exists on the right. President Obama, who once campaigned on being a “uniter”, polarized the country further than it has ever been and fueled the fire of this delusion. Arrogantly refusing to accept responsibility for anything that is wrong, Obama has gone so far as to blame hurricane Sandy for the recent drop in the GDP and FOX News for the “nasty atmosphere” in Washington – an atmosphere he helped create.

With most of the mainstream media on the same page as the White House and avidly believing in and promoting this one-way-street delusion, it can only get worse. Silence from those who know better enables it to continue. The time has come to speak out, or face the real possibility of delusional Joe Biden becoming our next president. If that doesn’t motivate you to speak up, you’ve become part of the problem.

David J. Hentosh

Obama Opened the Closet Door

January 28, 2013

Obama’s presidency has convinced the progressive left that their ideology is now mainstream America. They feel empowered by the arrogance of Obama’s ‘in-your-face’ liberalism and re-election and believe it is time to come out of the closet. Taking their cue from Obama’s war against everything conservative, they no longer try to hide contempt for conservative, Middle America values.

Thus, we find MSNBC show host Melissa Harris-Perry boldly admitting that the US military is despised as an engine of war by many progressives. This has been vehemently denied for years due to the backlash at the despicable treatment soldiers received during the Vietnam War era. The sham of respecting the military is being dropped.

We also find CBS boldly airing a segment about giving up on the Constitution. Many progressive ideas have been hampered by the Constitution and it is obvious they would like it altered, or eliminated, to suit their ideology. The process of removing that obstacle is being legitimized by the CBS segment.

President Obama has repeatedly shown that he cares more about redistribution than the country’s poor economy, spurring the progressive left to unleash resentment and hatred of the wealthy. Consequently, the rich have now replaced Bush as the scapegoat for all that is wrong.

Obama continues to rail against FOX News, the lone news network refusing to carry his water. This has emboldened many progressives to adopt that criticism, even while admitting they never watch FOX. This is deliberate abuse of the presidential “bully pulpit”. It is unseemly and it furthers the partisanship that is damaging the country.

From celebrity Samuel Jackson admitting voting for Obama because he is black to a NY Times reporter admitting almost every news organization submitted quotes to an Obama campaign “gatekeeper” for censoring, progressive liberals are no longer trying to hide their dirty ideological laundry.

Obama opened the closet door and whether it is true or not, progressive liberals believe the majority is behind them. As we all know, belief does not give ground to reason. The next four years may irreparably damage the very fabric of this nation.

David J. Hentosh

Kennedy’s Delusion

December 9, 2012

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. epitomizes how blind and delusional progressive liberals can be. During a discussion on HuffPost Live, he asserted that the two biggest problems in American politics are: the influence of big money and “the right-wing control of the American media.”

Focusing on FOX news, Kennedy complained saying: “It’s divided our country in a way that we haven’t been divided probably since the Civil War”. He also lamented that Republicans “are the only ones that have their own (TV) network”.

Considering that Obama and liberals have deliberately split the country with class warfare and have actively promoted an “us-against-them” atmosphere, Kennedy’s remarks are laughable. Continual attacks from the left on the integrity, patriotism, and decency of Republicans, along with allegations of racism, for disagreeing with the liberal agenda have increased partisanship and deepened animosity in the public.

Obama and the left manipulated public opinion and transferred blame for everything from Bush onto the rich, intentionally pitting the “have-nots” against the “haves”, poisoning the American Dream in the process. Obama’s “my way or the highway” governing has killed compromise in Washington and all blame for inaction of Congress is attributed to demonized Republicans.

The liberal mainstream media and network TV overwhelmingly backs the administration with a bias that has become blatant. FOX News, the only place one can hear both sides of an issue, is a threat to liberals such as Kennedy and hated for giving opposing views a voice. The increasing popularity of FOX undermines the liberal campaign to monopolize the news and public opinion.

Railing against the ‘influence of big money’ from a member of the wealthy and influential Kennedy clan is priceless. It mirrors Obama’s feigned distaste of the rich as he unabashedly elicits their approval, partnership, and money – while emulating their lifestyle.

Kennedy is so full of himself and his agenda that there is no room for reality. Unfortunately, Obama’s re-election has convinced many like Kennedy that the liberal agenda is the only American accepted agenda. This delusion drives a blinding distortion of reality and Kennedy highlighted that delusion well.

David J. Hentosh