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Strouse Toes the Line

October 29, 2014

Kevin Strouse, the challenger to incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania’s 8th District, spews Democrat Party talking points as well as a grade school student reciting a poem from memory. Not one word sounds like his and not one idea strays from the party line.

What else can be expected from a “carpetbagger” sent by Nancy Pelosi to make a run at Fitzpatrick? Moving to Bucks County from Washington for the sole purpose of challenging Fitzpatrick, Strouse can’t distance himself from the disastrous Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda like many other Democrat candidates. He must toe the Pelosi line.

Pelosi’s choice of Strouse to do her bidding is a transparent, and poor, strategy. John Kerry’s Vietnam veteran status was highly touted in his run for president to appeal to the public’s respect for the military. It failed miserably because the left’s distaste for the military and Kerry’s bashing of the military after coming back from Vietnam could not be hidden.

Strouse, too, is a veteran as was Patrick Murphy before him, and it is getting stale for the Dems to keep using military service as a qualifier for their candidates. It doesn’t work. Also, Strouse’s CIA experience may have been beneficial years ago but today there is too much distrust in government agencies, especially Obama administration intelligence agencies, for it to be any help.

If you want to know what Strouse is running on, listen to a Pelosi/Reid/Obama speech and get it straight from the horse’s mouth. It is definitely time for a change, but not in the 8th District where Fitzpatrick has shown the leadership, experience, and competency sadly lacking at the top. Change needs to come where the Obama rubber stamp rules the day. Vote wisely.

David J. Hentosh

Home-Grown Fitzpatrick

August 13, 2014

Kevin Strouse is running against Mike Fitzpatrick for Congressman in the 8th Congressional District of Pennsylvania which encompasses Bucks County and parts of Montgomery County. He is originally from Delaware County, coming now to Bucks County from DC to run against Fitzpatrick. Mike Fitzpatrick was born and raised in Bucks County.

That is an important distinction for many – Mike Fitzpatrick is home-grown. Delaware County does not seem far enough away from Bucks to make much of a difference, but we are all influenced by environment, especially in our youth, and the closer to home, the better we feel about it.

Strouse may know more closely what the impact on Delaware Countians was when the Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Chester closed down in 1990, but Fitzpatrick knows better the 1991 continuing impact of shutting down the blast furnaces in Fairless Hills – and that’s just closer to home and more personal.

Strouse was imported from Washington, DC for the purely political purpose of running against Fitzpatrick and that makes him even more alien. He backed Obamacare and narrowly won against Shaughnessy Naughton (51% to 49%) in the Democratic primary, receiving endorsement (and money) from Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Conservatives will shun Strouse, especially because of Pelosi, and Independents will be unimpressed by his lack of experience and blind support for Obamacare. Many hard-core Democrats will, of course, vote for him because of partisanship, but that base may be eroding because Obama, Pelosi, and Reid seem out of touch with reality, the economy continues to decline, and Obamacare continues to implode. Bucks County Democrats are not deaf, dumb, blind, or stupid.

As Tip O’Neill once wisely said, “All politics is local” and Fitzpatrick is certainly local, giving him an advantage over a “ringer” from DC. Fitzpatrick’s record and experience increases that advantage and the growing dissatisfaction with the current out-of-touch administration in Washington should help bring him a win in November.

Then, again, voters elected Obama – twice. There is no sure thing.

David J. Hentosh

Not-So-Secret Agents at the Kitchen Table Patriots Candidates Forum

January 13, 2010

It will be interesting to see the soon-to-be-posted video of the Kitchen Table Patriots’ Candidates’ Forum, because apparently there were some Sneaky Pats at the Forum.  The forum organizers had requested that no videotaping take place, but evidently a few of Patrick Murphy’s minions broke the rules.  (Take a look at this blog entry from the Snowflakes from He** blog.  There’s lots of interesting information on the forum and candidates beyond the mention of the surreptitious video-tapers.)  Too bad the official video of the forum will likely focus on the candidates instead of the crowd and the rulebreakers.

Congressman Patrick Murphy, (D, 8th) has good reason to be worried about re-election.  As we’ve often mentioned, Murphy votes with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (one of the most disliked people in the country outside of San Francisco) 97% of the time.  That voting record was way out of step with his constituents in Bucks County, even before this unbelievable year of excessive spending bills.

So now that Murphy’s electability is in doubt, what does he do?  He doesn’t decide to start listening to his constituents and vote against this crazy spending spree the Democrats are on.  Nor does he decide to actually become a fiscal conservative as he claims to be (although he did vote against Son of Stimulus after getting Nancy’s blessing.)

Instead, he sends a few minions to the Forum to sneakily videotape the candidates (at least the ones he’s afraid of.)

How worried (or stupid) are these people?   The audio of the Forum is available on ReRadio now and the video will be available on You Tube in a few days.  Why point out that the Murphy camp is concerned in such an obvious way?

Hey, Congressman Murphy.  It was hard to imagine how you could make yourself look any more foolish, but looks like you’ve done it.  Congratulations on the achievement!

By the way,  according to several sources, the candidates the Murphy minions were videotaping were Dean Malik and Jeff McGeary.

Guess we know who he’s worried about.