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Wrong Lessons From the Vietnam War

May 21, 2015

Our abandonment of Vietnam in 1975 was a national disgrace. Scenes of helicopters on rooftops desperately trying to evacuate people at the last minute continue to haunt responsible Americans, especially those who served in Vietnam. There are many lessons to be learned from the entire fiasco of that war, but it seems the only lessons learned have been the wrong ones.

One of those wrong lessons has been to simply declare a war over when it is no longer popular and pack up and leave. In Vietnam, a pretense of a peace agreement was used to rationalize our abandonment along with a promise of aid if North Vietnam broke that agreement. Our abandonment became official when Congress refused to finance the aid promised.

In Iraq, Obama took that lesson further by declaring beforehand when the war would be over and pulling all our troops out at that designated time. The pretense of a peace agreement was replaced by the pretense of an Iraqi army capable of defending the country but the abandonment remained the same.

The task of evacuating those who helped us during the war was also abandoned in Iraq. Our attempt to evacuate those who helped us in Vietnam was honorable but there was little preparation and little time to accomplish it properly. Our hasty retreat caused chaos and thousands of those we left behind were tortured and killed because of our inability to get them out.

The lesson learned from that was to avoid the entire mess by not even trying. In Iraq, no preparations or efforts were made for evacuation. Collaborators were knowingly left behind to fend for themselves when our troops left, therefore, thousands died when we abandoned our honor along with our commitment – just to fulfill a campaign promise.

Allowing a president and his civilian, political advisers to form and dictate military strategy failed in Vietnam where rules of engagement based on political fallout and civilian casualties put our troops in danger and forced a stalemate. Rules of engagement have become even more politically based since then and politicians continue to subvert military experts’ strategies for political purposes. When will we ever learn?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
– George Santayana

David J. Hentosh

Wrong…Wrong…and Wrong Again

February 16, 2015

The U.S. embassy in Yemen is closing as turmoil in the country increases and security deteriorates. This is the same Yemen that President Obama held up last September as a successful model for fighting ISIS, the same ISIS he compared to a “JV team” a little over a year ago.

Obama is now seeking war powers from Congress to help in the fight against ISIS. His premature promise not to put boots on the ground (where there were already boots on the ground) is starting to look a lot like his promise of keeping your doctor and your health insurance plan. He is now considering “limited” ground combat operations against ISIS. Zero has turned into limited – and this is far from over.

He gave terrorists advance notice of when he was going to pull out of Iraq and then, ignoring military advice, pulled all of our troops out and proclaimed the war in Iraq to be over. As predicted, terrorists immediately began taking over Iraq. Obama denied this and began a victory dance over Osama bin Laden’s death and his self-proclaimed decimation of Al Qaeda, the same Al Qaeda that has tripled attacks since 2010 and just now seized an army base in Yemen.

In 2012, President Obama set the use of chemical weapons as a “red line” for using military force in Syria and then did absolutely nothing when chemical weapons were used. Later, in 2013, he tried to say he never set that red line in the first place, blaming the “world” for setting it. It is clear he set it and reneged, setting the stage for ISIS to grow into the world threat it has become.

This president has been horribly wrong on everything concerning the Middle East and terrorism. How wrong does he have to be for supporters and the media to hold him accountable and seriously question his leadership? How much more damage can he do while we wait for that to happen?

David J. Hentosh

Voter Ignorance

October 15, 2014

On the “Morning Joe” show, longtime NY Democrat Donny Deutsch said: “There is a psychological reason to go to Mitt Romney…We kind of made a mistake four years ago. We get to do a do-over. He was right about Syria, he was right about a lot of things.” This is much more than just voter remorse; it is an admittance of voter ignorance.

The “we” Deutsch refers to are those who wanted to make history rather than make sense and those who refused to believe that experience counts. It was just plain stupid to vote for someone who had absolutely no experience at anything. Voting for Obama the second time was little more than blind partisanship.

Far too many people are ignorant of the issues and end up casting votes based solely on single issues, party affiliation, or just appearance. In national elections, that is irresponsible and dangerous. Deutsch foolishly thinks he gets a “do-over”, but some of Obama’s “transformation” is not reversible and the damage already done will take years to repair.

Obama tells crowds exactly what they want to hear and he uses emotionally charged issues to rally support. Nationalizing health insurance (Obamacare) and bringing our troops home from Iraq were the two issues he focused on and negative consequences of both were ignored. Those consequences were predicted but ignored by voters and we are in turmoil because of it.

Democrats are now campaigning as if they never agreed with Obama’s failing policies, but they all did. Many voters are unaware of this duplicity but it is a major factor in November’s elections because if elected, many of those Democrats will shed their denial and continue with Obama’s failed policies.

Much is said about the right to vote but little is said about the responsibility that comes with it. Voters are responsible for understanding the issues and the candidates. Stay home if you can’t shoulder that responsibility rather than cast an ignorant vote. The future of our country depends on it.

David J. Hentosh

Obama’s One-Way Fantasy Street

August 11, 2014

Obama continues to travel on a one-way fantasy street where nothing bad is his fault and everything good that happens (which is very little lately) is his doing. It is going to be very hard for even hard-core believers and the media (redundant?) to go down that street with him this time.

Obama campaigned on ending the Iraq War and bringing home ALL of our troops. It was his signature promise as he blamed Bush for waging the wrong war in Iraq. He left no wiggle room in that promise and it was as definitive as his promise that “you can keep your doctor”.

After hastily declaring the Iraq war over and actually removing all of our troops, NBC, along with other networks, hailed the achievement while the Obama website bragged about the fulfillment of his promise. Obama preened like a peacock about his success.

Now, with Iraq being overrun by terrorists exactly as predicted by President George W. Bush and his top officials, President Obama is trying to tell us removing all our troops was not his fault. He is claiming political pressure from Iraqi leaders is responsible. He believes we are dumb enough to buy this, and it is insulting to all of us.

Obama made a purely political decision, ignoring warnings and military assessments, to pull out all our troops in order to make good on his campaign promise and his personal agenda. He was proud of his decision and his supporters were proud of him. He made little attempt to keep a much-needed military base in Iraq, believing his soft-talk foreign policy would be sufficient to handle any future problems.

Obama’s speeches are inappropriately filled with “I” and “me” except when responsibility is the issue. He has been so wrong on so many things; his continued refusal to take responsibility seems like a mental disorder. He and his unconditional supporters are living out a fantasy that is jeopardizing the country. We must start turning this around in November.

David J. Hentosh

Kerry is Scary

September 4, 2013

We have witnessed chemical weapon use in Syria because Obama elicits little respect and no fear from the international community or, more poignantly, from depots and terrorists. It is hard to imagine a Reagan or Bush “red line” (a line which Obama is now claiming he didn’t set) being so blatantly ignored or challenged. Obama was poked and prodded right from the start of his administration and found to be weak. Syria’s chemical weapon use is a direct result.

Obama selected John Kerry to run the State Department. This is a man who, after serving in Vietnam, came home and joined the anti-war movement, making wild, blanket accusations against our military personnel, voted as Senator against the Iraq War, and voted to pull all our troops out of Afghanistan – In other words, a man with Obama values. This could only be more surreal if Jane Fonda was at his side, egging him on.

The left’s unconditional backing of Obama requires hypocrisy, back-pedaling, and rationalization to remain intact and John Kerry is up to the task. He is arguing that attacking Syria is not war “in the classic sense”, a rhetorical distinction allowing him to keep his anti-war and anti-military persona while advocating the very war-like bombing of Syria. Lesser men would have laughed while speaking such gibberish, but Kerry maintained his composure and his acquiescence to Obama’s wishes without so much as a titter.

Right or wrong about attacking Syria, and there certainly is much controversy, Kerry is a poor choice for making the case. His distaste for the military was proudly displayed years ago and it is frightening to find him advocating an action with possible serious consequences; one that doesn’t jive with his personal beliefs. How can there be any credibility in what he says? There is none.

Kerry is scary, and this entire debacle is more frightening because of his involvement. He is as mis-cast in this role as John Cusack is in “The Butler” playing President Nixon (talk about a surreal experience). Then, again, Obama as Commander-in-Chief doesn’t bring a warm and fuzzy feeling, either.

This does not bode well for our nation.

David J. Hentosh

So, Where’s the Oil?

December 16, 2011

As Iraq takes control of the US military’s last base in the country, the question no one is asking begs an answer: Where’s all the oil? The liberal media hammered away at the idea that the war in Iraq was all about oil and Obama (accompanied by cheerleader Biden) has been taking credit for success in Iraq. Therefore, it should follow that we are successfully leaving Iraq laden with millions of barrels of oil.

US defense secretary, Leon Panetta, told departing troops at Baghdad International Airport: “After a lot of blood spilled by Iraqis and Americans, the mission of an Iraq that could govern and secure itself has become real”. In a speech to returning troops in North Carolina, President Obama said:  “Everything that American troops have done in Iraq…has led us to this moment of success”. In these, dare we say, “Mission accomplished” speeches, there is no mention of oil.

How can a war for oil be labeled a success when we are leaving with no oil? The military is leaving behind equipment in Iraq valued at approximately $580 million in an effort to save $1 billion in shipping costs, but not one dollar in shipping costs is being used for oil. There are no tankers lined up to bring home the spoils from our “war for oil”.

Renewed bombing attacks at Iraq’s Rumaila oilfield have halved output but the US military is leaving those oilfields for Iraq to protect. Aren’t they our oilfields now? Doesn’t “success” in Iraq mean we won the “war for oil” and we should protect it?

This raises the possibility that the media and the far left may have been wrong. If not, President Obama must then be lying about our “success” in Iraq. We can expect the persistent demand from the left of “No blood for oil” to now turn into an indignant complaint of “No oil for blood” – or an apology is in order.


David J. Hentosh

‘Victory’ a Dirty Word

December 2, 2011

In a recent interview, Vice President Biden verbally strutted like a peacock in a victory dance over the removal of troops from Iraq, emphasizing that the administration is “…not claiming victory”, making his victory dance look pretty foolish. This is the same Joe Biden who adamantly predicted that the surge in Iraq would not work. The surge, of course, was a Bush strategy that paved the way for what Biden is now claiming ownership of but, wink-wink, not claiming a victory.

As he does every time he speaks longer than 20 seconds, Biden let his mouth get the best of him and further informed us there is no validity to “…the idea that there is sufficient capacity to bring down this government (Iraq), to fundamentally alter this democratic process that is under way.” Forget for a moment how much like ‘victory’ that sounds and contemplate the hubris involved. Of course he immediately warned, again, that “We’re not claiming victory”, just in case he was misunderstood.

The very idea of “victory” is distasteful to this politically correct administration (and the far left), so Biden needs to be concerned about it. President Obama, back in 2009, told us that he is “…always worried about using the word ‘victory’…” so it should be no surprise that this administration’s policies for Iraq and Afghanistan were never geared for winning or a ‘victory’. Those policies were always geared for nothing more than Obama’s personal political gain. Biden, being an excellent sycophant, understands this perfectly.

David J. Hentosh

Bush Doctrine Vindicated But Not Credited

March 7, 2011

Bush hatred from the left knows no bounds and reactions to the events in Lybia highlight this as well as the hypocrisy involved. Charles Krauthammer rationally and intelligently analyzes this and, of course, will be vilified by the left for doing so. As usual, Krauthammer is a must read.

Voices around the world, from Europe to America to Libya, are calling for U.S. intervention to help bring down Moammar Qaddafi. Yet for bringing down Saddam Hussein, the U.S. has been denounced variously for aggression, deception, arrogance, and imperialism.

A strange moral inversion, considering that Saddam’s evil was an order of magnitude beyond Qaddafi’s…No matter the hypocritical double standard. Now that revolutions are sweeping the Middle East and everyone is a convert to George W. Bush’s freedom agenda, it’s not just Iraq that has slid into the memory hole. Also forgotten is the once proudly proclaimed “realism” of years one and two of President Obama’s foreign policy — the “smart power” antidote to Bush’s alleged misty-eyed idealism.

…we have been told incessantly how Iraq poisoned the Arab mind against America. Really? Where is the rampant anti-Americanism in any of these revolutions? It’s Yemen’s president and the delusional Qaddafi who are railing against American conspiracies to rule and enslave. The demonstrators in the streets of Egypt, Iran, and Libya have been straining their eyes for America to help.

America is leaving Iraq having taken no oil, having established no permanent bases, and having left behind not a puppet regime but a functioning democracy. This, after Iraq’s purple-fingered exercises in free elections seen on television everywhere set an example for the entire region.

Read it here: From Baghdad to Benghazi


Newsweek Acknowledges Bush Success

March 4, 2010

A Newsweek article entitled “Rebirth of a Nation” ( tried hard to keep from giving Bush any credit for success in Iraq and mentioned several liberal talking points in that effort. However, it did admit that “Something that looks an awful lot like democracy is beginning to take hold in Iraq”. Further objectivity in the article was also as surprising as it was refreshing.

Newsweek said that what is happening in Iraq “…is a watershed event that could come to represent a whole new era in the history of the massively undemocratic Middle East”, echoing and agreeing with Bush’s very words from 2003 ( Unfortunately, it is doubtful Newsweek’s acknowledgement will bring about any change of heart from the Bush-bashers who sneered at the idea of any possible democracy or victory in Iraq.

Vice president Joe Biden, however, claimed success in Iraq saying it “…could be one of the great achievements of this administration…”, pretending he never pompously predicted it as a Bush failure ( Obama, too, predicted that the Iraq surge, which he is now emulating in Afghanistan, wouldn’t work and added that it would only increase violence ( Perhaps both are so used to being wrong that they  feel no explanation is due.

While it may seem unreasonable to expect retractions from those who opposed Bush or the Iraq surge, it is not unreasonable to expect credit to be given where it is due. Kudos must go out to Newsweek, especially since it surely went against their political grain to do so. Maybe they’ll next admit that Sarah Palin isn’t…no…never mind. That would require snowballs surviving in hell.

David J. Hentosh