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Profiling & Spin From the Left

November 6, 2017

The Left has a myopic view of profiling much like it has with almost everything. They consider profiling to be discriminatory and sometimes downright evil but it is overlooked or rationalized when they engage in it. They don’t believe they profile but actions tell a different story.

White males are profiled and demeaned by the Left and current complaints of “white privilege” take it even further to include all white people. Black Republicans are profiled as traitors to their race and women Republicans are profiled as traitors to women. Trump voters are profiled as dumb, ignorant racists; rioters in the street are profiled as social justice warriors; the rich are profiled as heartless, Christians are profiled as white supremacists; and illegal immigrants are profiled as ordinary immigrants.

There is no limit to the spin the Left will use to frame issues. Facts are ignored, news stories are manufactured, and words are re-defined. Thus, racism exists only in white people; illegal immigrants are undocumented workers; killing a fetus is pro-life; climate change means man-made global warming; comprehensive immigration reform is nothing but amnesty; free speech means shutting down opposing views; and voter ID is suppression.

Rights are even created to further the leftist agenda. Health care, banning opposition speech, free college education, birth control, and destructive civil disobedience have all been claimed to be “rights”. Meanwhile, our basic right to free speech has been deemed valid only for leftist views and all else is considered “hate speech”.

Rational debate has been replaced with hateful and personal attacks making it impossible to move forward or find compromise on issues. Washington has become ineffective because of categorical resistance from Democrats toward president Trump and his administration. False accusations and continuous calls for investigations keep elected officials from governing and hate is openly expressed toward the president.

This is a mess and people are finally getting tired of it. The country is suffering and the Left is losing respect, credibility, and relevance but they continue to ignore their self-inflicted demise. It needs to stop.

David J. Hentosh

A Nation of Pretense

August 26, 2015

We are being driven by a media willfully manipulating public opinion to accept an agenda that is increasingly at odds with reality. Political correctness has become more powerful than the law and unrealistic dreams are a basis for national policy decisions. Everybody pretends it isn’t so.

Hillary Clinton continues to pretend that a right wing conspiracy is responsible for her self-induced e-mail problems even as that ruse unravels further each day. President Obama and his band of incompetent negotiators are pretending that Iran is a legitimate nation acting in good faith even though it is clear to all that Iran cannot be trusted. Black community self-appointed “leaders” pretend there is across-the-board, systematic racism in the entire country’s police force that is resulting in the targeting of innocent black men.

The Pro-choice lobby pretends that a fetus is only a living being if a mother chooses to allow it to be one, a decision that can be made even after it is out of the womb. Until that decision is made, they pretend the fetus is little more than a blob to be cut up and sold for parts.

Celebrities pretend they are political pundits; The wealthy pretend they are not; The poor pretend they have a right to wealth; Liberals pretend to be tolerant; Progressives pretend to be social engineers; Environmentalists pretend alternate energy sources are efficient and economical; The Pope pretends to be a climatologist; Journalists pretend to be objective; open-border lobbyists pretend we don’t need borders; Democrats pretend Obamacare works; and Congress pretends it is competently working for the people.

Donald Trump became a top GOP presidential candidate simply because he does not pretend to be someone he is not. However, he pretends that details of his simple solutions, if they exist, are irrelevant to voters.

In 2016, too many voters will pretend they understand the issues and elect someone who will pretend to understand what needs to be done. We are a nation of pretense.

David J. Hentosh

Use of “ObamaCare” Derogatory?

April 19, 2011

Perhaps you’ve noticed the liberal pushback about the use of the term “ObamaCare.”

Any time the term is used, quick criticism comes from the far left about how “derogatory” it is to attach the president’s name to the health care bill he rammed through last year.

But if this is his “crowning achievement”, why wouldn’t he–and all liberals–think it an honor to name the over-reaching mess after the president?

These wacky left-wingers, of course, are the same liberals who freely toss around the term “Teabaggers,” when referring to Tea Party members.

That is truly a slam, and just plain nasty. It is the height of hypocrisy for the left to suggest that using “ObamaCare ” (uh-oh!) is at all equivalent with the pejorative used by libs.

I suspect this feigned outrage means that  libs are realizing, at last, just what a problem ObamaCare (Ack! I used it again!) is turning out to be. And, consequently, how the focus on ObamaCare (and again!) is setting back their agenda.

The bottom line is–Obama wanted this horrific health care program, and now he’s going to own it. Those of us who call it ObamaCare are merely making sure he does.

You might want to see what HotAir has to say on the subject here. (Includes a video of Jon Stewart blasting John O’Hara for using the term at the same time he refers to Tea Partiers by his preferred term. Hypocrite.)


Progressive Comedy

March 6, 2010

Some may say it is fitting that the loudest and most quoted liberal and progressive hucksters are comedians. Fitting or not, it is certainly strange that so many comedians are dedicated to pushing a progressive agenda and presumptuously displaying their superior intelligence while doing so. Someone should tell them they are no longer funny.

Janeane Garafalo has come full circle by starting as a comedian, attempting serious political commentary (and failing), and now turning back into a full-fledged clown with her “racist under every conservative bed” routine. All she needs is a big red nose to make the transfer complete.

Bill Maher used to be funny but now takes himself so politically serious that even his good jokes somehow express how much smarter he believes he is than everyone else. The “dumb Americans” he insults on a regular basis are turning on him.

Comedian John Stewart is now regarded as the “most trusted name in news” for having a comedy show about the news. Misquotes, cherry-picked sound bites, insults, and obvious liberal bias make up his bag of tricks that keeps his audience smiling. If Walter Cronkite knew how easy it was to gain the public’s trust, he could have stayed away from the war zones and made his life much easier.

Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar, Chevy Chase, and even Tom Hanks are just a few of the many comedians who have decided that their political views are necessary for the public to hear. The only funny thing about all this is that progressives and liberals think it helps their cause to have comedians as their spokespersons.

Oh, by the way, a few politicians such as Al Gore, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi went the reverse route and became comedians. It was a very natural transition.

David J. Hentosh