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A Bumpy Cruz to NY

January 15, 2016

Forget ISIS, unemployment, Obamacare, disastrous foreign policies, runaway illegal immigration, executive orders, Hillary scandals, Iran’s nuclear program, and even Donald Trump. The New York Daily News is in an uproar over Ted Cruz dissing New York during the Republican debate, declaring on its front page: “Drop Dead, Ted”. There goes Obama’s plea for political civility.

Cruz disparagingly accused Trump of having “New York values” which he defined: “…in New York City are socially liberal, are pro-abortion, are pro-gay-marriage, focused around money and the media”. These are the values behind NY Mayor DeBlasio’s attempt to ban large sodas and president Obama’s attempts to “transform America” according to his personal views – and they are the values known to be held by a majority in NY City.

Conservatives not from NY get it and understand what Cruz was saying. Those from NY City, both liberal and conservative, take it as a personal insult because many New Yorkers have the parochial view that the world revolves around NY City and everything outside the city limits is unsophisticated and crude. Consequently, saying anything negative about NY City or its residents may be the only thing that can bring New Yorkers from both sides of the aisle together in agreement – at least for a day or two.

Talking heads on FOX News, MSNBC, and all those in between are taking umbrage at Ted’s “insult”. Iran’s insult of capturing, handcuffing, then releasing 10 American sailors did not produce as much across-the-board outrage. In fact, Kerry and Obama praised Iran’s “diplomacy” over that incident in their continuing and embarrassing appeasement of Iran. One can image, then, their chagrin over Ted’s comments.

This is how far we have “progressed” under the political tutelage of the left-leaning media and the Obama administration. We may have “progressed” too far to turn back but the coming presidential election is the best shot to try to do so. Please vote – and vote wisely.

David J. Hentosh

Insurance or Tax?

February 20, 2013

A bill introduced in the New York State Assembly would require the state’s residents to acquire liability insurance as a condition for gun ownership. The annual cost for $1 million in liability insurance is estimated to be between $1600 and $2000.

Proponents of the bill will certainly argue that this is no different than requiring insurance coverage for car registration or home insurance in order to obtain a mortgage. There is logic to that argument, but the bill opens the door for an onslaught of requirements for insurance.

Clearly, this is a mandate to buy insurance, though it is not the same as the mandate from Obamacare because it does not require everyone to buy insurance. However, if this bill were to land in a court’s lap for a decision, could it be labeled a tax?

No one expected the Supreme Court to rule the Obamacare mandate to be a tax, especially after Obama adamantly assured us it was not a tax. However, that is what occurred and, as with many court rulings, it created a slippery slope that a NY court may decide to slide down. Stranger things have happened.

Once that door is wide open, could liability insurance be required for ownership of a bow and arrow, machete, BB gun, darts, or a nail gun? How about for ownership of a dog, baseball bat, skateboard, or a bicycle? Could a purchase of cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, or prescription painkillers require liability insurance or an additional health policy?

That may sound crazy but not too long ago it sounded crazy to buy water in bottles like soda, pay for a cable to receive free TV, hand out condoms in grade schools, or provide sex-change operations to prison inmates. Perhaps this may be a good time to buy stock in insurance companies.

David J. Hentosh