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San Francisco PAC attacks Fitzpatrick

April 11, 2012

A super PAC of liberals from San Francisco created by the cell phone company Credo Mobile are opening an office in the area in an attempt to defeat Mike Fitzpatrick in the 2012 election. Credo has designated Fitzpatrick as one of their “Tea Party Ten” who need to be removed from office in order to further their “progressive” agenda.

Following standard progressive tactics, the first thing Credo did was hurl insults at their designated Tea Party Ten, calling them “racist, sexist, anti-science, hypocritical and downright crazy”. This clearly reveals the level of “debate” one can expect from this San Francisco PAC.

Fitzpatrick made Credo’s dubious list because he voted to defund Planned Parenthood, the progressive’s sacred organization. He also dared to vote for Paul Ryan’s “radical” budget plan, something the current administration still hasn’t managed to be able to devise after three years. For good measure, they threw in a couple of other exaggerated allegations such as redefining rape and wanting to destroy Medicare.

Coming from San Francisco, one expects Credo to be out of touch with reality and they have lived up to that expectation. Fitzpatrick was never a big favorite of the Tea Party, so labeling him as a Tea Party candidate is off target and foolish. He was highly criticized by the Tea Party for leaning left in his previous Congressional voting and many Tea Party votes he received were cast reluctantly, just to get rid of Patrick Murphy.

Nevertheless, Credo is setting up shop under false impressions and certain to make noise. They have already begun with the delivery of a giant, cutesy “pink slip” to Mike Fitzpatrick, firing him from his job. That may entertain San Francisco liberals and get media coverage, but it is doubtful it will impress Bucks County voters. Even Patrick Murphy wouldn’t resort to that kind of silliness – so far.

David J. Hentosh